List of the 10 Italian singers with the most followers on Instagram

List of the 10 Italian singers with the most followers on Instagram

Singers, as well as celebrities and celebrities love very much to use Instagram to stay in touch with their fans and share moments of the day and their own with them life, there is no doubt that this social network has become a fundamental communication tool that has brought ordinary people very close to their idols.

If before the fame and success of a singer were measured to the sound of sold records and filled palaces, today, the number of followers you have on the various social channels are also fundamental.

Specifically, we propose the list of the 10 Italian singers with the most followers on Instagram , who over time have managed to impress a large number of people, thanks to photos and videos published in the form of post and Stories, inviting their community to interact with them.

1. Fedez 7.1 million followers

Fedez, Federico Leonardo Lucia , is one of the best known faces of the Italian music scene and beyond, thanks to his music and his talent he has managed to make his way and become one of the most followed rappers in Italy.

On Instagram he boasts 7.1 million followers, his response on social media is also due to his very popular love story with Chiara Ferragni , fashion blogger and world famous influencer who he married this year with which she had a beautiful baby , Leo . Undeniably his love story has given a huge boost to his success. Out with a new album, preceded by the single “ Before everything”, he is currently also a judge of X Factor 2018.

2. Emma Marrone 3.3 million followers

Emma Marrone is experiencing a golden moment, especially on Instagram, in a short time it has exceeded 3 million followers, leaving behind very important names in the Italian music scene.

Lately the beautiful Salento has taken care of her profile a lot by posting photos and videos of her daily life and her work.

At the beginning of 2018 she released her fifth album Be here , which in June received the Wind Music Awards 2018 in the Gold Album category.

3. Alessandra Amoroso 2.3 million followers

Another Salento, friend of Emma Marrone, Alessandra Amoroso started her career launched by the Amici di Maria De Filippi program, from that moment her talent led her to great success, becoming one of the most popular Italian singers also on social networks.

On May 12th at the program And then there is Cattelan sets the new record of more duets in 2 minutes (19 people), obtaining the recognition of the Guinness World Record on May 20, 2018.

On August 12, 2018 she released a new single, La Stessa and on October 5 her new album titled 10, for the first ten years of her career, was released.

4. Laura Pausini 2.2 million followers

She is the undisputed queen of Italian music, Laura Pausini exceeds 2 million followers and celebrates her Fatti Sentire World Tour 2018 , which saw her protagonist in the largest Italian and world cities .

The beautiful girl from Romagna collected Sold Out at all her concerts, her world tour ended on November 4th in Eboli (Salerno). She announced the release of a special version of her cd with the addition of a book and a DVD, available from 7 December, called Fatti Sentire Ancora.

5. Lodovica Comello 2.2 million followers

Lodovica Comello is an actress, singer and TV presenter, owes her success to some series such as “ Patty’s world” and especially Violetta , produced by the channel Disney Channel.

Lodovica, born in 1990, takes part in all three seasons of the TV series, records the web series “Francesca’s videoblog” of which she is the protagonist and takes part in the musical tour “Violetta-il concerto”, from that moment on his career is constantly growing.

Much followed on Instagram, Lodovica often posts photos and videos for her followers who follow her from all over the world with affection.

6. J-AX 2.1 million followers

The Italian rapper is experiencing a new period of glory not only musically, thanks to recent collaborations with Fedez and other illustrious singers he has managed to place himself among the most loved Italian singers. He is very popular on Instagram, has recently exceeded 2 million followers, recently became a father and his happiness has been shared with all his fans.

7. Emis Killa 1.3 million followers

Emis Killa is an Italian rapper born in 1989, very popular on Youtube , he is also finding a good following on Instagram; she is gifted with great talent, she has made a name for herself in the panorama of Italian rap music.

she boasts some collaborations with rappers like J-AX, Marracash and Club Dogo . Much loved on Instagram, fans of him constantly follow him in his music and in the moments of everyday life that he shares through photos, videos and stories.

8. Eros Ramazzotti 1.2 million followers

Eros Ramazzotti returns with a new album which will be released on the record market on November 23 entitled “Vita c’è né”, anticipated by the single with the same title on the radio from October 19, 2018.

he Back in the panorama of Italian music after a break that saw him busy working on his new cd, on Instagram he shared moments of the processing and videos.

9. Marco Mengoni 1.1 million followers

After a long absence, Marco Mengoni is also returning and on November 30th launches his new album, the singer has also announced a tour that will see him protagonist in 2019.

Marco is much loved and his return has been welcomed with enthusiasm by all his fans and followers who constantly follow him on Instagram.

10. Annalisa 1.1 million followers

Even Annalisa like Emma Marrone and Alessandra Amoroso comes to Amici, after the program also became successful for her, she has participated several times in Sanremo , her last participation in 2018, saw her get on the podium with the song “The world before you”.

This year her new album “Bye bye” was released. The beautiful Annalisa is getting a good response also on Instagram, her profile is very popular and her followers are constantly increasing, she is not said that in a few months you will not climb this ranking reaching better positions.


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