Making interesting text for Instagram stories: animation, fonts, storytelling

Making interesting text for Instagram stories: animation, fonts, storytelling

Here’s how to make an animated font, where to use stickers in Stories, and why link Instagram Stories.

What’s interesting about the text editor for Instagram Stories

How does the text editor on Instagram work and why do we need animation, different fonts and strokes? There are nine fonts available in the story editor, each with its own animation.

Text animation is needed to:

  • decorate the story and make it more visible;
  • focus on specific parts of the text;
  • supplement text and decipher Stories.

You can choose to print, appear, pop-up and scrolling font or text with swipe, blink, neon glitter effect.

Варианты анимированного текста в Инстаграме

Tip: if you add a lot of text, then you don’t need to animate everything – it will turn out colorful and hard to read. I advise you to add accents and use animation to highlight headlines, important thoughts, captions and tips.

Как использовать анимацию текста в Инстаграм

Each font (and text) on Instagram has a customizable color, alignment, background and animation effect. This is done simply: in edit mode, you will see four icons at the top above the keyboard. Each is responsible for a specific function.

Just in case: to decrease or increase the font, you need to pinch it with two fingers after placing the text on the image or video.

Как сделать анимацию текста в Инстаграме

Backgrounds for each font are individual – this is another way to make beautiful text for Instagram stories. The tool comes in handy to select text – use it so that the font does not get lost in the image.

Варианты фонов для текстов в Инстаграме

How to add and customize text in Instagram Stories:

  1. We go into the mode of adding stories and click on the icon “Aa”. It’s in the upper left corner of the editor.
  2. Write the text and choose one of the nine suggested fonts. The choice of fonts is located above the keyboard, scroll left and right.
  3. Set alignment: center, right or left. The first icon in the top block.
  4. Select the color of the text. The second icon is in the upper block. You can take a shade from the suggested options or click on the eyedropper to take a color from the story.
  5. Set the background. The third icon in the upper block. The background color depends on the font color. A double tap will reverse the color.
  6. Turn on animation. Fourth icon. Depends on the selected font.
  7. Let’s publish. For more tips and life hacks, see the article “How to add a post to your Story on Instagram”.

How to add stickers and make text stronger

The sticker will help you make an interesting story. To create stories, four are useful: polls, questions, a slider and tests.

Варианты стикеров для интерактивных текстов

Usage example: Let’s say we want to talk about a mountain hike. Instead of immediately revealing the cards, you can first release a small interactive and in the first story ask subscribers: “Do you like mountains?” After that, we tell our story of the trip.

This will create a coherent story, where the subscriber is not a passive viewer, but a direct participant who can react to what is happening. The storyline can be continued. For example, offer to take a test on local knowledge, attach a slider with a reaction, and at the end leave an answer form with an eyeliner: “Tell us about the craziest trip in your life.”

Как использовать стикеры, чтобы делать сторителлинг

Why is this necessary? Look: a person can react to an “empty story” only by leafing through it. Adding interactive elements and plotting makes viewing active and meaningful. Not to mention, reactions have a positive effect on your account statistics.

How to add a sticker for Instagram Stories:

  1. Go to the story editor.
  2. Select a sticker icon. This is the third icon from the top.
  3. In the drop-down menu, select a sticker and place it on the story. You can resize with two fingers: stretch and squeeze.
  4. Adjust color and post.

How to make interactive stories

Text for interactive Stories is different from text for posts – here stickers and animations have an additional narrative function . They help the reader get into context more quickly. Compare the two stories and see the difference:

Как добавить стикеры в сторис, чтобы на них нажимали подписчики

In the first, without a slider, nothing will change in the narrative. But in the second, the slider is used in the context of the story to show the “risk” of rest during the working day, and without it, some of the meaning will disappear. Let’s take a closer look at these mechanics using the example of a personal and a commercial account.

For personal blog

The first thing to start with is the script. To make interactive stories, you first need to build the structure of the future story. If you post a story situationally, then it will be difficult to link the publications to each other. The content of the script may be no different from the post – the main thing is that you understand what you are going to talk about.

For example, we want to tell a story about a walk in the park: “I’ve been going to the park every day for a month now. No, not walking – I’m running. At first it was hard, but now I can confidently run several kilometers without shortness of breath and aching legs. I set myself a goal – to run 10-15 kilometers and try to participate in the half marathon, but I don’t know yet if I can. ”

If you look closely at the text and find out what opportunities are offered by stickers on Instagram, you can add interactive options:

Анализируем текст для личного блога

Based on this plan, we begin work. You can present everything differently, the main thing is to keep in mind the main points of the story.

I got three or four story stories with interactive. In the first story, an intrigue is created: “Why do I go to the park every day?” The funnier the answers in the sticker with the test, the better. The next story is “naked text”, where I explain that I go to the park for a run.

Как написать интересную подводку для сторис

Since I run, that is, there are competitions, and there are certain rules and regulations. This makes it possible to check the erudition of subscribers. You might ask: “Do you know how long a half marathon lasts?”

The slider will help you not to show the correct answer right away, because our task is to guide the person through the entire story chain. This technique is called “hook” – it creates motivation to move on. Therefore, in the last story we answer the question (half marathon is 21 km) and summarize.

Как использовать стикеры правильно

By the way, you can do without the final sticker with the question: “How are you doing with sports?” The viewer can get tired of a lot of interactivity. Remember that you are not the only one who makes content on Instagram, and before you, a person could have seen 10 accounts in the feed and got fed up.

Highlights :

  • First write a script-post, and only then create a series of stories.
  • Use stickers and animated text to complement the story, not decorate it.
  • Look for moments in the text where you can insert the game. Build on the possibilities of stickers.
  • In order for a person to move on to the next story, leave plot hooks in it that will motivate them to read further.
  • One story – one thought.
  • With experience – everything will come. Analyze your stories and see how your competitors or the accounts you like are performing.

For a commercial account

The principles and rules for a commercial account are almost the same as for content for a personal blog: first, we write a script (or post), analyze it and then create a cycle of related stories. Only the approach is different: The purpose of a story for a business account is to sell a product or tell about a product.

Let’s say we have a clothing store, where a new collection for sale. We write: “In Moscow now, with the weather, some kind of nonsense, so it is better not to throw warm clothes into the far drawer. It is now the heat and sun, and tomorrow night may be cool. A new collection of clothes from Italian brands has just appeared in our store. Trousers, shirts, jackets and other stylish items will help to create a harmonious look for any occasion. Well, if in doubt – come to our store, consultants will prompt and select an image. Nothing force will not sell – promise »


Now we analyze the text and find places where it can be “animated” with the help of interactive:

Как использовать анимацию текста в Инстаграм0

As a result, we create a story. Nothing prevents us from improvising and using the plan as a source of inspiration. In the first story, we gently bring up to date: “The weather is unpredictable, what do you take outside with you – an umbrella or glasses?” This story serves as a lead-in to the following: “Warm clothes are still relevant, but we have just a new collection in our store.”

Как использовать анимацию текста в Инстаграм1

Next, we show the photos, it is possible with explanatory captions. But I am for minimalism – that’s why just shots of clothes.

In the final story, we say that you can create images yourself and no one will interfere with this. Humor, of course, is a thing for everyone, but if the tone of the brand allows, use it to win over the audience.

In the end: we got into the hot topic of “weather” and “I have nothing to wear”, then they showed me a new collection, and at the end they were unobtrusively invited to the store for a fitting. So the chain of advertising stories has a complete plot, where the interactive creates additional involvement in the process. If you also include storytelling, as in the example with a personal blog, then you can stretch the story into many, many stories.

Highlights :

  1. Write a script or text version of what you want to tell in your story.
  2. Use news hooks and situational marketing to reinforce your storytelling.
  3. Remember plot hooks and that stickers and animations are part of the story, not decoration.
  4. Don’t be afraid to sell and display a product, but don’t try to praise it for your readers.
  5. As with a personal blog, it all comes with practice. Feel free to experiment and track statistics.

In conclusion: auto-posting is your friend

Collecting a series of stories via the phone is quite difficult: you may want to redo your past work, but it has already come out and nothing can be changed. In this case, auto-posting services with built-in story editors will help – you can not only customize stickers, make animations and write text, but also set a release date. This greatly simplifies the work and makes it possible to make edits before the story is released on the account.

Author: Alexey Edakin

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