Mass reactions to Instagram stories – setup instructions

Mass reactions to Instagram stories – setup instructions

Every year, promotion on Instagram becomes more and more difficult, but the Instaplus service is also moving forward and testing new functions. Today we will talk about what mass reactions to stories are, and how to launch them correctly.

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What are mass reactions in stories

Story reactions are interactions with a user’s story. For example, taking a survey or quiz, dragging a slider, answering questions, or quick reactions.

Therefore, massive reactions (this is when many reactions to the stories of the target audience are created on your behalf) will help you attract maximum attention to the profile, since users always go to the pages of those who sent them a light or chose the correct answer.

The Instaplus service will help you in this difficult task. How? Let’s figure it out.

How it works

The service independently searches for user profiles with stories and puts the reaction instead of you :

  • always chooses yes in polls;
  • in the slider drags 100%;
  • in quiz (mini-test with questions and answers, implemented through stories using quiz-stickers) chooses a random option;
  • answers questions with pre-prepared phrases that you add to the list.

We recommend adding at least 10 different options for text answers. For example: “@username, thanks for the interesting question” or “@username, very cool content.”

массовые реакции

Why use them

Here are some compelling arguments for mass reactions:

  • The person who created the story will notice you. The main reason why you should still use mass reactions is the attention from the target audience. If you have interesting content, then there is a chance that the user will subscribe.
  • Reach and mentions. From the point of view of promotion, it is most effective to write answers to stickers-questions, since they are most often posted in stories and sometimes even with a mark. This way you can significantly increase your reach.
  • Correspondence . You can also write mutual PR offers. Simply put, you collect a list of bloggers through data collection and respond to their question: “Hi @username. I liked your question. Do you want a mutual PR? ”.

How to set up massive reactions to stories

To create a reaction task, follow the simple algorithm :

  • First, you need to register on the Instaplus platform and select “Create task”. The service provides a free period for beginners, which lasts 5 days.
  • Select an account to promote.
  • выберите аккаунт

  • Select “Reactions” from the list of suggested actions (we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the daily limits in advance).
  • список

  • Next, decide on the source (there are 4 criteria to choose from – geolocation, hashtag, audience of users, list of users).
  • источник

  • Depending on the selected source Instaplus will prompt you to enter usernames, hashtags, geolocation or create a list of users.
  • выбранный источник

  • If you select “User Audience”, then indicate whose stories you want to react to. Available options are subscribers, subscriptions, likes, commenting.
  • подписок

  • Enter the number of users whose stories you want to react to.
  • количество пользователей

  • In step 7, you have a setting that is unique for this task. Here you need to choose which types of interactive stickers the service reacts to. The most important thing is to create and select a list of answers to the sticker questions. If you do not do this, the program will not respond to this type of stickers.
  • пункт 7

  • The next step is to configure the filter. More on this in the next section.
  • фильтр

  • Set a timer for a task (with this function you can create a whole schedule to promote your account, which will generate a queue of tasks for several days in advance).
  • таймер

  • Click “Run Job” and Instaplus will do the rest.
  • выберите аккаунт0

How to filter target audience correctly

The main mission of the filter is to increase the effectiveness of promotion. Instead of reacting to the stories of 1,000 users, which may include fakes, dummy accounts and online stores, Instaplus will automatically select only “live” profiles.

The filter will help you cut off:

  • accounts of the wrong gender;
  • commercial pages;
  • bots;
  • inactive profiles.

Main filter parameters :

  • The number of subscribers the user has . This parameter allows you to specify the exact number of followers for users whose stories you plan to react to.
  • Number of subscriptions. With this filter parameter, you can filter out users who are subscribed to too many accounts.
  • Number of user posts . Live profiles must have at least 15 posts.
  • Last posted by this user . This parameter allows you to find out what date the last user entry is dated. As a rule, active accounts post at least once a week (we recommend specifying from 7 to 30 days).
  • Avatar presence . We advise you to choose the “yes” option if you are interested in a quality audience.
  • User gender . It is impossible to officially determine the gender on Instagram, but Instaplus can do it by name in the profile title or description.
  • Exclude commercial accounts . New option to avoid online stores and brand pages.
  • Exclude languages ​​. The language filter works using the Instaplus library, which defines the language used in the profile description.
  • выберите аккаунт1

  • Stop words . These are the words you don’t want to see in your description or username.
  • White words . The so-called “white list”. In this list, you can include those words that must be present in the description and name.

These parameters cannot be used at the same time.

выберите аккаунт2


Use massive reactions in order to attract as many new subscribers and potential customers as possible. Don’t want to spend hours on Instagram, monotonously answering user stories? Then we advise you to entrust this responsible mission to the unique Instaplus service.

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