Masslooking is a new way to promote on Instagram in 2021

Masslooking is a new way to promote on Instagram in 2021
Масслукинг или массовый просмотр историй в Инстаграм

If you publish stories on Instagram, you probably noticed that some new people, commercial accounts and even celebrities began to appear in the list of views of your stories. What kind of attack is this? And the thing is that services for automated promotion on Instagram have come up with a new way of promotion – masslooking, or simply, mass viewing of stories.

Speaking absolutely precisely, masslooking is not a completely new phenomenon. It has been around for a couple of years. The whole trick is simply that stories have only recently become so popular and therefore the robot now has something to watch, and hence the increase in the effectiveness of this tool.

In general, Instagram Stories is probably the best feature that has ever been added to an app since its inception. If before the people mostly “hung out” in the news feed, now stories have become the cornerstone. Users publish more stories than regular posts themselves, and at the same time and willingly view the stories of other accounts. After all, here they are waiting for live, fresh content, and not edited photos and videos.

Statistics confirm that Instagram Stories are popular and even outperform other features of the app:

  • Stories are viewed by over 500 million users per day (according to Statista as of January 2019);
  • 70% of Instagrammers visit stories every day !
  • 73% of influencers (opinion leaders) consider Stories to be one of the most effective promotion tools.
Количество пользователей, которые каждый день просматривают истории в Инстаграм
The number of users who view Instagram Stories every day. Source: Statista

It was the effectiveness of Insta Stories that attracted the attention of marketers and SMMs, followed by automation services that made it possible to promote through viewing other people’s stories.

What is masslooking and why is it needed?

MassLooking or mass viewing of stories is a fairly new and very effective way to promote on Instagram, which allows you to automatically view the stories of a large number of users from Your account name.

Why watch someone else’s stories? – you ask. And then to draw attention to your account. The author of the story that you “viewed”, having seen your avatar and profile name in the statistics, may become interested and go to your account. Ordinary users with enviable regularity “litter” the lists of views of their stories, so they do not care who views them. I made sure about this in this article – 140 thousand views on this topic.

If you resort to automation services to promote on Instagram, you probably noticed that the return on massliking (automatic posting of likes to posts), and even more so mass following (automatic subscription to specified users) is not at all what it was 2-3 years ago. Instagram continues to tighten the limits, and users are no longer “biting” this promotion tactic. Although mass subscriptions and likes still work well, if goals are set correctly, masslooking against their background becomes clear leaders.

As for masslooking, it is very pleasing that Instagram is always lagging behind new promotion automation tools. So, at the moment there are no restrictions on the number of viewed stories, so you can set up masslooking for at least tens of thousands of users per day. Cool, isn’t it? For problems like “Following + Like” such numbers have long been closed to you. So imagine how much more effective automatic viewing of stories is than following and liking, which have already become classics of the genre.

If you manage your account well, post interesting content, then you will surely get a lot of new subscribers, and maybe even buyers, thanks to viewing the stories of the target audience. I think that at the moment this is the most effective and cheapest way to promote on Instagram automatically.

Attention! Do not confuse masslooking with boosting story views. These are completely two different things. These two ways of getting up to speed have different goals.

Advantages of masslooking over other automated tasks

  • no (yet) limits , as Instagram is always lagging behind the development of new ways of promotion. Compare, mass following – up to 1000 actions per day, messages in Direct – up to 50 messages per day. Masslooking – up to a million views of stories in 24 hours !!! Naturally, browsing with your hands is not an option, but the InstaPlus service will help us, which automates this work and all that remains is to configure the correct filters to select who to watch. By the way, you can try it completely free of charge, the first 5 days of the link are free.
  • low competition , as only a few people use this method of promotion.
  • high efficiency , as users themselves have not yet figured out how it works.
  • complete account security .
  • contact with the user where he spends a lot of time (see statistics above);
  • a great way to remind your subscribers of yourself . How? Just “watch” their stories.

The best services for masslooking stories

The popularity of masslooking is growing, and with it there are more and more new services that provide this service. I personally am not a big fan of testing incomprehensible services, since my accounts are dear to me. For this reason, since 2014, I have been using three of my oldest and most favorite services, which I recommend to you as well.

  1. Instaplus is my biggest favorite. Simplest and intuitive interface. Excellent work and excellent support (which is very rare for automation services). If ever the service works with delays, then the lost time is always compensated by the company. To be honest, I haven’t found any drawbacks of this service over the years.
  2. Tooligram is the most popular service of its kind. Their marketing department deserves a lot of respect. If you subscribe to one of their services, I am sure that you will soon be involved in buying other offers. Be careful! 🙂 Seriously, Tuligram is also a very well-established service that is used by hundreds of thousands of people.

This was a list of services that I personally recommend as I know how they work.

How to set up masslooking for your account?

Due to the fact that the Instaplus service occupies the first line in my “hit parade”, I will show you how masslooking is configured using its example.

By the way, in Instaplus it is now possible to view stories of up to 100 thousand accounts per day. Considering that the average user publishes about 4 stories a day, as a result, you automatically view about 400 thousand stories in 24 hours. Try to do it manually ?! Rub those calluses on your finger! 🙂 Although, most likely, you will not see so many stories, no matter how hard you try.

So let’s get started!

Автоматический просмотр историй Инстаграм через сервис Инстаплюс
Automatic viewing of Instagram stories via Instaplus
  1. First of all, go to the Instaplus admin panel. I assume that you have already registered and purchased one of the tariffs. Now, click on the “ Create task ” button and add a new Instagram account or select one of the existing ones.
  2. In Actions, select “ View Stories “.
  3. ” Shokoladnitsa ”or geotagged“ Novorossiysk ”.
    hashtags , that is, the stories of users who used the list of hashtags you specified in their publications.
    user audience is, in turn, divided into: subscribers , subscribing, liking or commenting on the user / s you specified. There is a lot to roam around here, so try all the options to find the one that works best for you.
    your own list is a more advanced level. If you use services such as Segmento Target, that is, parse, for example, communities in VK to collect targeted Instagrammers for you, then you can upload your lists to Instaplus. In general, Segmento Target is an awesome service that is useful to learn how to use. It can significantly improve the efficiency of automation.

  4. Now enter the data related to your selection in the previous paragraph. I think everything is clear here.
  5. Enter the number of users whose stories you want to view. This is a kind of limit for the service to know when to stop. Here you can also set a filter so that the service does not view user stories that it has already visited. That is, if you specify a list of hashtags and a certain user has used all of them, then the service will try to watch his stories several times. To prevent this from happening, you need to check the box.
  6. Next comes the filter setup . Correctly configured filters can make viewing stories more effective. For example, it is unlikely that Kim Kardashian will come to your account, even if you watch her stories every day. And here’s another unattended user with 300 subscriptions, perhaps, will show more curiosity about your account. Nevertheless, everything is good in moderation. Enumeration with filters significantly slows down the service (see the next chapter) + reduces the number of applicants for viewing.
  7. Timer function allows you to create many tasks at once for the future. For example, you can make the task repeat itself for a week. The use of a timer is optional. This function is more needed for those who use different types of tasks, for example, masslooking + like and subscription + comments. To prevent tasks from running at the same time, you can set the start and end times for each of them.
  8. And finally, when all the items of the task are filled, do not forget to click on the button “ Run Job “.

Now all that remains is to wait for the service to start and watch the results.

What determines the speed of automatic browsing of stories?

Browsing stories manually is a very dreary business. First you need to log into the desired account, go to the stories and watch them. If you are not looking at the stories just to appear in the list of views, you will still hate this activity after the first hour. It’s a different matter, a computer! He can easily walk through 10 thousand stories in one hour and never yawn.

However, the speed of views of stories by services can slow down and then they do not go as fast as sometimes we would like. Why is that?

The machine also has its own priorities. It saves you the blisters on your fingers that you would rub through thousands of stories by hand. The computer also needs time to assemble the base for your task. When it comes to masslooking, it usually comes down to three factors:

Well, this is where I will end this article. Hope you found the information here helpful.

  1. Story source , that is, where to look for stories to view. If you set the history of certain accounts, then the speed will be maximum. If you dig deeper and want to watch stories of caressing and commenting, then the speed will be lower. The slowest browsing is by geolocation and hashtags. It takes longer for the machine to complete the task.
  2. Filters. If you do not specify filters for the task, then expect high speeds. But if you want to watch stories only of women who have not been watched before, with an avatar in the profile and less than 1000 subscribers, then the number of views of stories per day may not be very high. The more filters you set, the fewer stories the service will be able to find and view. Filters, of course, are useful, but be rational.
  3. Whether the specified accounts have a story . If your target audience is an exception, and posts very few stories, then, accordingly, the front of the service will be noticeably less.

    The Instaplus service conducted an interesting test: out of 5,000 subscribers to the “summer” account, only 300 profiles posted stories. Compare this to the followers of the popular Kim Kardashian, where every 4th subscriber posts stories. So, remember this moment and do not be discouraged if the service cannot see you a million stories in a week.

How to make massage even more effective?

A few ideas to your piggy bank.

Tip # 1

If you buy ads from bloggers, then immediately after placing it, start browsing the stories of this blogger’s subscribers. Thus, you can create, so to speak, two touches with one user. He saw your ad and, perhaps, somewhere in the subcortex he remembered you. After that, he goes to look at the statistics of his stories and sees the name of your profile again. Right now, he may have the maximum interest to go to your page and find out who you are and what you do.

Tip # 2

This method is not for everyone! If you want to get well, just the most out of the mass viewing of stories, then you can completely go into the gray zone. It all depends on the scope of your business and the characteristics of your target audience. For example, you can start masslooking not on behalf of your main profile, but create fake accounts with inviting names and avatars that are simply impossible not to click on. This is akin to teaser ads, which everyone seems to hate, but millions click on it 🙂

If you go even deeper, then you can play on the emotions and curiosity of users. Let the girls look beautiful boys on avatars, and boys – girls. There are very few people who will stop and click if you did everything right.

The main thing in this method is to get the transition. Next, you can create a regular profile, a stub, and in the description draw attention to your main account. Many will be disappointed, but some will click. It’s up to you whether to go beyond ethics or not.

Well, this is where I will end this article. Hope you find this information useful! Do not forget to share with your friends and colleagues – I will be very pleased!

Successful promotion on Instagram! 📷

This article was originally published on 08/20/2019. Since the last revision of the text, the publication date has been changed to a more recent one.

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