Microinfluencers on Instagram – features of collaboration

Microinfluencers on Instagram – features of collaboration

Recently, less and less attention has been paid to the number of subscribers. The main indicator of success was the level of engagement. In an effort to be as close to their audience as possible, brands are increasingly giving preference not to celebrities, but to local representatives with a small but loyal and engaged audience. This is where microinfluencers come into play. They are closer to their audience, their content is as relevant and trustworthy as possible. Let’s figure out who microinfluencers are, how to find them and build cooperation.

Who are microinfluencers

Инстаграм блогер

Microinfluencers are bloggers with a small but very active audience. Such opinion leaders are closer and more understandable to most buyers. They don’t have a ton of ads on their accounts like the giant bloggers. They can be accidentally bumped into at a party and are easier to make friends with. They inspire more credibility than celebrities, whose lives have little to do with the lives of regular brand buyers.

Micro influencers are well versed in their topic. Therefore, they tend to have a very targeted audience, ready to listen to their opinion. They are sometimes referred to as “niche” bloggers if the account’s topic is dedicated to a specific topic.

The term was first mentioned by marketing agency HelloSociety to distinguish such bloggers from celebrities with a larger audience. The agency’s research also found that engagement in ad campaigns with microinfluencers is 60% higher, and the campaigns themselves are 6 times more effective.

Influencers are usually thought of as influencers with 1,000 to 100,000 followers. True, marketers have not defined clear boundaries. Many people think that bloggers, whose audience is less than 20K followers, should be included in the micro-segment. Those with less than 10K are often referred to as a separate group of nanoinfluencers. At the same time, bloggers with half a million subscribers are also called micro-influencers in some large markets. For example, for China or India, this is not such a big figure.

Анна Погрибняк
Blogger Anna Pogribnyak

Microinfluencers today are considered the future of influencer marketing. They know how to create really interesting, engaging content. They are trusted, as one would trust a friend, and the appeal itself does not look like an advertising one. Such opinion leaders are suitable for all brands, from sunflower oil producers to French fashion houses. From the point of view of conversion, micro-influencers are much more valuable, and collaboration is usually much cheaper.

Advantages of -micro over -macro

Influencer marketing is showing no signs of fading away, but it has undergone significant changes in its broadcast channel choices. If earlier brands tried to find a star with a big name, today even world famous companies are looking for bloggers with a warm and loyal audience.

The social media pages of famous bloggers look attractive in terms of the number of subscribers. But in reality, a star’s millions of audiences will not necessarily bring you millions in sales. There is no longer any authenticity in the work of macrobloggers. They promote so many different products that people simply stop believing them. Of course, the stars also have loyal fans, but most of their audience is casual followers who don’t care what shoes the blogger wears or what soda he drinks.

Micro-influencers can offer a “new sincerity”. They are not perceived as something distant, existing in a parallel universe of luxury and soffit. Rather, they are loyal friends, capable of giving good advice.

There are a number of other benefits as well:

  • Small account owners can more easily respond to user comments and turn any ad into a personal story.
  • Micro-influencers have higher engagement rates. Their followers are more likely to like and comment because they feel more valuable in their actions.
  • The advertiser gets the opportunity to broadcast his product to a more niche audience. If you know the portrait of your target audience well, then working with micro bloggers will bring good reactions.
  • Relatively low collaboration fees.

Another advantage is the low level of risk. Today, brands are increasingly wondering whether it is worth working with bloggers who can undermine a company’s reputation with one scandalous trick. Smaller bloggers not only provide an active, engaged audience, but also help diversify the risks of collaboration.

How to get started


There are microinfluencers in every niche – it is only important to choose and build the right collaboration concept. To do this, you will need to follow several steps:

  1. Setting goals and strategy. Before contacting bloggers, you need to have a clear idea of ​​the desired result. A detailed strategy will allow all participants in the process to understand what message needs to be conveyed to users, and what role is assigned in this specifically for them. In addition, the selection of bloggers for the implementation of the plan depends on the strategy. For example, if the emphasis in promotion is on design features, then bloggers should be selected who have earned a reputation as experts in style.
    Блогер и стилист Маргарита Мурадова
    Blogger and stylist Margarita Muradova
  2. KPI definition . These are metrics that you can use to measure the success of your campaign. For example, site visits, audience building, active sales. Knowing the KPI, you can look at the statistics of posts and understand how effectively a blogger can solve a given problem.
  3. Determine the budget. Of course, a post with a micro-influencer is much cheaper than traditional advertising and a post with large bloggers. But you need to clearly define the budget framework and, depending on them, choose one or a group of bloggers.
  4. Search and selection. The next step is to select suitable influencers to collaborate with, and then choose from all of them the one with whom you would like to collaborate.
  5. Communication. Offer the blogger cooperation, tell him about your product and the result you want to get from advertising.
  6. Collaborate. Microinfluencers are focused on collaborating with you, not just placing a template advertising post. It is very important for the ad to be native to maintain the author’s style. Moreover, breaking it can damage the blogger’s reputation and reduce ad conversion.

Remember the main thing – an advertising campaign with a microinfluencer will be successful if sincerity is felt in it. The blogger must tell his story related to the product, show what role he plays in his life, and do it in such a way that the specific target audience finds benefits for themselves in it.

Where to find them

All marketing agencies, opinion leaders’ exchanges have long had lists of bloggers with millionaires, and their names often appear on the Internet and large advertising companies. But to find a dozen micro-influencers who are ready to tell their friends about your product, you will have to sweat. Use the following methods to search:

  • Relevant hashtags. For example, if your task is to bring a new cosmetic product to the market, then look for a microblogger using the hashtags #beautyblogger, #beauty, #naturalbeauty and so on Further. But don’t just dwell on direct tags. Think wider. And in order not to waste a lot of time, go straight to the “Popular” section.
  • Geotagging. This method is great for local businesses and those looking for a blogger from a specific city. Perhaps there are interesting personalities among the users who frequent your area who might be broadcasting your ad.
  • Subscriptions. If you have already found an interesting candidate for cooperation, see the list of his subscriptions. There you will probably be able to find a few more micro influencers whose audience intersects with yours.
  • Search on the Internet. Try entering queries like “Best beauty bloggers” or “Instagram bloggers of St. Petersburg” into the search box , search for specialized services, etc. Of course, not all collections will be useful and most likely all of the bloggers listed have already been involved in other projects, but there are chances.
  • Search through the service. trendHERO is a tool for finding and checking bloggers for cheating. With it, you can find even the smallest bloggers for your campaign.

To find the right micro-influencer, think about what your target audience is reading and what they are interested in. It will also be useful to look at the subscriptions of your customers.

How to choose an influencer

Microinfluencers are much less guilty of cheating subscribers, as a rule, they have an active and engaged audience. But before agreeing on cooperation, you should check the blogger, his statistics, determine his audience and compare how much it matches the one you want to influence.

The trendHERO analytics service will help you with this. With its help, you can get complete statistics on your account and understand what result and reach a blogger can give. In total, the service provides over 90 metrics for analysis. The key ones are:

  • Audience analysis. The service provides advanced audience analysis, allows you to identify the cheats and interests of blogger subscribers, their location, gender, age.
    Аудит trendHERO
  • ER engagement rate. This is a key parameter that shows how much response can really be expected and how interested the audience is in the content.
    Вовлеченность Инстаграм
  • Activity analysis. С using the service, you can track the distribution of likes and comments, identify cheats and real reactions. This will give an idea of ​​what results can be expected from the ad placement and how effectively the blogger can cope with the tasks set.
    Посты и хештеги метрика

Analyzing profile statistics when choosing a blogger is a crucial step. Unfortunately, the obvious indicators on the page do not always correspond to reality. A seemingly high-quality influencer with thousands of subscribers and good likes and comments under the posts may turn out to be a dummy with cheats. Only in-depth analysis of statistics will help to distinguish one from the other.

Try trendHERO for free

How to build collaboration

Once you’ve formulated your goals and picked the right blogger, you can start negotiating partnerships. You need to give a clear idea of ​​the desired result, but try not to dictate harsh conditions. The benefit of influencer marketing is that you can leverage the brand identity and creativity of bloggers.

Don’t force niche bloggers into a tight box. An advertising post with template text and photos sent in advance, which stand out from the general style of the account, will look irregular and annoy users tired of ubiquitous advertising. Tell the blogger what you would like to say to his readers, give him detailed information about your product and brand mission, and he will create a post that is familiar to his target audience.

This, of course, does not mean that you need to let things go by themselves. Be sure to specify the frequency of publication of publications, format and time. It will not be superfluous to ask the blogger to send a draft of the post for joint approval.

Examples of collaboration

Not only small brands are interested in microinfluencers today, but also such giants as Chanel, Louis Vuitton or Adidas. The latter, for example, entered into an advertising deal with Emily Joseph to promote his Ultraboost footwear line. In one of her posts, the girl shared that she had always had a negative attitude towards sneakers, but her opinion changed dramatically after she began to regularly wear them to work. As a result, the post received a good response, and a friendly dialogue ensued under it, which gave effective promotion.

The La Croix brand also boasts a successful case. Unlike his competitors, he did not spend money on traditional advertising, but developed a promotion strategy through a group of lifestyle bloggers. Influencers prepared cocktails using the brand’s signature drinks. At the same time, two of the bloggers had only 7-8k subscribers.

Another big brand that has reached out to niche bloggers is Spotify. It was important for the company to show the new Discovery Weekly feature, and for this they decided to ask bloggers to share their playlists by taking a photo in their usual style. As a result, the overall engagement was 2.37%, with the brand paying only 20 cents for each interaction with the content.

Adobe, on the other hand, has partnered with micro-influencers even before it became mainstream. So, promoting its program for processing photos, the company interacted with lifestyle bloggers, who shared their experience of using the application and showed the results of processing.

Tips and tricks

Their services cost less, are easier to negotiate with, and their audience is lively and active. Micro-influencer marketing can help build trust and build a more personal connection with consumers. But there are also pitfalls in it.

  • Less quality content. Lack of experience can negatively affect the quality of the content. Of course, there are small bloggers who can boast of stylish and high-quality posts, but the scope of the established TOR can reduce creativity. Remember that you are dealing with a dark horse and be sure to ask for a post for approval before it is published.
  • Non-professionalism. Many micro-influencers may not fully realize the importance of their actions, “mess up” with the content, and miss deadlines. Of course, this situation can happen with a millionaire blogger, but still in this niche you need to be more prepared for the fact that every step will have to be controlled.
  • Lack of predictable results. With micro-influencers, it is much more difficult to predict the success of a campaign. There are no reviews or published successful cases. Only a deep research of each candidate will help.

The secret to the success of microinfluencers is their authenticity, sincerity, ability to tell why they choose this particular product, and also respond to comments with fair criticism. When working with a niche blogger, it is very important to give him the opportunity to tell his story in the way he sees fit. He knows better what the public expects from him. The effectiveness of niche influencers can be tested safely for a budget. This is one of the benefits of letting your creativity and experimentation run wild.

All influencers can be conventionally divided into three categories – macro, micro and nano. Microinfluencers are the golden mean. Having a not too bloated audience and a good level of trust, they are really able to influence the opinion of their target audience, promote products and brands without causing advertising irritation. A lot here depends on the correct choice of a blogger and a competent construction of a promotion strategy.

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