Most Popular Instagram Fitness Bloggers 2021

A healthy lifestyle has been a trend over the past few years. The hashtags “fitnyashka”, “PP”, “gluten-free” have taken over social networks, so we monitored a lot of trainers ‘and avid healthy lifestyle supporters’ accounts to tell you about which fitness bloggers are currently at their peak Instagram.

Good workout tips, exercise, the basics of healthy eating and life hacks that will help create a dream body – this is what today’s article will be devoted to. No demonstrative selfies in pretty suits. Only sports and correct landmarks!

The best sports bloggers on Instagram

Want to put your body in order, but don’t want to carry iron, count hated calories and exhaust yourself with exhausting workouts in the gym? Instagram is not only a place for photos of food and beautiful landscapes, but also a great platform to start changing your habits.

A glass of water, exercise and the daily rate of steps are, of course, great, but we still recommend subscribing to the pages of healthy lifestyle adherents and fitness gurus and get a more detailed base for quality modifications.

Especially for you, trendHERO has prepared a cool selection of the best sports bloggers all over Instagram, who will not only prompt, but also show.

Elizaveta Gromova (@kto_takaya)

Elizaveta Gromova is one of the most popular fitons on Instagram. No, she doesn’t force her followers to eat broccoli and choke on protein biscuits. To be honest, Liza does not observe the balance of the BJU at all and, judging by the variety of stories on her page, does not make sport a cult and the meaning of life.

In her profile, Gromova shares useful tips and raises really important topics. For example, it explains in detail why cardio load on an empty stomach is bad, and also warns about mistakes in exercise technique.

Anna (@calipsodellmar)

Anna does not even try to hide her boundless love for pizza and khachapuri, and subscribing to her profile is worth at least in order to see what a pulled in and distended belly looks like.

So, now let’s put the jokes aside and talk seriously. Anna is a professional trainer with 10 years of experience behind her. On her account, the girl shares workouts for different levels of fitness, gives advice on how to calculate the required calorie intake and combine proteins with carbohydrates. Also, Anna helps girls to work on the figure of their dreams and periodically shoots funny videos. In short, we recommend!

Valeria Guznenkova (@guznenkova)

Valeria is not just a beautiful girl. She is a real motivator, whose posts cause genuine admiration. In her blog, the girl talks about proper nutrition and biological supplements, and also shares useful exercises for a beautiful relief.

If you’re hoping to see grueling workouts and daily calorie counts, then this is clearly not the place for you. The influencer is not focused on sports and PP, so she spends most of her time traveling around America and, by the way, posts cool photos. So we advise you to subscribe to get some inspiration.

Elena Sanzharovskaya (@sanzhlena)

Elena is a very controversial, but still very interesting character, followed by over 2 million subscribers. The woman is 57 and has over 25 years of successful practice behind her. Her blog – a veritable encyclopedia of the skilled person – consists of an abundance of long reads and topical posts.

Also, the fitness motivator with great pleasure discusses politics, celebrity divorces and body positivity (by the way, in a good way), and also shares useful life hacks and tips with subscribers. Elena explains why you need to hire a coach and reveals the secrets of the perfect abs.

Amanda Bisk (@amandabisk)

Amanda Bisk is an experienced physiologist, trainer, fitness instructor, and founder of the Freshbodyfitmind program. Her page is a real find for those who have long wanted to diversify boring exercises with something unusual. On Amanda’s account you will find a variety of workouts – from fast cardio to measured yoga.

The girl also demonstrates a selection of exercises for runners and professional athletes, so we recommend that you take note of this storehouse of useful information.

In addition, Amanda’s profile contains a dose of inspiration and motivation for an active lifestyle and the formation of healthy habits.

Tatiana Fedorishcheva (@tanyatgym)

Tatiana can be confidently called one of the most popular fitness bloggers in Ukraine. In her profile, the girl shares useful exercises, recipes, life stories and practical life hacks.

Influencer urges subscribers not to exhaust themselves with strict diets and not reproach for every cake they eat. Also, Tatiana conducts the author’s weight loss marathon TGYM with cash prizes, and reveals the subtleties of competent weight loss absolutely free of charge.

The blogger is not focused on proper nutrition, so he proves to followers that you can lose weight even when the diet contains pizza and your favorite buns. Beautiful pictures, inspirational posts and funny Stories – you can find it all here.

Gideon Akande (@getfitwithgiddy)

Fitness instructor, boxing trainer, chief sports expert for Men’s Health and two-time Chicago Golden Gloves champion – yes, all of these regalia belong to Gideon.

His page is a must-have for those who want to get in good shape. Akande publishes workouts daily and saves them to IGTV so that subscribers can repeat the exercises at any time. Fitness guru conducts cardio, strength training and demonstrates how to properly use exercise equipment in the gym. Each of his videos gives a huge positive charge and, of course, excellent results to loyal followers.

Anastasia Mironova (@mironovanastasiia)

Anastasia Mironova is the owner of an ideal figure who, after several years of hard work, was able to create a dream body. By her own example, the girl motivates followers and shares inspiring pictures with them. If you are looking for long posts on diets, BJU ratios and proper breathing during workouts, then this is definitely not the place for you. People come to Nastya’s page for aesthetics, inspiration and beautiful videos.

But do not think that the blogger is busy only with their own appearance. In her early years, the influencer managed to open a fitness room, launch a line of IRNBY ACTIVEWEAR sportswear and found an online training school Mirofs . Here you can choose a program for your level: beginner, advanced, intensive or individual. Mironova’s wards are happy to share the results and exhibit demonstrative before / after photos.

Sonya Soldatova (@

Do you still think that losing weight in 30 days is an unrealistic mission? Then subscribe to Sonya’s account, who shares cool workouts, the secrets of perfect cheesecakes and a piece of her personal life on her blog.

Also, this energetic girl runs an effective online marathon, designed for just a month. The intensive program includes: individual support, calculation of the nutritional system, daily workouts and chat with a fitness instructor.

On Instagram, Sonya often publishes useful posts and videos with sets of exercises that you can easily do at home without special equipment. By the way, great news for those who are always short of time: trainings according to Soldatova’s author’s method take only 16 minutes a day. Cool, isn’t it?

Daria Bakulina (@bakylina_sport_pp)

Another beauty in our top who teaches followers to eat delicious food and not get fat. Intrigued? Then subscribe urgently so as not to miss high-quality marathons with cash prizes, PP recipes and blogger’s revelations about postponed operations.

The specialty of Daria’s blog is the analysis of products, with the help of which she explains what to choose in order not to get fat. The girl knows this firsthand, because thanks to a properly selected diet, she was able to lose 30 kilograms in just 5 months without harm to her health.

Maxim Yaroshenko (@maxryvok)

Maxim is a trainer with 18 years of experience, author of the “Snatch” fitness program, and also the founder of KVADRAT Fitness & Dance studio . In his profile, a supporter of a healthy lifestyle publishes effective exercises for all muscle groups, life hacks, nutritional tips, as well as the results of the wards, which, by the way, are very impressive.

By the way, Maxim conducts workouts live every Tuesday and Thursday (at 20:00). We advise you to join and get a treasure trove of useful information online!

Melissa Alcantara (@fitgurlmel)

Melissa is Kim Kardashian’s personal trainer and a never-ending source of inspiration for those looking for a kick-ass. She motivates hundreds of thousands of women and expands their understanding of nutrition, sports and exercise. Overcoming external and internal obstacles is the main topic of this strong girl’s blog.

Do you want to love yourself and get rid of the restrictions imposed by society? Then subscribe to Melissa’s page and read the stories of her charges.

Ekaterina Usmanova (@usmanovakate)

Ekaterina is not just a beautiful woman, but also a master of sports in motivation (yes, this is the phrase that flaunts in the influencer’s profile header). Usmanova is the champion of Russia in fitness bikini and the founder of the eponymous online university, which helps everyone to lose those extra pounds. According to the programs of the girl, you can study both in the gym and at home, armed with a rug and the desire to become better.

On her blog, Ekaterina shares cool photos, workouts, recommendations and secrets of a happy family life. The main feature of the blogger’s author’s technique is separate courses for buttocks and abs.

Janet Jenkins (@msjeanettejenkins)

Janet – Founder of The Hollywood Trainer Club and an eminent Hollywood coach with 30 years of experience. Jenkins regularly posts various workouts on his blog: cardio, kickboxing, exercises for the press, arms, legs, buttocks, and so on. Also, the girl shares recommendations to help diversify the diet, and talks about the benefits of a balanced diet.

It’s a pleasure to train with Janet, because a fitness instructor simply and easily explains the technique for performing the most seemingly difficult exercises. The girl charges with positive energy even through the screen and this is an indisputable plus of her blog. Inspirational quotes, recipes and photographs, after viewing which you will immediately run into the hall – this is exactly what you will find on her page.

Lyudmila Overkovskaya (@overkovskaja)

Lyudmila Overkovskaya is a trainer of the Sport Life fitness club chain. In her profile, the girl shares video workouts in different directions (boxing, classes with fitness rubber bands, stretching, Pole Dance, and so on), useful exercises and life hacks. Lyudmila also conducts a fitness marathon “Die Hard”, with which you can lose weight and tighten your buttocks in just 21 days.


Stop exhausting your body with diets, giving up your favorite cakes and plowing tirelessly in the hall in order to get closer to the mythical ideal. Subscribe to the profiles of popular fitness bloggers to get motivated and take a step towards a beautiful figure without harm to your health.

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