Most profitable niches on Instagram 2021

Most profitable niches on Instagram 2021

Profitable niches on Instagram are changing along with global trends. In 2021, they are not at all the same as they were before, and if you want to create a successful business on this social network, you should definitely listen to the desires of the crowd. Naturally, not forgetting that you should choose a niche not only according to demand, but also according to your preferences, in order to easily achieve success in it.

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What is a niche on Instagram

Instagram is a powerful platform not only for communication, but also for making money. The possibilities here are truly endless – you can post advertising posts, collaborate with brands, participate in affiliate programs, sell your products and much more. But everything always starts with choosing your niche.

An Instagram niche is a specific category or topic in which you plan and publish your content.

Conventionally, a niche is your place. It determines what topic your content will be devoted to, what audience of users you can attract and how you can make money on it.

Each niche has its own narrowly targeted branches. For example, not just a pastry chef, but a pastry chef who creates extremely healthy desserts or cakes with cartoon characters. The narrower your niche, the easier it is to form a promotion strategy and the clearer the target audience of your account.

Of course, a niche does not oblige you to publish content strictly on a given topic, never deviating. But let’s be objective: no one has the time and energy to cover all topics at once. Also, by trying to please everyone, you will not please anyone.

How to choose a profitable niche

Choosing the right niche is a crucial step towards success. Nobody can do everything equally well, so you shouldn’t try to be a jack of all trades. This is not how you succeed in any niche.

First of all, any beginner instagrammer who is at the stage of choosing a niche should answer the following questions for himself:

  1. What do you like to do?
  2. What can you do well?
  3. What can you give useful people?
  4. What will people be willing to pay you for?

One of the main rules is to choose what you enjoy doing and what you are an expert at. Almost every existing niche can be monetized, but making a profit from an unloved business is much more difficult.

For example, money is constantly spinning in this world, and against this background, accounting is in great demand. But if you are a humanitarian, your dislike for numbers will completely discourage you from any desire to develop in this direction. Therefore, you should not just rely on trends or go into some niche solely for the sake of money. If someone was able to make a fortune on Bitcoins, it is not a fact that you will succeed the same.

To be successful, you must:

  • Be well versed in the chosen topic. Good enough to easily explain why you are the best.
  • Always rely on your passion and experience.
  • Keep up with the latest trends.

How do you find your niche? Just do what you like, what you are an expert at. This is the only way you can get pleasure and profit. And don’t forget to pay attention to trends. If there is simply no money in an area in which you are an expert due to its irrelevance, then you should not waste your time on such a thing.

Most profitable niches 2021

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Today there are over a thousand different niches on Instagram. Money in one amount or another is found in every niche where there is a target audience. To make it easier to find lucrative destinations, here’s a look at the top lucrative niches in 2021.

Health & Fitness

Against the backdrop of global health problems and environmental pollution, people have begun to pay more attention to a healthy lifestyle. Everyone today wants to be in good health, look good, and feel great.

Not surprisingly, in such conditions, the niche of fitness and health is popular on Instagram. Last year, the total revenue of this industry reached $ 94 billion, and demand is only growing and does not intend to slow down.

If you are a fitness trainer, nutritionist, or just someone who leads a healthy and active lifestyle and can provide useful advice to others, you have a unique opportunity to monetize your experience.

You can earn money by advertising sporting goods, selling your own courses, webinars, books, series of personal training. Just be honest and share your own experiences.


If you have something to tell people how to surprise, motivate and inspire them, then the Lifestyle niche is for you. About 80% of all posts on social networks are devoted to personal life, expressing thoughts and opinions. There are two reasons for this:

  1. People love to be the hero of interesting stories.
  2. People love to read interesting stories and compare themselves to the heroes of them.

In human nature, it is customary to compare your life with strangers, so lifestyle bloggers always catch the attention of viewers, and at the same time brands of all sizes and shapes. The main income in this niche is native advertising.

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What are you doing right now? Who is near and what surrounds you? ⠀ We have such a rain outside the window that we just climbed under the covers with Kiryusha and watch Paw Patrol 😅 We are not even going to take off pajamas yet. But we also plan to go outside for lunch, even if we have to get wet) ⠀ In general, I noticed that I became sentimental when Kiryusha appeared. I sit for a long time and look at him with affection and sometimes I can’t even believe that this is my child 🥰 I can’t watch a sad movie without crying ☺️ I am penetrated by other people’s stories and constantly send money to charity. ⠀ But on the other hand, I just became calmer. People stopped annoying me. They don’t even bother mommies who are trying to tell me how to raise my child 😅 (after quarantine, I’ll even be glad to listen to them). I realized that I need to respect the opinions of others or just not pay attention to them. I bypass the negative, squabbles and gossip. To be honest, I even wonder why people are wasting energy on this 🤷‍♀️

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Social media has a huge impact on the beauty industry. Today, 65% of the younger generation learns about cosmetics and buys them through social media, so 96% of all cosmetic brands are firmly established on Instagram.

Today more and more users are looking for tips, master classes, various life hacks, recommendations and reviews for purchase, storming Instagram pages. Content of this kind has been very popular in recent years, which opens up huge prospects for making money on advertising for beauty bloggers.

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Do you see a beautiful glow above the crease of the eyelid? So, this is Makeup Revolution, in my opinion it’s called “Precious stone” and she’s shit, she tried it for the first time today … First she pulled her eyelids, then wildly peeled off on one eye, cracked straight and started to fall off, I layered it 2 times, because from the first it was almost invisible before our eyes. I’ll try to apply it somehow in one layer, you see, it won’t crack, but while I was upset, she spoiled my makeup)) Does anyone know good eyeliner with glitter? Write about the bad ones too, we will help each other not to buy some cocoa. Or well, they are generally nafig and can be replaced with shadows?). … … … … … … … … … #makeupideas #eye makeup # limecrimevenus2 # venus2 #lipstick #eye makeup #bright makeup #evening makeup #glittermakeup #colour makeup #colourmakeup #beautypost #cosmetics review #glitter

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Food & Cooking

Love for beautiful and tasty food is something that does not change with time, political upheavals and the economy. Maybe not all people love to cook, but everyone loves looking at delicious food and how others cook.

Recently, blogs about food and gourmets have been gaining more and more popularity on Instagram. If you can share some stunning recipes and juicy shots of culinary masterpieces with the world, it’s time to do so.

You can make money in a niche by advertising brands, restaurants, cafes, food delivery services. You can also run paid courses or sell your own recipe book.

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CHEBUREKI 😋 zberigaєm 👌🏻 ⠀ Ingriidinti: ⠀ ⁃ 3 glasses of flour (250 ml glass) ⠀ ⁃ 1 glass of water ⠀ ⁃ 0.5 tsp. salt ⠀ ⁃ 0.5 tsp. zukru ⠀ ⁃ 2 tbsp olіі ⠀ ⁃ orієntno 0.5 kg minced meat ⠀ Flour prosіyuєmo, dodamo water, sil, tsukor, olіyu. Zamіshuєmo tisto and put on 30 min in the refrigerator. Tim for an hour is minced meat salted, pepper and fried until gray color, crumbling breasts. When consumed, drinkable water, the schob is not dry. ⠀ Robimo s tista kovbasku, rіzhemo into pieces, kataєmo circles. On one side of the Viklada minced meat, with a fork, with your hands, close the edge. It’s hot. ⠀ All yum! Yakshcho tobi will add a recipe, write any comment ❤️ І throw off a photo, I will cook it 😉 ⠀ # chebureks # cheburekismeat # cheburek recipe # quick supper # quick breakfast # I like to cook # dishwasher # tasty # dishwasher tasty #seed dish sitting at home

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Online business

The Internet brings people from different parts of the world together and provides more business opportunities than ever before. Today, any purposeful person, with enough effort, can start his own business, even without leaving home. And many Instagram users are eager to know how to do this.

People are looking for business advice, instructions, life hacks, examples of real successful people to follow and draw inspiration from. The main idea is to share useful knowledge, ideas and schemes with users on how to make money online.

You can make money in a niche through affiliate programs by advertising other people’s trainings, webinars, books, or by releasing your own intellectual products.

Social media promotion

Social networks have rapidly entered our lives. Today they are used as a promotion channel by many brands and private professionals, but writing advertising posts, drawing up a content plan, developing a promotion strategy and other marketing tools cause misunderstanding and tension among many.

If you have achieved mastery in social media promotion, know everything about a successful SMM strategy, know how to attract and engage subscribers, you can safely choose a promotion niche for yourself and sell your knowledge.

The main income in this niche is the provision of professional services and training. This can be maintaining accounts, setting up contextual advertising, creating brand books, selling copywriting, and much more.

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… buy training at @instablog_secrets using the link in the profile header. End of post 😂 Just kidding) ⠀ ✖️I don’t sell captain’s advice Obviousness and what is freely available ✖️I don’t offer long painful training, which you, in the end, will not go through to the end ✖️ I don’t want you to listen, you couldn’t to implement and everything was safely forgotten ✖️ I do not plan to waste your time ⠀ I want you to find out – do – get the result watery theory, but practical advice and recommendations, step-by-step instructions – take it and do it нет there is no limitation on the number of questions on the materials. If you do not understand something, want to clarify or doubt – I will help you figure it out ➡️ access for six months from the date of purchase – I am always in touch and personally answer everyone ➡️ reviews speak for themselves # instablog_secrets_reviews. I sincerely rejoice at the success of my students😊 ⠀ Course program, prices, all the details – follow the link in the profile header. You can buy it there. Each key is clickable and takes you to the landing page. ➡️For Instablog Secrets Club members there is a 20% discount, a promo code on the Club website. ⠀ See you at training! ⠀ Photo @anyuta_bird ❤️

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Photography and processing

Every day, users upload over 95 million photos and videos to social networks. Regardless of whether a person is a skilled photographer or a filmmaker, if you need to succeed, you need high-quality images and a harmonious Instagram feed. Therefore, users enthusiastically follow the pages where beautiful pictures are laid out, inspired, drawing interesting ideas and tips.

Processing photos, drawing up a visual concept, choosing a color scheme, stylizing an account is a fairly young and promising direction for making money on Instagram. You can sell expert information, workshops and webinars, as well as services.

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APPLICATIONS FOR BEAUTIFUL VISUAL CONTENT IN INSTAGRAM. ⠀ And again, a rubric of useful and proven applications that I use to build beautiful visual content on Instagram. ⠀ 1.Unsplash is a free stock photo, with beautiful photos that I use as a background. Here you will find images for every color and taste. About a million images, grouped by thematic collections and tags. ⠀ 2. Canva is a picture editor with professional layouts to design high quality images and documents. This application is known to many and it is not surprising, because it is mega cool and easy to use, which has no equal. ⠀ 3.Mojo- allows you to make animated “Stories” and turns any picture and text into animation. The templates are divided into categories: Fashion, Travel, Photography, News, Pop, Marketing, and Classic. ⠀ 4.Unum is a service with which you can see in advance how an account will look with already published and planned posts. This is necessary for those who are sensitive to the visual component of the content, as well as the logic and sequence of publications. In it, you can create a general profile grid in a single palette or style, think over activities, cut photos into parts and make collages in the feed, change photos using editing tools, and more. ⠀ Click “save” so as not to lose ✌️😊 I hope that my advice will help you make your Instagram even cooler and more interesting🙌🤗

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Infobusiness was popular even before the advent of social networks, but Instagram is now booming with a variety of people selling their courses, webinars, marathons and any other information that can help consumers.

Whether you are a professional lawyer or an ordinary housewife, any person has valuable knowledge that can be packaged into an information product. But if you want to do information business, you will need not only to promote your account, but to earn yourself a reputation as a person who understands a lot about his craft.


People love all animals – large and small, domestic and not only. This love only grows stronger over time, so it is expected that sales in the pet market in 2021 will reach a whopping $ 99 billion. Not surprisingly, pet accounts have garnered armies of fans and easily outshine people’s pages.

Instagram is the perfect place to share funny animal photos. But of course, it will take more than a cute pet and a camera to be successful in this niche. To attract the attention of millions of followers, you need to be creative, be able to distinguish among the crowd. If interesting ideas are not a problem, then your four-legged friend may well become the new star of Instagram.

You can earn money by advertising products for animals, toys, clothes and accessories, selling tips for growing and rearing; advertising pet life insurance affiliate programs and much more.

Family and children

According to IPSOS research, 68% of young mothers use Instagram every day. Young dads are not far behind in activity – about 69% of all dads are on Instagram. The average young mom checks her Insta account six times a day, and 78% of all moms are willing to take action on social media advice.

In other words, the parenting niche on Instagram is incredibly popular. The point is that social media is a great opportunity to stay in touch with other parents, share your parenting experiences, and heed the advice of others. And since there is such a great opportunity, why don’t you take advantage of it and make money?

Share your experiences, successes and difficulties, give advice, be sincere and your audience will find you. Along with the popularity will come the opportunity to earn on advertising cooperation with brands of baby food, clothing, toys, entertainment establishments. Who knows, you may even release your own book on parenting, which will become a bestseller for young parents.

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Scroll through the carousel, see how Milasha has changed 😅 ♥ ️⠀ ⠀ 10 facts about our daughter (one of them is untrue, guess which one) 👇🏻⠀ ⠀ 1. loves to swim ⠀⠀ 2. always swing in our arms before going to bed ⠀ 3.beginnings love books, pretends to read, and before going to bed brings me ⠀ 4. says “Am” when he wants to eat ⠀ 5. shows with a finger what to give her ⠀ 6. gets better with everyone he sees (if they didn’t say hello to her in return, maybe cry 😅) ⠀ 7. speaks well (mom, dad, woman, grandfather, aunt, uncle) ⠀ 8. loves soup, couscous and buckwheat porridge ⠀ 9. daddy docha 💔⠀ 10. loves to sing songs ⠀ ⠀ Milasha, one year old and 4 months 👧🏼

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The ability to create something with your own hands is incredibly useful, and many are willing to pay for the ability to teach other people to do it. This is proved once again by those Instagram accounts that managed to gather crowds of subscribers to demonstrate their handicrafts.

This niche is ideal for stylists, seamstresses, designers, any creative people who know how to create interesting things with their own hands. Share your creativity and make money on it. To monetize your account, you can sell courses, webinars, master classes or your own products.


One of the latest trends on Instagram is astrologers. In this unstable world, where passions are constantly raging and it is completely unclear what a new day can bring, people want to get at least a bit of specifics and open the curtain of the future for themselves. They turn to astrologers and closely follow their Instagram accounts.

Therefore, if you know how Jupiter affects your mood, or why Mercury is so terrible, you can uncover the secrets of nebulous science and make money on it. Earning is possible, for example, from the sale of webinars, books, personal consultations, advertising.

Fashion and style

The trendy niche on Instagram is thriving. People use this platform to look for stylish looks for themselves, get inspired, heed the advice of stylists, and search for and buy stylish clothes. According to research by Statista, fashion industry revenues will rise to $ 700 million this year. Against this background, many brands have decided to increase their presence on Instagram.

People have always been concerned with how they look, and it has always been important how others look. Therefore, if fashion and style are your passion, go for it. This niche is definitely on the rise and will likely remain popular for many years to come.

The main income here is advertising cooperation with brands. These can be not only fashion brands, but also cosmetic companies, clothing store chains, beauty salons, and so on. If you manage to form a reputation as an expert around you, you can earn money by providing personal advice or working as a stylist.


Good humor is always in trend. Any social network is filled with it and Instagram is no exception. Memes and vines evoke vivid emotions, are interesting, collect a lot of likes and do not take much time – an ideal recipe for success.

If you know how to create entertaining content that your friends and your friends’ friends come to share over and over again, choose this niche and offer people your cure for boredom.

Usually, a very diverse audience gathers on accounts dedicated to humor, so you can make money on advertising cooperation with a wide variety of brands.


Instagram with millions of daily visitors is a powerful sales tool. Given the sheer number of niches and the different ways to monetize, there is a place for everyone on Instagram. Most importantly, remember that the easiest way to make money is in the topic that you really like, and the correct use of marketing tools will help turn any passion into a profitable business.

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