Music in VK: how to add your own, listen without restrictions on the computer and other life hacks

Music in VK: how to add your own, listen without restrictions on the computer and other life hacks
Музыка в ВК

Music on VKontakte is a popular section of the social network, where you can find almost any melody you like or its remix. Accordingly, users have a lot of questions. In this article we will try to answer this and many other questions.

Recently, the social network Vkontakte has undergone several changes. For example, the free time for listening to music in the background on IOS and Android is no more than half an hour. And if previously the user could both view information in the browser and listen to VKontakte music, now background listening is limited to half an hour.

Музыка в ВК Social network users did not like this introduction. And some even wrote that with the departure of Pavel Durov, VKontakte began to change for the worse. The new restrictions sparked massive controversy.

However, even such debates did not stop the developers, and users began to think about how to listen to music in VK without restriction. This article will cover this and many other questions.

To access the music section, where all the melodies are presented, go to your VK account and select “Music” on the left side of the menu. Here you can access your playlists, or you can find the desired melody.

How to use music on the VKontakte social network

The first thing that interests users who are in the “Music” section is creating a playlist and adding new melodies to the section. In VK, you can now search for entire albums with music, and not just individual melodies.

To add music to the VK social network, you first need to use the search box. It is allowed to enter the initial letters of the song, the title of the song or the author.

Как пользоваться музыкой в социальной сети ВКонтакте To add music to VK from your computer, select the song you like on your device and click on the “+” icon. After that, the melody will be added to the playlist.

To add music to the playlist, if it is not on the VK social network, or the user composed it himself, the melody must first be downloaded. To do this, click on the cloud icon in the upper right corner. After that, you can add an audio recording to VK.

The procedure for adding music via phone to VK looks like this:

  • Search the search engine for the melody you want.
  • Click on the three dots to the right of the melody.
  • Select the line with the plus sign “Add to My Music”.

After that, the melody will appear in the playlist.

How to quickly delete music in VK, selectively or completely

If you are tired of melodies in VK, you can delete all the music on the social network. Or just a part of it.

If you need to delete one melody, click on it, and then select the cross that appears to the right of the melody.

Как быстро удалить музыку в Вконтакте But you won’t be able to delete all audio recordings in VK at once. Unfortunately, this function is not available on the social network. Also, you cannot delete several audio recordings in VK at once. Clean up personal music only selectively.

You cannot remove all the tunes at once, but you can remove an entire playlist. In this case, the repeated melodies will be saved in other playlists. To delete, Hover over the cover and select the pencil icon. Here you can add melodies, remove single variants, or delete the entire playlist.

How to recover deleted music in VK?

Deleted data can be recovered within just a few weeks. And this can be done only through technical support. To do this, contact the site specialists, describe the situation and ask to restore the data. Experts immediately warn that some data cannot be recovered, but they will try to do their best.

How to upload music to VK

The advantage of the social network is that anyone can upload a melody here. That is why VK has such a huge number of melodies for every taste. So let’s figure out how to upload music on a social network.

To upload music, you must enter the “Music” section in VK, and then click on the cloud in the upper right corner.

Как выложить музыку в ВКTo correctly download the audio recording to VK, you must take into account the following nuances:

  • The uploaded file must be in mp format
  • It should weigh no more than 200 MB.

How do I do this via my phone? Unfortunately, this function is not available. Downloading can only be done through the full computer version of the social network.

How to upload your music to VK officially

The social network fully supports young talents. Therefore, in cases where the user wants to license his music and upload it through the label, it is necessary to fill out a special form.

Music does not work in VK on a computer or phone – what should I do?

There are several reasons why VK music does not work. First of all, if music is not playing, you should check your browser – it may be out of date. Update it to enjoy VK ringtones again.

Почему не работает музыка в ВК Often problems also arise from programs that negatively affect the player. Download a scanner, run a scan, and you can find out which apps are preventing you from enjoying your music.

It happens that the music does not play in the background in the mobile version. The reason has already been described above – in the mobile version of VK in the background, music can play for no more than half an hour. To change the situation, you need to subscribe, which costs 149 rubles per month.

How to hide your audio recordings

For many, personal music is like a piece of the soul, so you need to be able to hide music in VK in time. If you don’t know how to close music in VK, go to “Settings”, and then to the “Privacy” section. There will be a column “Who sees the list of my audio recordings”. Here you will need to select users from whom your melodies will be hidden.

Как скрыть свои аудиозаписи Вконтакте To open VK music for a person, just check the box next to the person who will have access to this function. After that, he will have access to your playlist.

Как открыть музыку ВК для человекаThe user will then be able to view your audio recordings.

Remember that if you have already shared the playlist with your friends, then it will still remain open for them, and they will not have to think long about how to watch closed music in VK. If you still need to restrict access to music, you can delete the playlist.

New ringtones for friends will not be available if they are hidden by the privacy setting. Also, users are interested in “how to view hidden music in VK” or “how to find out what kind of music a VK person is listening to.” If the melodies were hidden by the privacy settings, then the melodies cannot be viewed. If you are not in the privacy settings, then the melodies can be found on the left side of the user’s official page, right under his photo and videos.

Слушать музыку в ВКOther Questions

Consider some other issues that bother users of the social network. For example, they are interested in how to find out how much they listened to music in VK. Alternatively, you can count all the melodies that have been listened to, but this is quite time consuming. However, users have no other alternative yet. At the end of the year, the social network itself calculates how much time was spent on melodies.

как узнать сколько слушал музыку в ВК

How to make music in VK in order?

To make music in order / out of order, use the crossed arrows. Accordingly, pressed once – all the melodies were mixed. Pressed again – the melodies began to play in order.

Музыка в ВК0

How to enable music streaming in VK

To broadcast music to VK, select a melody by clicking on it once with the left mouse button. And then click on the “Broadcast audio recordings” button, which looks like a dot in the center and brackets around it.

Музыка в ВК1

Here you can also choose where the melody will be broadcast – to the user page or to a group created by him.

How to create a music playlist in VK?

To create a playlist – go to the main page of the “Music” section, and in the upper right corner click on the “Create playlist” button.

Музыка в ВК2 In the window that opens, you can add the playlist name and description. And, if desired, and hide it from prying eyes. After that, you can add audio recordings. To create an album in VK music, you need to follow all the same steps as for creating a playlist. That is, a playlist and an album are one and the same on a social network.

How to copy a link to a song in VK? To do this, click on the melody and copy its address in the browser line.

How to edit music in VK

This function cannot be performed via a smartphone. Therefore, you will have to use the full version for your computer.

If you need to edit an audio recording, go to the personal section “Music”, hover over the audio file and select the pencil icon to the right of the melody. In this way, the user can change the lyrics, title and artist. But if the track is licensed, you won’t be able to change it. These are the requirements of the copyright holder. Which cannot be changed.

Музыка в ВК3As you can see, managing the “Music” section on the VKontakte social network is not so difficult. The main thing is to know the rules of settings and not to violate the rules of the developers. And at the expense of VKontakte, you can become famous if you fill out a questionnaire and release your own licensed tracks.

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