New Instagram trends in 2019

New Instagram trends in 2019

Whether or not to follow trends on the Internet is everyone’s personal business. But you must know about them. For example, have you heard about the social network TikTok? Probably not, but today it is one of the main competitors of Facebook and Instagram. In this regard, the head of Instagram (and his job is like that) creates and implements trends that you follow (consciously or not). Of course, no one will forbid you to write something in the comments in the style of “thanks for the friendship.” But if you do not want to be like “digitalsaurus”, then it is better not to.

Knowing trends is necessary at least in order to have a reason to differ from other users. Instagram has millions of pages, and among their owners are innovators, daredevils and those who follow the rest. The phrase “You often ask me …” has become so hackneyed that it is used by all and sundry: from a cool blogger to an Oriflame consultant. Now I’m not saying that you don’t need to answer questions from your readers. And about the massive, the same supply of material. I understand that it is impossible to re-invent a bicycle, but you can be different from the crowd. In this article I will tell you about the new trends in promotion on Instagram.

Giving More Stories?

Home, the news feed has not lost its value. It took on a different meaning. In terms of quantity, and in some places and quality, posts in Stories have become much more interesting than in the feed. In Stories, the user sees a picture / video, a text on it, a gif, in places – stickers with questions, and sometimes he can even click on the link you need. And all this is possible to the sound of music and in unlimited quantities per day. There is a place to roam for those who like to create content from everything they see and not only.

Therefore, prioritize publications # 1 – first, posts in Stories, and remember about the main feed at least once a day.

Sell beautifully

Remember how Instagram used to be? You go in, and there are mostly photos of your friends, unfamiliar friends of your friends, little advertising and almost no sales. Have you been on the table? Now let’s get back to reality. Despite the fact that Instagram is positioned as a platform for communication, it cannot be denied that, in general, now this social network is just a platform for sales.

Will you buy a product on a completely unfamiliar Instagram page? Here, of course, it is also important to understand what kind of product it is. But by monitoring the posts, you will get an idea of ​​the seller. Thus, confirm for yourself his expert assessment as a seller, and you will understand whether you can exchange your money for a good product with him. Next, you will form an opinion about the service and quality of the product. Basically, it all comes down to trust regarding online sales. Trust the seller – you buy and even advise your friends. Do not trust – no beautiful photos, selfies, expert opinions, etc. will help here. The social network is full of this.

Instagram users are becoming more educated every day, they are able to distinguish spun comments from real ones. It’s the same with product reviews. But quality and service cannot be formed in any way, if there is no trace of it. Then it remains to rejoice only in one-time sales. Therefore, we suggest that you focus not on the amount of information. And on the service and quality. Use the main feed for mini-reviews of your products on your business pages. And you can supplement posts with Stories.

New terms of cooperation with bloggers

Advertising is the engine of commerce. And bloggers are its potential creators. But usually you will find out whether the advertisement worked or not only after payment. And the level of bloggers, as well as advertising from them, is different. No blogger gives guarantees that the spent budget will bring profit. Even today, a blogger advertises your product, and tomorrow – your competitor. Not everyone signs annual advertising contracts.

Also, not all bloggers agree on advertising texts in advance. And they can be frankly “none”: “I want to share with you a cool profile.” Somewhere I have already seen this – fifteen times. Therefore, the effectiveness of advertising in terms of sales for bloggers, except for an increase in statistics, can be zero. Now I’m not advocating to stop paying bloggers, it’s easy to understand sponsors. Therefore, smart people have come up with a new scheme for working with bloggers: they receive a percentage of sales, if the latter really exist. This is a win-win scheme: a blogger can agree or refuse to promote a product. But if the result is positive, then both sides win. But such a scheme is mostly applicable to macro bloggers or by individual agreement. You can find these using the Getblogger service.

When win-win doesn’t work

If we talk about V.I.P., celebrities or big bloggers (and sometimes it can be the same person), then here is a different scheme of work. For example, a post from Kim Kardashian costs about a million dollars. But she also has 144 million subscribers. Here win-win does not work at all, there is even no point in offering her this. Just imagine that once she makes a publication and you can say that you / your product / business is already popular in America. But if you have a million for advertising, then most likely you do not need it. But you also cannot not advertise. For example, the Coca-Cola company. Everyone already knows about this drink. Their ads are everywhere. They can attract any celebrity / blogger to collaborate. And there is. But new rules come into play. The focus only with celebrities and big bloggers extends to macro bloggers or ordinary people who actively maintain their pages on social networks. Only their advertising is not just served as a one-time post on Instagram. And a marketing strategy is being developed that allows you to “fit” advertising in the interests of the blogger. Then this content is perceived not as a direct advertisement from a blogger, but as a mixture of the useful and the obvious. Such presentation of the material does not cause any negative, bloggers, for their part, both wrote about their own, and still write, only now there are bottles of fizzy in the photo, and from time to time in the text you can find the name of this drink.

Therefore, if you want to increase the loyalty of your subscribers, take a look at your regular or frequent customers. Perhaps among them there are funny personalities that your other subscribers will be interested in learning about. Be in trend!

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Transparency of information

I’m quite okay with advertising on the Instagram news feed. Plus, sometimes I come across really good pages with good products. But as soon as I understand that in order to find out the fixed price of a product, I need to write to Direct, I immediately “leave the premises”. Perhaps my reaction has to do with understanding marketing and how impulse buying works. But about myself, I usually say in such situations that “lost a potential client.”

On the one hand, I understand the desire of sellers to increase the reach of a post through comments. Some in such cases are still motivated by the reluctance to put up their price tag. This is a bit dubious from a logical point of view. On the other hand, as a potential customer, I prefer to receive the necessary information to make a purchase decision at least 80%, without being distracted by messages. For example, if I see a jumpsuit and the price suits me, but I want to know the composition of the fabric and get a dimensional grid, then I will not be lazy and write to Direct. But for this I have to be ready to buy in advance. Therefore, write the price right away. Or at least use shopping tags. To do this, you just need to have a business profile on Instagram and a Facebook page.

Conclusions :

Instagram trends are invisible, but you can’t deny their existence. Whether or not to follow them is up to you. But you need to know about them if you are seriously engaged in promotion. Perhaps, after reading this article, you will come up with something of your own, new and it will work with your subscribers. The main thing is to do and analyze. Be in trend and successful promotion!

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