New sticker “Chat” on Instagram + latest social news. networks

New sticker “Chat” on Instagram + latest social news. networks
Стикер Чат в Инстаграм

Instagram keeps up with the times and follows what is happening in the Stories of its readers. One of the popular trends in Stories is communicating with your subscribers in a question-and-answer fashion.

The owner of the page publishes the Story with the opportunity to ask himself a question. Readers write questions to him, which he receives in Direct, and then can publish the question asked by the subscriber along with his answer. So you can get a whole sheet of Stories with posts “answers to questions”.

But from now on, it has become even easier to communicate on Instagram. If you follow the new stickers closely, you probably noticed that another new one has appeared. It is called “ Сhat ” (“ Join the conversation “). We will talk about him in this article. We will also give you a reason to use it directly in the form of a discussion of the new flash mob on Instagram #BottleCapChallenge.

Group conversation on Instagram

Let’s say you’re a coach flying to a TED talk. You are sitting in the airport lounge area. You have 25 minutes of free time and the desire to chat with your subscribers on a specific topic. Let’s say there is a wave of inspiration for online communication.

How does the Instagram Chat sticker work?

Then you open your Instagram and publish a new Story, in which you indicate what you want to communicate with subscribers. You add a Chat sticker and by text invite subscribers to join the group chat. After doing all of the above, you open access to the chat for all your subscribers.

But not everyone who clicks on the Chat sticker can join the group conversation. You yourself choose the people you need to communicate. That is, by simply clicking on the sticker, the reader will send you a request to access the chat . You approve or reject it. A group conversation can include up to 32 people . The new feature is intended for both business purposes and friendly conversations.

Let’s talk about the new flash mob – #BottleCapChallenge?

Sometimes people far from social networks do not understand why someone uploads some incomprehensible photos and videos with text. Moreover, they also add some unfamiliar hashtags to them. Everything is very simple. A person sees a post with an “egg”, a person likes it. A joke, but there is some truth in it. This is called “staying on top of information trends.”

Not all trends are great, but what can’t you do for the sake of engagement. Therefore, if you see something incomprehensible to you in the feed, before commenting, try to find out what is the meaning of the whole action. And he either is there, or is it just someone’s inspiration. Sometimes it is useful to get to the bottom of the information wave or the initiator of the movement.

In the case of the new flash mob #BottleCapChallenge , its founder was the world taekwondo champion from Kazakhstan Farabi Davlechin.—E/

The meaning of this flash mob is in a specific task – to unscrew the bottle cap with a kick. Farabi challenged Jason Statham and other participants and away we go. As you can imagine, not everyone can take part in such a task, but only “their own people”. But, perhaps, this challenge will become popular not only among professionals, but also among other self-taught talents. And Statham, of course, is handsome.

That would not be Farabi Davlechin, how would you know that a certain Artemy can also unscrew the bottle cap with his foot? 😁 And by launching this challenge, Farabi gave everyone an opportunity to show their talents or made them think, “why am I worse than Statem? I’ll go and practice unscrewing the lid. ” This is how video masterpieces and, possibly, future talents are born.

Actor Jason Statham, fighter Conor McGregor and singer John Meyer have already taken part in the flash mob. Here is the first topic for you to talk about with your friends in the Instagram group chat.

Today’s news release

I’ll give you 2 more topics for discussion with friends in the near future. Facebook again changed the algorithm for forming the news feed, and some attackers found a new way to deceive Instagram users.

Restriction of Facebook and Instagram publications on medical topics

After the scandal with blogger Elena Kornilova, Instagram began to be wary of the medical topic. The scandal stemmed from the fact that blogger Elena, who had more than 260 thousand subscribers, turned out to be a pseudo-biochemist. The girl said that by the age of 29 she already had diplomas from two universities: the Technical University of Munich and the University of Anhalt. She presented photographs of her “diplomas”, so no one had any reason to doubt the authenticity of Kornilova’s words. But the representative of the first university said that Elena Kornilova was not a student, the representative of the second – that she had never studied there. So the diplomas were not authentic.

This whole “epic” with diplomas was not just self-promotion. This was necessary so that Elena could “push” dietary supplements to her subscribers and receive interest for it. After all, advice from “graduates” is more effective in influencing the audience. As a result, the activities of the “Instagram doctor”, which advised to take an exorbitant dose of dietary supplements, was exposed. They explained to gullible readers who were “led” to false information that the uncontrolled use of any dietary supplements and untested medications can cause serious damage to health. Therefore, do not self-diagnose on the Internet and do not trust charlatans.

And Facebook acted wisely. He simply limited medical publications that contain provocative and exaggerated health claims that mislead users.

Publications containing:

  • sensational statements that mislead users. For example, advertising “miraculous remedies that will cure everything at once.”
  • claims that a medicine will help fight a specific problem. For example, native advertising posts describing a remedy to help you lose weight.

Hackers steal Instagram pages

Attackers have found a new way to deceive Instagram users. They offer everyone to get a badge with a verification checkmark. To do this, you need to fill out a form on the phishing site “instagramforbusiness [.] Info”, where you need to specify your login, email and password. After sending the data, hackers gain access to user accounts.

Read about how verification on Instagram actually works on our website.

Therefore, do not get fooled by “non-existent buns”. You’d better double-check the information and, just in case, use two-factor authentication for added security.

We also recommend reading the latest social news. networks that we publish in the “News” section.

We have all the news for today. We wish you successful promotion and pleasant conversation! Don’t forget to try the new “Join Conversation” sticker 🙌🏼🙋🏻

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