New Telegram possibilities for power users of the 21st century

New Telegram possibilities for power users of the 21st century

Thanks to the use of new technologies, Telegram never ceases to amaze and please its users. Their number continues to increase. The appearance of cryptocurrencies as well as active shares on Telegram is a huge achievement for many people. It is possible to transfer money quickly with minimal overhead.

Nouvelles possibilités Telegram pour les utilisateurs expérimentés du 21éme siècle


  • Cryptocurrency and its application
  • Subscription on Telegram
  • Organization of bots and user groups to work with cryptocurrencies
  • The functions of crypto-bots on Telegram
  • Exchange on Telegram
  • The advantages of Telegram
  • Conclusion

Cryptocurrency and its application

Subscription on Telegram

Today, the popularity of cryptocurrencies continues to increase among users. There are different methods on, how to get subscribers on a Telegram channel. The user chooses whether or not to join a channel depending on its content. It is possible to subscribe via the mobile or computer version of messaging.

To find out more about news about cryptocurrencies on Telegram, you can use specialized channels.

DeCentre is a fairly popular channel with over 75,000 subscribers. The news is published daily every morning. During the day, additional information is offered in Russian, explaining the possibilities of using this artificial payment system.

Additional information is available in English on the Cointelegraph channel.

Organization of bots and user groups to work with crypto-currencies

The principle of operation of the pump-group consists of the establishment of chats allowing to manipulate the prices of cryptocurrencies. The aim is to create a market based on demand. These groups may contain a few thousand or more users, drawn primarily by advertising. Internet users buy a currency there, wait for its maximum value and convert it into money. Attracted by the purchase, third parties lose money. Thanks to the “rounds”, the organizers make money. That’s why it’s always important to be extra careful.

There has recently been a bot on Telegram cryptocurrencies. This is a small program for performing simple tasks from virtual currencies. Many new currencies have not yet gained in value and can still be traded, hence the need for bots. Telegram offers many options in this regard. Cryptocurrency exchange bots on Telegram are regularly used by experienced users. Courses are available for novice users, allowing them to quickly learn the techniques of use.

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The functions of crypto-bots on Telegram

Telegram operators have created a special bot, allowing users to track information continuously. This bot allows you to control:

  • the dynamics of the price of zephir and bitcoin in relation to the dollar. The currency concerned can be integrated manually if necessary;
  • the movement of currency pairs in the form of charts;
  • the total capitalization table and the classification of the currency.

In addition its functions include the implementation of:

  • the practical, fast and efficient exchange of working means from crypto-currencies;
  • notifications defining the note, whether it is lower or higher than the current exchange rate. Bots can thus notify of the growth or decline of a cryptocurrency;
  • the display of the last 150 transactions made using the currency in question.

Exchange on Telegram

The cross-platform mail server provides its audience with a lot of little-known features. These greatly facilitate the communication of Internet users with their computer.

The development of virtual money systems has created the need to trade and create specialized zones (Telegram Change Bot). It is possible to buy and sell bitcoin with just a few clicks. Everything is automated and very easy to use. An exchanger is directly integrated into the program which does not require any additional installation, while offering an interface in several languages.

Bots are very simple. Any beginner can learn how to use them very quickly if necessary. There are also special videos explaining how they work. Simple settings allow communication with the program while buying and selling bitcoin.

In the case of an exchange transaction with a real person, the bot acts as a guarantor between the seller and the buyer. Personal identification is carried out in accordance with the documents. The procedure offers reliability, simplicity and reality.

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Nouvelles possibilités Telegram pour les utilisateurs expérimentés du 21éme siècle

The advantages of Telegram

Many security specialists from all over the world have been attracted by the competitive changes in opening up internet traffic. Thanks to their advice, the service now has an improved security system.

The Telegram code is open (GNU GPL 2.0 license), and allows users to use it without problems. You can now freely download and learn it, modernize it and change it. There are no exceptions even in shops.

A single exception concerns companies sharing their income between employees and shareholders.

In the near future, the service will also be able to provide fast and secure transmission of small voice messages. WhatsApp is the only exception where stealth mode will appear in the message (without displaying the online status).

Telegram developers consider the speed with which users work on Telegram is a great achievement.

One of the most important points in our constantly “changing” watch is that this service will never be sold, even if the proposal came from google itself. In order to cover the cost of the service, it is possible to offer optional donations.

The service does not offer new pages, but does provide several Twitters micro-blogs. They can be used to obtain technical assistance or to propose unique information projects.

The lack of ads is a big relief for most users. Indeed, Telegram is one of the few servers in which targeted advertising is absent. Specialized tools are available for the development of your brand.

Telegram has two main clients (for iPhone and Android). This position is particularly interesting in order to maintain a high quality of service and to certify copyright.

Unofficial clients exist on Windows, Mac Os X, Linux, including 7 for WindowsPhone, distinguished by their level of preparation.

A total of five cloud locations are available to provide maximum server coverage overseas. Each of them works independently. In Europe, the service is located in the city of London. Asian users are directed to the Singapore server. Mexican customers have a server in San Francisco. It is possible to change the type of user.

It is important to clarify that the service does not depend on the KGB, if on the ANB (currently located in Berlin). This is one of the reasons why many Internet users choose to subscribe on Telegram’s servers.

Security is guaranteed and it is not possible to obtain users’ private information. Telegram data is encrypted and each cluster requires the use of a special key. This is always on a different server.

In order to respect a policy of secrecy, it is also possible to open a secret chat with enhanced security measures. It is possible to send messages between only two people and encode them. Messages can be deleted from the server seconds or minutes after they are sent.

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One of Telegram’s most positive remarks is the ability to support up to 200,000 users at the same time. This makes this messaging a unique platform among many servers. Telegram is the messaging for anyone who can quickly judge a quality tool.

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