New Vkontakte functions for business

New Vkontakte functions for business

In September 2018, the Vkontakte team held a presentation “Vkontakte for Business”, where they presented new advertising tools and opportunities for promoting any business on a social network. Exiterra has prepared an overview of innovations that will be useful to entrepreneurs who want to effectively search for clients in VK.

How Russian business is represented on Vkontakte

According to VK analysts. com, only 10% of Russian businessmen use social media as a channel for marketing and customer acquisition. For comparison, in the USA 78% of businessmen actively use social networks in their advertising strategy and allocate a considerable budget for them. Why doesn’t business in Russia see a platform for attracting customers in social networks? There are several reasons:

  • No time. On average, an entrepreneur only has 2 hours a week to spend on social media.
  • Not clear. Social media is too complex a tool for independent marketing. It is not easy for a business owner to understand such terms as CTR, engagement, targeting, audience segmentation, etc. from scratch.
  • Difficult. Most of the social media advertising tools are really difficult to manage and require customization by specialists.

In Russian practice, there are a small number of successful cases on creating and promoting a business exclusively on Vkontakte, but in the overwhelming majority of cases, all the activity of entrepreneurs from the social network is limited only to non-professional SMM.

What functions does Vkontakte offer business owners

Now any entrepreneur can create a “Page for Business”, which looks like a regular community, but has the following functionality:

  • VK Pay. This is an internal service for money transfers between the seller and the buyer. Works by bank transfer and without commission. Allows you to make purchases without leaving the social network.
  • Geolocation and contacts. The new function allows you to mark your location on the map, add information about opening hours and specify contacts for communication .
  • Action button. A distinctive call-to-action button has appeared next to the Subscribe button. It contains the functions of filling out an application, calling or going to the site.
  • Messages for business. Tool for dialogue with current and future customers. Messages help you be closer to your customers and answer their questions faster.
  • Launching advertising from a smartphone. From a mobile phone, you can launch advertising that takes into account the interests of users and the geography of their residence. Targeting optimizes ad budget spending.
  • Free video maker. Video advertising is a very effective tool for promoting your business, but, unfortunately, expensive. The Vkontakte team suggested a solution. With the video maker, entrepreneurs can create their ad videos quickly and for free.
  • Optimization by conversion. The social network itself will select the audience for the ad and optimize the payment for ad applications.

Vkontakte also offers three API options: Ads API (for integrating services for setting up advertising), VK Pay (through the API you can work with payments of legal entities and payments from communities) and VK Apps (API for developing VKontakte services) … VK Apps is a platform for creating convenient applications for business, in which you can make an appointment, order a taxi or food delivery, etc.

Vkontakte Academy

For entrepreneurs who do not yet know how to work with advertising tools on VK, the social network launches a free Vkontakte Academy. So far, the platform offers training videos that tell you how to work with advertising tools and evaluate their effectiveness. In the future, it is planned to develop the Vkontakte Academy into a training platform with a full-fledged course on promoting business in social networks.

Within the Academy, Vkontakte will allocate 10 million rubles to support small and medium-sized businesses. The social network is also launching an affiliate program for users who already own marketing tools. Once verified and officially recognized, they will be able to help the business with setting up ads and earn rewards in the form of bonuses.

The new functions of Vkontakte really help to promote your business and look for clients more effectively, but they do not solve the main question: where can an entrepreneur get the time to master all the tools? If you are a business owner and want to use social networks to promote your business, then we are ready to help. We professionally manage social networks, set up advertising, attract customers and traffic to the site. Contact us in a convenient way to get started.

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