Odnoklassniki for business: promotion and advertising

Is it true that you can promote your business in OK? Are the groups in the Odnoklassniki network successful? If you want to know everything about advertising in Odnoklassniki, stay with us.

Want to promote your business, but can’t find a suitable platform? Pay attention to the social network “Odnoklassniki” – a platform in demand in our country, which is regularly used by people from different generations. Our article will help you achieve your goals by spending a minimum amount of money, and we will also describe free promotion methods.

Odnoklassniki for business promotion

Let’s start with the fact that OK is on the 2nd place after VKontakte in terms of demand among Russian users. Statistics show that this social network is used by people from 18 to 44 years old, so the irrelevance of Odnoklassniki is a myth.

Here are some more arguments in favor of OK:

1) The social network is popular in all regions

Odnoklassniki users are evenly dispersed throughout the country: this simplifies business promotion and allows residents of every corner of the country to express themselves. However, if, on the contrary, you are interested in a specific region, difficulties may arise.

2) Comfortable functionality

OK will be useful for marketers, because it has the ability to place a variety of advertising options. The target here works no worse than on Facebook or VKontakte: you can also configure the display of advertisements for a specific audience segment.

3) Easy communication between users

People here are used to informal communication and relaxed pastime, so it will not be difficult to grab their attention: advertising will become unobtrusive.

4) Honest promotion

OK administrators do not allow the use of cheat for self-promotion, so earning opportunities will not depend so much on financial investments: you can successfully promote and “bypass” colleagues, simply using knowledge and skills.

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«Одноклассники» для бизнеса: продвижение и реклама

Instructions for creating a business group in Odnoklassniki

In the dedicated tab for creating communities, find “Create group or event”.

There is a special type of group “For business” in OK. If you are interested in it, please click on it.

If the goal is to create a group of other topics, the option “By Interest” is suitable.

Next, you will need to specify a name, write a description of the group, determine which category you belong to, select a topic. If you wish, you can leave personal contacts: phone number, area of ​​residence, website address.

Then choose a .jpg or .png image to be the cover of the band. After the cover has been loaded, click on the “Create” button.

As soon as there are thirty people in the community, it will become necessary to change the base URL. This is done through the Group Link feature.

OK: Designing the community

The template with which you can design a group in OK is easy to find through “More” -> “Themes”. After reaching an audience of 10,000 users, it will be possible to independently set design parameters: adjusting images and catalog cover will be available.

Specify keywords. People using OK select the groups they need by formulating a search query: the system returns what they want using keywords. These are the words that need to be chosen for the group so that the system helps the target audience find you. You can enter keywords separated by commas in “More” -> “Settings”.

Configure publicity. By specifying publicity parameters, you can increase the attendance and initiative of the community. We recommend using these guidelines:

  • It will be easier to develop a group by interests if you allow subscribers to create their own topics, add photos and videos. This option will have a positive effect on both activity and content diversity.
  • Use the Check Member Topics Before Post feature.
  • Set up a setting so that only community members can write comments: this will also increase the audience by encouraging guests to join the discussion of a particular topic.

«Одноклассники» для бизнеса: продвижение и реклама

Odnoklassniki network: attracting participants

You can invite a person through “Members” -> “Invite to group”. Unfortunately, the maximum number of invitations is 30 people per day, however, you can also invite users interested in the topic to the community directly. You should not do this through messages in Odnoklassniki, because there is a risk of falling under suspicion of spreading spam.

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Select content for promotion on Odnoklassniki

The popularity of a group is directly related to the content: make it regular and attractive. Use the presentation of information through life hacks and reviews, tell about the “inner” part of the business.

Choose a suitable posting hours. According to statistics, on weekdays, users are more likely to click on links on social networks from 1 pm to 4 pm.

In the case when the content is updated several times a day, release one of the posts between 17 and 19 hours: users will be able to read it on the way from work. Do not try to pass off ads as informational content: this is ignored.

How to arrange a publication in Odnoklassniki to promote your business

Accompany posts with photos: this attracts the attention of participants. If you publish an announcement on a blog post, the picture will be loaded automatically. When making a post from scratch, you can choose a photo through “Add photo”, 640 × 480 images are better suited.

Use hashtags

Hashtags will help to increase the visibility of publications, their selection is carried out as follows: expand the post, then click “Add keywords”, write hashtags separated by commas, select “Done”.

Publish polls

You can improve the activity of participants using polls. You can attach them by creating a theme and clicking three lines. Formulate a question for the audience, specify the answer options, add a photo to the post and publish it.

If you want your poll to remain visible at all times, please pin it.

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Collaborate with similar groups

Find communities that match your community’s topic, but don’t compete with you. For example, if you offer psychological help, arrange to link to a group where people are looking for a psychologist. It also helps to promote the business.

However, it is worth considering the location of the audience so as not to offer goods and services to those who are physically unable to purchase them.

How to launch ads on Odnoklassniki

Contact an administrator and describe a suggestion for placing links or posts in the community. As a rule, the leader’s page is listed directly in the group, but sometimes this information is not provided. In this case, you need to join the community and post a proposal for cooperation in the group.

While the group is just beginning to develop, most likely you will have to pay for cooperation. But the larger the community becomes, the more ads can be placed without investment.

There is an information section in OK communities, you can agree to publish ads in it.


Promo posts – advertising posts in a foreign group. The manager is allowed to post no more than three such posts per day: they will have a corresponding mark about the advertisement.

To publish such a post, create a publication of the required content, click on the gear icon and tick the “Promo” checkbox. Promo posts must be moderated: if you do not follow the above instructions, you will be fined.

Group Advertising

As we have already said, Odnoklassniki has the ability to place targeted advertisements, which can be configured so that only target audiences will see advertisements.

The price for such advertising is indicated at the bottom of the page (“Advertising” tab). The cost of an ad is calculated in 2 ways: for the number of clicks and for the number of impressions. You can pay for impressions to reach a large audience, but if you need performance, pay for clicks.

Viral content

This method sometimes does not bring results, however, it will not be superfluous to use it. Try to publish posts with “viral” parameters:

  • ease of use;
  • originality;
  • replicability;
  • the ability to bring out emotions so that a person wants and tell others about what he has read.

Such publications must include media files.


Newsjacking means integrating hot topics into commercial content. Take any event that is discussed in the community and embed it in your own content.

Posting links to the community

To increase the visibility of the group, link to it in various places:

  • site publications;
  • social statuses networks;
  • community forums;
  • email signature;
  • souvenirs: business cards, stationery, etc.

«Одноклассники» для бизнеса: продвижение и реклама

Advertising in Odnoklassniki: business promotion

Learn to present a product in areas where people from your target audience are present. We will tell you how best to do it.

Autoplay video

Publish an auto-launch video about your business on the community page to grab the attention of users. Go to the Publishing tab and select Upload Video, then publish the selected video.


Place the widget with the group in Odnoklassniki in your personal account or on the company’s website. This is done in three steps: “Developers” (bottom tab) -> “OK on external resources” -> “Social widgets”.

In the settings, you will need to write the identification number of the community and, if desired, change its size. You will be given a code that you can insert into the site.

Promotion of the group to Odnoklassniki on YouTube and in search engines

Contextual advertising in Google and Yandex search engines is more expensive than the above methods, but at the same time the level of effectiveness is higher, because advertising here allows you to find potential buyers.

If you run a YouTube channel, insert the link to the group in OK in the description of each video and invite subscribers to join it. You can provide early access to videos for community members to increase impact.

As you can see, you can untwist a group in OK without using any manipulations. As in other social networks, the quality of the content and the correct presentation are important here, which we wrote about above. By following our advice and adding a little humor to your posts, you can achieve the desired result in promoting your business using OK.

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