Particularities of development on Youtube

Particularities of development on Youtube

Youtube is Google’s equal as one of the most popular search engines on the net. The amount of views on video clips there exceeds several billion per month and up to 60 minutes of daily viewing per user.

Video is an expensive business, which is why not all businesses risk growing with video. The most viewed videos on Youtube have reached millions of viewers and it is difficult to compete with them. In order to increase the amount of active subscribers, it is necessary to work hard, learn the rules of the market, and promote.

Many will see this as an opportunity for additional income and therefore blog and ask for a salary. This is a great way to present your business.

If you want to use this search engine to become popular on your own, it is important to thoroughly consider the methods available. This is where you will find a large number of internet users with very different interests. Chances are, some of them form your target audience.

You can use all of Youtube’s opportunities to increase your influence coverage. Think of interesting advertisements to promote your goods and services. You can also create your top show on Youtube. People are always interested in content that helps them in their daily lives.

Particularités du développement sur Youtube

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Videos take a business to a whole new level. This is the reason why it is important to study all the functionalities and possibilities of this service. By using the right tools in a video, you can learn more about the stats of a video and act on your customers’ wishes.


  • Particularities of development on Youtube
  • Advice from specialists
  • Cross-promotion technique
  • Don’t be afraid to interact with the audience
  • Popular methods of promotion
  • Internal optimization
  • External optimization

Expert advice

Several factors influence the popularity of videos:

  1. The quality of the content. It is of course necessary to work on each video from a technical point of view. It is important to use all the basic rules as well as the placement algorithms. However, the most important thing is the filling. Even creating videos with an interesting subject, humor and an informative touch, they will be meaningless without a clever approach and optimization of the content. This is why it is important before you act to start by studying the industry as well as potential competitors.
  2. The quality of sound and picture. If you have good ideas, it is necessary to think about their realization. Users like to watch quality images. This is the reason why it is necessary to check that your camera is stable and that it rotates correctly. Specialized tools are now available on any device and even many popular bloggers shoot their videos from their smartphones. Don’t forget the quality of the sound. Many Internet users do not watch certain videos precisely because they cannot hear properly. Solve these few tasks intelligently.
  3. Optimization of its channel. It is now necessary to optimize your content. Offer a flashy title, a unique address. Write tags and don’t forget the care of your channel. The right way to present is already half the key to success.
  4. Optimization of his video. In order to earn income from recorded video, it is important to format it correctly. Think carefully about its reference title, structure, description and coverage.
  5. Interaction. This indicator plays an important role in the ranking of your video. This is the reason why positive responses from your followers will grab the attention of other users.

Here are a few important features that you can’t live without. They are sufficient enough for the start of any channel such as for example a recipe video on youtube.

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Cross-promotion technique

This flag contains the following elements:

  • Create a newsletter by mail, post on other social networks so that as many Internet users as possible are aware of your actions;
  • Insert links to your Youtube channel on your site or on your social media pages, which will attract the attention of more users and interest them in viewing your video;
  • Allow users to post their own content, send links to other popular bloggers;
  • When reviewing a product, remember the most important information for your potential customers so that they don’t have more questions than answers at the end of the video.

Don’t be afraid to interact with the public

When working with people, stick to the following guidelines:

  • Please feel free to regularly contact all potential subscribers;
  • Use descriptions so that your followers want to leave comments;
  • Allow comments;
  • Learn how to create playlists on Youtube, which will categorize your videos by topic and make it easier to find;
  • Pay attention to your listeners, ask them questions, check out the little details to improve the content.
  • Make up contests and give away prizes.

Popular methods of promotion

There are a few ways to develop your channel on Youtube. The first is internet optimization. This method gives you the option of transferring videos to the top search engine rankings for a long time. This technique only works with unpopular requests. For more frequent searches, there will be no results due to too much content on the subject.

The second method is external optimization:

  • Carry out an advertising campaign to attract a targeted audience;
  • Implement different links and descriptions on third party services;
  • Buy advertising;
  • Interact with other bloggers.

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Particularités du développement sur Youtube

Internal optimization

It is important to remember that different parameters influence the popularity of search engines. This is an essential point.

One of the most important parameters is the tags. They do not affect the ranking, but allow a video to be put on a list of similar content. Use specialized services to learn about the most used search engine tags and assess the area of ​​common searches. The competitiveness of each tag is difficult to assess and it is sometimes necessary to write scripts.

The title is more important because it plays a very important role in the search. Its length should never exceed 100 symbols. Use the name of the brand at the end of the title, and at the beginning a sentence made up of keywords. By choosing your title correctly, you have a better chance of getting your video to the top of the search engine since it will be directly indexed by the service.

The best cooking videos on youtube can use thematic images or photos. Write an informative text in order to let Internet users know as much as possible about your activity.

The description is not written for internet users but for Youtube. Use keywords, get users to react to your page to get the attention of potential customers. The length of the text should not exceed 2000 words. The first two lines are displayed and should therefore contain the main information.

Subtitles are also important. They make it possible to quickly find the video you need and should also be taken into account. Be careful, however, not to overdo it with the keywords, as this may block the channel.

Active comments are one of the main parameters affecting the popularity of a video. Don’t be afraid to respond and take part in the discussions. Any feedback, even negative, is important because it will help you grow.

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External optimization

Some people mistakenly think that external optimization is:

  • Buying Youtube views and quickly becoming popular is very expensive and does not work
  • It is better to use a single instrument – this is not the case, it works much better to use a complex set of methods;
  • That young channels can’t get popular – even newbies can promote great videos;
  • If you’re doing everything right, you won’t need to worry – you don’t, it’s important to work on your audience, to answer their questions.

In order to promote your Youtube channel, it is necessary to have some knowledge in the field of SEO. Proficient use of services and tools can help increase your sales and allow you to attract a larger audience and become popular on Youtube.

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