Politicians like Instagram: Aspiring Influencers for the European Championships 2019

Politicians like Instagram: Aspiring Influencers for the European Championships 2019

More and more politicians are using Instagram, the ideal platform for storytelling.
With its 19 million active users every month , Instagram is the new frontier of social communication. Politicians, who are increasingly present on the platform, are also well aware of this. But there are posts and posts. And, in fact, woe to miscommunication.
For a public figure such as a minister, a parliamentarian or even a simple regional councilor, the wrong use of a photo or video can become a real communication boomerang.
Do you remember the gaffe of Minister Toninelli on the occasion of the collapse of the Genoa bridge? Instead of going to Parliament and reporting to the Chambers on the tragedy, he chose to stay by the sea with his family and communicated it with a post on his Instagram profile.
He almost risked his post as minister due to the thousands of criticisms that came by users. For a politician, in fact, it is not enough to communicate on social networks, but it must be done effectively, even more so when he chooses Instagram.
The visual platform is the ideal tool for political storytelling thanks to photos, drawings, videos, which they can be accompanied by short and effective texts.


With the same content, by now, the level of engagement and the interaction rate of the posts published on Instagram exceeds that of Facebook. Instagram is increasingly a brand awareness tool capable of giving strong impetus to its personal branding . One of the reasons is that the Instagram audience is more interested and attentive to published posts. And this aspect, especially for a politician, matters a lot.
Therefore it is important to rely on professionals who are able to constantly update the profile with effective and brilliant content. Another aspect concerns the “ maturity ” of the contents published today by the audience of Intagram users (no longer just frivolous shots and undemanding posts).
Furthermore, the number of users has increased and they are the platform functions have been enhanced (with IGTV and stories). The extension to all age groups is also interesting, while at the beginning it was rather the very young who used Instagram.
If, in fact, the most active users are young people under the age of 35, the higher growth has been registered among the over 55, particularly in the 46 to 55 age group. In this way, political communication can embrace a large slice of users and the electorate.
One last fact to highlight (but there would be many others) concerns the marketing analyzes that can be carried out from user profiles.
Until recently, Facebook and Twitter were considered the ideal social networks to learn about political orientations and marketing trends. Now, however, the analyzes and searches move to Intagram where, through specific algorithms, it is possible to have very useful and detailed information. For those involved in politics it is now mandatory to use Intagram and post professionally and effectively.


Ai Politici piace Instagram Aspiranti Influencer per le Europee 2019
her Her name is Imen Boulahrajane and she is 24 years old. She was born in Varese and works in Milan, with parents of Moroccan origins. With her nearly 26,000 followers on Intagram, she is considered a political and economic influencer who also plays host to television talks. Imen manages to explain international political issues to her followers in a simple and captivating way, whether it be about the Trump duties or Brexit.
An example of the potential of social media in this sector, if well used.


Participation in the TV program “Dancing with the stars” gave a strong boost to her social profiles. Former Forza Italia parliamentarian and minister Nunzia De Girolamo has shown that she has a good understanding of the new mechanisms of online political communication. she has a very active Instagram account.

de girolamo nunzia

Politicians like Instagram: Aspiring Influencers for the 2019 European Championships

Her profile (@ nunzia.degirolamo) has exceeded 20,000 followers. De Girolamo publishes posts about her life and her career and her future projects.


According to Wired, in 2017 the Italian users active each month on Instagram were 14 million . From 2017 to 2018 Instagram recorded a growth of 36% with 19 million Italian users active every month.
While Facebook continues to lose hits, especially among the very young with a 40% reduction in popularity in this age group.
Facebook also records a reduction in interactions and shared content, despite fan pages with thousands of subscribers.
The comments are increasingly “polluted” by trolls and hate speach, especially towards politicians. One more reason to invest time and resources on Intagram.

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