Post acquaintance on Instagram: what it is and why you need it

Post acquaintance on Instagram: what it is and why you need it

In the 21st century, everyone is familiar with such an expression as “personal brand”. In simple terms, this is the image that people form when they hear your name. More specifically, a personal brand is a marketing tool, an advantage that sets you apart from other professionals.

For example, I’m voicing “Igor Mann” for you. What’s the first thing that comes to mind? Surely the field of marketing. Igor Mann is a marketer or marketer, as he writes about himself, explaining the difference that a marketer is a theorist, and a marketer is a practitioner. So, no matter where Igor Mann works or whatever projects he advertises, first of all he will do it using his personal brand.

First, you can learn from him about the company “Horns”. Then he can start developing the Hooves project. But in all this symbiosis, the first thing you remember is Igor Mann. Because there are always people behind the company. This is why it is so important that dating posts appear on your page from time to time. This is a self-presentation welcome post. This is important for both business and personal account promotion. In this article, I’ll share and show examples of such posts that you should definitely include in your strategy.

Very nice, King.

Personal Blog

Any of your actions on the page should have a key goal. For a personal blog or page, then the acquaintance post is needed so that your subscribers get to know you better. Most likely you wrote information about yourself in the Instagram header. But this is not enough to build a loyal relationship with the public. Therefore, from time to time publish a post about getting to know yourself for “advanced” readers and “newcomers” who recently subscribed to you. Tell about yourself, your hobbies, hobbies, facts. Your task is to “burn into your memory” so that when flipping through the feed your subscriber immediately understands “and this is the Vasya who loves fried avocado. I won’t mix it up with anyone else ”. Something like this.

Commercial Page

For companies and business pages writing an acquaintance post is even more important than for personal accounts. I’ll explain why. Instagram is full of small business business pages that offer products or services. You can get lost in their assortment. Having started looking for a specific product by hashtag, we begin to get acquainted with the page in more detail. If, in addition to products / services, it also contains useful information in posts, this is already a plus for the page. You understand that it is being led by someone who understands what he is selling.

And if you see that a particular business is still represented by a “living” person who published the acquaintance post, added a link to his page to it, then you at least have no doubt that you will be deceived or sold some kind of fake … Because they are already ready to order the product / service not from Horns and Hooves, but from Vasilisa the Beautiful from her Horns and Hooves company.

It works like this. Let’s say you have a Korean cosmetics website. There are thousands of such pages on Instagram. How can you stand out? Design of page design, descriptions in posts, pricing policy, service … But this gives an overall picture of your business. But I will remember your store if I read about its owner, who told her story about how she started doing business after a trip to Korea, and so on and so forth … That is, I already know that I am not dealing with an inanimate small business … Specifically, with a business representative who can be contacted. This builds confidence in the first stage of dating. Then everything depends on your service and the ability to build relationships with the client.

Dating posts can be written on behalf of a company, management, or individuals. For a business where there is a turnover of personnel, it is better to choose key persons for dating posts. This speeds up brand promotion and increases the level of trust of potential customers.

And if you are a small business owner, most likely at the initial stage you do everything yourself, then you just need to write dating posts from time to time. If you yourself do not run your page, inform your sm-manager so that soon such a post will appear on your page. Better yet, throw off this article for him, because now I will tell you what to write about in such a post.

Step-by-step publishing plan

  • An acquaintance post is not just a post about you, somewhere at the bottom of the news feed. It’s a whole series. Let it not be Santa Barbara. And the now popular mini-series in the style of “Chernobyl” for 5 episodes. But it is very memorable in a positive way, unlike the events from the series about the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.
  • Each of your dating posts should address a specific segment of your audience. This means that in addition to general information about yourself, you need to write something that can attract a specific audience. For example, with the same cosmetics. She is for different ages and solves different problems. It’s the same with your audience. Decide to whom you are writing the acquaintance post and what specific problem he should solve. For example, you talk about your own experience of getting sunburned and discovering a Korean beauty “miracle” called “…”. Therefore, you do not just sell it, you have tried it yourself and confidently recommend it to potential customers. And if you also add a photo of yourself with a magic tube, then at least questions under the post or comments to increase the ER are guaranteed to you. People love unique content. But they clearly feel where the invented “legend” is. And where is the real, someone else’s experience. You will not have many such posts. But they should be written “from the heart” with the best intentions.
  • Make a plan for dating posts. For example, this week I tell my readers that I have 5 shower gels in my bathroom with different scents and I use them for a specific mood. And next week, introduce your readers to yourself from the perspective of a Korean cosmetics business owner. This way you will attract a different audience and each of your posts will be of interest to a specific segment.
  • Think of a title for your welcome post so your audience understands what you’re talking about.
  • You can first select a photo, and then write text to it. But if it is more convenient for you to build on the meaning of the post, then you will have to separately make a series of “semantic” photographs that will reinforce the text.
  • At the end of your post, you can talk about what will happen in the next dating post. Again, you need to plan for these posts to do this.
  • Add geotags and thematic hashtags.
  • Post and respond to questions or comments.

Come on bolder …

Remember the very moment when you came to some event, where almost all strangers, and you are asked to tell about yourself. The hardest thing to do is the first person. Because it seems to you that now you have just been “handed” an Oscar and you need to go up on stage and give an explanatory speech about yourself. After all, everyone is looking at you and waiting. And you didn’t prepare. It is good if everything is all right with you impromptu. But just in case, here’s a template for your first dating post.

  • Headline: Now that you’ve noticed
  • Hello! My name is … Everyone starts with introducing themselves. For commercial accounts, you can also add the person’s position or what he is responsible for in the company.
  • I live in … I am … years old A little specifics about your person will not hurt anyone, just do not overdo it.
  • I love … / found myself in … And now you begin to tell about your experience.
  • I am inspired … Everyone is interested in what inspires others to achieve results.
  • My job is … Improvise, share deep thoughts.
  • Here I will share with you … Skip ahead a bit to outline the route of further posts.
  • Tell us about yourself in the comments. What would be interesting for you to see on the blog? What attracted my profile ? Communicate with your audience, for this you write dating posts.

Do not be discouraged if there is no reaction to your post acquaintance. Just keep writing according to the plan that you have outlined for yourself. Experiment with dating posts, write with humor, to the point and share useful information from your own life or business. Happy promotion!

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