PR: what is it in simple words

PR: what is it in simple words
Пиар: что это такое и его виды In today’s world, it is very important for businessmen to know how to interact with customers in the marketing sphere. Since the opinion of people about products directly affects the number of sales on the same level with the quality characteristics. That is why we will consider how PR works, what it is in simple words, etc.

What is PR

In the marketing world, there is no clear definition of what PR is. But in a broad sense, it is a set of activities aimed at creating the image of a company or a person, which will ultimately make it the most attractive to society.

Что такое пиар

When done correctly, it can be an effective tool for communicating and manipulating the public. However, it often happens that PR, on the contrary, destroys the existing image. It doesn’t matter who treats TOP managers positively when they have a bad reputation due to bad PR.

What is PR on Instagram

For active users of social networks, it will be useful to know what PR on Instagram is. You can promote your user account or work. In the modern world, very often business is conducted through social networks, and Instagram is a wonderful platform for this.

In order to promote without cost

  • Become an initiator of an important topic that will affect a wide audience;
  • Express an opinion that does not coincide with the generally accepted one;
  • Attract stars of show business, television;
  • Shoot animals and children in very cute angles for your page;
  • Make an overview of the media personality, using hashtags;
  • When shopping for well-known brands, review them in Revizorro style.

Что такое пиар в Инстаграме

These are just some of the ideas that will definitely work and make you and your account famous. But you have to do painstaking and routine work in order for this to bring good results. A content marketer can alleviate the situation, what kind of profession this is known to many well-promoted sites, whose employees work in this area.

What is PR on VK

A large number of business owners on social networks have long known what PR in VK is. It allows you to promote goods, services or projects in a short time, finding the target audience, and profit from this.

To do this, you need to start sending messages and friend requests. Actively put likes and comments, etc. Such everyday work is very effective, but it takes a lot of time. You can also use special programs that will do it for you. However, very often, as a result of their use, the page is banned by the site administration.

How PR is different from advertising

In order to understand the difference between PR and advertising, you need to compare both concepts. What does PR mean, we have already written above. Advertising is aimed at increasing the number of sales through the commercial promotion of goods and services. Its results can be seen in a short time.

Чем отличается пиар от рекламы

Advertising is required in order to inform the audience. Its technology is well defined and it has proven communication channels. It is very important for them to know how to come up with a naming so that it can be advertised effortlessly.

PR, on the other hand, helps to single out an object from the general row, by establishing values ​​at a subconscious level. PR is creativity that, with its bold moves, draws increased attention to the promoted object.

What is mutual PR

It will not be superfluous to know what mutual PR is. It can be two people who will promote each other on their pages or in groups, alternately laying out advertising posts about goods and services. In practice, this has a very effective effect on promotion. The main thing is not to overdo it.

Finding a PR partner is not that difficult. There are special groups on social networks aimed at just that. Of course, many will simply find out how much it costs to advertise in Yandex Direct and limit themselves to this. However, this will not do much for development.

Что такое взаимный пиар

You can write directly to the admins of publics that are interesting to you for work. If it turns out that your topics coincide with them, then you can agree on a long-term cooperation. For example, people involved in eyelash extensions may recommend an eyebrow shaper and vice versa. At the same time, there is no direct competition, bringing benefits in both cases.

What is black PR

All well-known brands and personalities know well what black PR is and how it can harm. There is competition in any niche, so you can easily face a wave of negativity, especially if your competitor decided to do it.

Such a tool, in the right hands, is capable of erasing a competitor into dust, and customers will go over to the other side. It is easy to recognize it. If the number of unsubscriptions is about 100 per day or more, revenue has decreased for no reason, and employees write a letter of resignation one after another, the conclusion is simple. Your opponent is determined to damage your reputation.

Что такое черный пиар

There are special agencies dealing with the elimination of competitors. The victim of the anti-PR is almost never able to recognize who was the source of the information attack. Such a service is of great benefit to its customer, no less than the services of conducting contextual advertising in business development.

PR, a great tool for the development of your business and personality. Of course, like any tool, they need to be able to use it so that it does not work against you. What do you think about this?

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