Practice # 1. How to find Instagram bloggers to advertise on trendHERO (step by step)

Practice # 1. How to find Instagram bloggers to advertise on trendHERO (step by step)

We have already described in other articles how to work with bloggers. For example, in the article on collaboration with influencers . In this article, we’ll take a practical look at – how to do it in practice.

This is an example of how a marketer will use the trendHERO service to find the influencers they need.

What we have

We have an account with 1,000 or more subscribers and we need to get more ad subscribers.

If we have a completely new account without followers, it will be a little more difficult. Not all bloggers are ready to work with “empty” accounts. At this stage, you need to fill your account with content, like and subscribe to an active audience of competitors, spend at least $ 10-20 on Instagram ads. So you will collect the first audience and it will already be possible to understand whether it coincides with how you yourself understand your target audience.

Д For example, I will take two accounts: m oh “zero” account @ya_u_mamy_instablogger and @changcafe.

Zero account – no promotion, no new posts, no ads. I chose the cafe account by chance, probably because it was Pad Thai that I wanted at lunchtime.

Step one. Analyzing your account

You need to go to your account and enter your account in the field above. Let’s go to the preview and open the report. To search, it is important for us to understand who our subscribers and their interests are. Here’s for my account:

анализ Instagram аккаунта

Stable growth, too high ER, normal amount of quality audience and almost no comments.

тип аудитории инстаграм

There are many commercial in the audience (which is what a marketer needs).

как узнать интересы аудитории в Instagram

By interests, we see that people are most likely subscribed to copywriters, motivational speakers, entrepreneurs. However, there are many local businesses and shops. Approximately, I also represented such audience.

как узнать, что лайки накручены

But likes from subscribers – 10-15%. On average, I have 168 likes – and this graph shows that only 16-22 of these likes are from followers.

If I met this with a blogger with 10k subscribers, I would say that he cheated. But I know what I was doing – these are the consequences of the experiment with massliking. I liked other accounts, they went to my account and liked in return. But they didn’t sign up. Apparently I’m not an interesting marketer. No ass and with charts 🙂

Content is important in promotion – a casual visitor should understand why he or she follows you.

Let’s look at Thai food.

анализ кафе в instagram

Few of likes and comments. Normal for shops and cafes – why would people keep an eye on the cafe all the time? What interesting things will they tell you apart from promotions and events? This is a big problem with local business promotion – people order more often than like.

фейковые подписчики в Instagram

Lots of real people.

Интересы подписчиков кафе

In the interests of business – this is understandable, because no one canceled business lunches. But art, artist and photographer are more interesting. The audience is interested in art. We will be able to use this further. Clothes and health draws in my head the image of such an office hipster 🙂

распределение лайков и процент лайков от подписчиков

It’s much better in terms of likes from subscribers than mine. It can be seen that the account is hardly promoted. But now we are not analyzing for cheating. We seem to check our account and understand that we have 150-160 loyal customers. It’s good.

Step two. Collecting 500 similar bloggers

Next, we need to find accounts that are similar to you. To do this, click on the button for collecting similar bloggers.

похожие блогеры

As a result, we get a list of accounts. The service collects your subscribers and looks at who they follow. Therefore, there will be:

  • Direct Competitors
  • Accounts with the same theme
  • Interesting audience bloggers.

Here are mine:

топ 500 аккаунтов по маркетингу

The first two results were provided by my friends and colleagues (Marina, hello, if you are reading this). But then real results begin.

тип аудитории инстаграм0

Copywriters, SMM-specialists, thematic publics and so on. In this case, it’s easier for me – I’m like a service representative, so SMM specialists can advertise me. But if I were a “separate” specialist, then we would be competitors. I know for sure that stylists are very reluctant to advertise each other.

With Thai food, the situation is similar:

тип аудитории инстаграм1

Top bloggers, competitors and publications are among the similar ones.

тип аудитории инстаграм2

We understand that we do not need Dud, Shnurov, Urgant, Gorbacheva yet, although they indicate the type of humor that subscribers accept (for example, if we make a heading in our account “Evening Tom Yam”, then a referral understand).

KudaGo, Sobaka.RU, Restaurants of St. Petersburg will go to specialized pubs.

Other restaurants will go to competitors.

It is interesting that bloggers from St. Petersburg and fashion bloggers slip by (create a capsule wardrobe). You can add them to a separate list and check what their audience is from St. Petersburg.

Create lists for these categories. This is how it will be for a marketer:

тип аудитории инстаграм3

For Thai food:

тип аудитории инстаграм4

I add thai_ prefix to avoid confusion with two accounts.

Either way, just looking at these 500 accounts will help you get to know your audience a lot better.

Step three. Competitor Analysis

We analyze competitors in the same way as we analyzed ours. For the search, we are interested in:

  • How organically they grow.
  • Interests of their audience.
  • The category they specified.
  • How many likes they get from their followers.

There are many more interesting things to be found in the report, but that’s enough for now.

Step four. Analysis of competitors’ ads

You need to look at which bloggers they advertised for.

For this we go to the Sponsored Posts module. And there we enter the competitor’s account in the field: “mentions an account”. You can select a period or sort by the number of subscribers (to find exactly bloggers).

I’m showing @bizcarusel, but the more you look, the better. П left the filter at 10,000, because there were 66 results and I wanted to look at microbloggers first – I got 14 results.

тип аудитории инстаграм5

All bloggers that we found in this way are thrown into the “bloggers” list or we can create a fourth list for them “bloggers from competitors”.

For Thai food, I will also look at who was advertised by an interesting public for us. To do this, I will paste this public into the “blogger’s” field:

I get 388 results:

тип аудитории инстаграм6

The search results show that they are advertising our “competitors” in food. It’s good. There are situations when bloggers advertise whatever and whoever: bets, privateers, casinos, weight loss bars. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t advertise with them – but you need to know about it.

Somewhere at this moment, let’s take a short pause.

The budget is not rubber and the time is also not unlimited. Personally, at this stage I already have enough work: write and ask for a cost, think over an offer and prepare a brief, set up analytics …

But you can be a perfectionist and want to collect all the possible options. Therefore, we continue.

Step five. Search by criteria

The simplest search by criteria is by category.

For my account, I will put it like this:

тип аудитории инстаграм7

But I got 8.6 thousand results. It will take too long to delve into this. If there are too many options, add additional filters. Start by filtering by subscriber count. For example, search for microbloggers from 10 to 50 thousand. This will help:

  1. Narrow the circle of bloggers.
  2. Assess correctly.

The engagement rate (ER) for bloggers varies by size. And if 5% is not enough for a nanoblogger, then it is very good for a macroblogger. Therefore, it is better to compare by ER bloggers of the same size.

How filters help:

  • Category – select a blogger who writes about your topic.
  • The location is mega-useful for local businesses.
  • Language is not so critical for Russia (95% write in Russian, but very useful for other CIS countries or America).
  • Gender – it’s clear here.
  • Followers count – helps you look at similar sized bloggers. We wrote about this above.
  • Number of subscriptions – helps to exclude mass followers (more than 1500 subscriptions)
  • Number of publications – by setting “more than 5” to exclude empty accounts.
  • Last post – put “no later than 30 days ago” and exclude inactive ones
  • Engagement (ER) – we exclude bloggers with an inactive audience.
  • Likes and Comments – for more precise customization.
  • Percentage of growth – we are looking for bloggers who are growing or at least not falling.

What bloggers do you need

Before the sixth step, a little theory.

Generally speaking, there are two large groups of accounts:

  1. Thematic
  2. With your audience.

For example, if we have a coffee shop, then baristas, coffee lovers and reviewers of establishments will be themed. And with our audience there will be local publics around your coffee shop + local establishments: beauty salons, gyms, dance studios, pet shops and so on. Local publics will sell you advertising, but with establishments you can make a collaboration or mutual PR.

We highlighted this above, when there were thematic publications about restaurants for Thai food, as well as just interesting St. Petersburg bloggers who can bring St. Petersburg residents to try the Pad Thai overseas.

Step six. Keyword Search

At this point, we already have a fairly large list of potential bloggers. We have collected them based on the interests of our subscribers.

We recommend checking out preview 5-10 of these bloggers. This will help you better understand what words they use in their descriptions.

For example, someone calls himself a business coach, someone is a business guru, someone is a business coach 🙂 Or another example: mom, mom, on maternity leave, raising, raising, children, sons, daughters …

We emphasize this so much because the most powerful search is keyword search. For example, here are the keywords for the names of the dishes:

тип аудитории инстаграм8

It takes more time – you need to try different variants of keywords and look at descriptions of potentially interesting accounts. But it gives the most options and allows you to search very precisely.

Although nothing prevents you from typing in “makeup” or “bags” and getting thousands of options 🙂

We are going to write such practical articles for those who are just starting to advertise with bloggers.

This is the first part, but there will be more, at least about checking for cheating and analyzing competitors. If interested, subscribe to our telegram channel. So we will understand that the content is needed 🙂

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