Practice 2. How to use the overlapping audience of bloggers

Practice 2. How to use the overlapping audience of bloggers

What is the intersection of the blogger audience and how to calculate it, you will find in a separate article , and now we will continue our rubric “ Practice ”, where we will step by step solve a specific problem using different trendHERO functions.

    • Given : Commercial account with delivery by country. Let it be armchairs.
    • Task : Nye ty 5 bloggers for the advertising campaign of our future action.

I will explain a little why such conditions.

If there was a local account (coffee shop, gym, beauty salon), then the search would become easier, since we narrowed the criteria.

Why do you need 5 bloggers? One blogger may not produce results. We need to be hosted by several so that we can understand what works and what doesn’t. Because expectations should not be taken from the ceiling. If we are placed at 5, then we are already comparing how they present information, how they integrate, what result they brought. As a result, we understand how to move forward and how to improve the offer.

Then why not 10 or 20? Can. If you have a budget and experience in promotion. For a beginner, it’s better to pick 5 bloggers for $ 15 than one big one for 75.

So let’s get started.

Step 1. Search for bloggers

From our previous article on search practice, you can find out that first we look for similar ones, then we check advertising posts, then we look for who advertised competitors … And only then we get to the search by criteria. There is a video, if it’s more convenient.

As a result, let’s imagine that we are already at the very last stage. Here’s how I’ll hit the search at random:

Got 256 results:

Step 2. View options

We start to open Preview bloggers.

Looking at:

  1. Where is the blogger from
  2. In which categories you got – we count the categories by content (machine learning algorithms), so you need to match the category with the one you need.
  3. What he writes in the description – we understand that this is not a commercial account, a competitor and that is preliminary, what are the values ​​of the blogger (in our example, he writes about his daughter and cancer)
  4. What he publishes – we want the blogger to show our chairs beautifully.
  5. Subscriber growth – should be smooth and stable (approximately like in the screenshot). If it falls or there are sharp jumps, this is suspicious.
  6. What ER is needed to be above normal. The rate can be found in a separate table by blogger size.

In the end, ideally, we view about 100 accounts in this way. To narrow the circle of bloggers to 20-30 of the most interesting ones.

Two life hacks:

  1. If you couldn’t find 100 accounts right away, see what you have → you will better understand what the influencers you need are writing in the descriptions → you can search for these keywords + by similar bloggers.
  2. Create lists in trendHERO. For example, “View”, “Check”, “Contact”. This makes the process more convenient.

Step 3. Verification

There is a separate article from practice + video on this topic.

But in short, you open the report and look at the blogger from different angles – is there a markup, is the target audience suitable, what integrations were there before.

As a result, at this step, we check 20-30 bloggers, whom we eliminated in the previous step. We should get 5 best 🙂 It is advisable to write to them and request a price list.

Step 4. Intersection

I will describe this step in detail, because it has not been expanded before.

Step 4.1. Section “Intersections”

We go into the intersections. This is the Intersection item in the Analytics section:

Step 4.2. Create the intersection

Click Create Intersection:

Here we need to enter the name of the intersection and the login of the first blogger.

The title will help you navigate further. If you are looking for a specific company, then I recommend writing another month and year (for example, Black Friday 2021). In a year you will thank me for this advice 🙂

When you entered the login of the first blogger, the service will display options from the search by login, so you can enter not the entire login, but the first 4-5 characters, for example. Or copy the entire login at once.

Add up to 5 accounts.

If a report on them was not collected, the service will say that it will write off the lightning and collect reports:

Step 4.3. We are waiting for the end of the collection

This analysis takes up to a day, because you need to collect or update all reports inside the intersection.

Step 4.4. General data analysis

I will show you a report in parts in the context of our task.

The first part is the intersection information:

In total, we have 118 thousand subscribers. This is the simple sum of all the followers of these 5 accounts.

Intersections – 2 accounts.

This is normal. Subscribers that all 5 accounts have are counted here. The probability that there will be many such accounts is extremely small. We will see how bloggers intersect with each other later.

Unique are subscribers that at least one blogger from the list has.

At least one means that such an account can be subscribed to 1 blogger, or maybe 2, 3, 4 or 5. This is an important indicator, because we understand that if we buy ads from this set of bloggers, then the maximum number is not 118 thousand, but 113.

Let me explain with an example.

Vanya has 1000 subscribers, and Anya has 2000. Total 100. Therefore

  • they will have 1000 + 2000 = 3000 in total,
  • unique will be 900 + 1900 + 100 = 2 900.

In this case, we count common once for a unique audience. This is how we get the meaning of the real audience.

What have we learned? These 5 bloggers have practically no common audience. It suits us. If there were 85% or less unique, then we would be talking about a significant intersection.

Clarification: about campaign goals

Our campaign can have two objectives:

  1. As much coverage as possible – typical for offline promotions, launching a product on the market, opening a new outlet.
  2. As many touches as possible with potential customers – typical for fast promotions and sales, as well as more expensive goods.

For example, if conditional KFC launches a new burger, it wants as many people as possible to know about it – it makes outreach campaigns. And if he conducts a quick action, then you can take bloggers with an overlapping audience so that the same person hears about the action from different angles.

We are now analyzing the situation when we need coverage.

Step 4.5. We analyze each blogger separately

And here you can see my mistake. I didn’t study every blogger’s report thoroughly in step # 3. If I did, I would see that influencers # 2 and # 3 have very few high-quality audiences. If I had noticed this before, I would not have added them to the intersection.

This does not prevent me from showing how the function works, but in practice – save your money and follow the influencer’s high-quality audience 🙂

We see that everyone has a unique audience – only they meet a subscriber:

In our situation, we see that everyone has unique subscribers (99%). This is exactly what I need.

And we can also see how many each blogger “contributed” unique ones to the common piggy bank – what percentage of the unique ones from all:

This will be important when there is a large intersection.

Step 4.6. We look at the best options

Sometimes you can opt out of working with one or two bloggers to save your budget. This is what we want to calculate right away for you.

Our goal is reach, so I switch the top options by unique audience:


We see that if we want to take 4 bloggers, then the largest unique audience will be given to us by the option without blogger # 1 from the previous table (churochkina_dom).

Why so?

This is probably because this blogger is on the blogger list with whom there is a good overlap. Let’s check. Let’s switch the intersection options and click in detail:


It is. Churochkina_dom (blogger # 1) and sivkova_yana (blogger # 4) already have 1900 accounts in the intersection. Provided that blogger # 1 has only 20.2 thousand subscribers, this is 9.4% of the entire audience. Therefore, if we exclude it, then will save more than we will lose in a unique audience.

This detailed graph is generally very cool if you like digging in numbers.

Step 4.7. We look at the matrix

Not tired of analytics yet? The last point in this step, I promise 🙂

On the matrix, we see the intersection of each blogger with each. I marked the “large” values ​​in red:


We see the same as in the detailed chart, but clearer 🙂

4.11% among bloggers 1 and 4. How they calculated it:

  • Total audience 25 980 + 20 280 = 46 260
  • They have 1,900 total subscribers (seen above in detail)
  • 1 900/46 260 = 4.11%

What do we understand? If we had a goal – more touches, then I would choose 3 bloggers: mari_huanna007, churochkina_dom, svitkova_yana.

Step 5. Start cooperation

We already have an understanding of how much bloggers are asking for ads (we asked for a price in step 3), what kind of audience they have and how it intersects.

Next, you need to choose according to your goals.

In this particular case, I would choose only one blogger – sivkova_yana.

Yes, the intersection and the report helped me understand that this particular blogger has the best statistics. If you dig in, I even found general contests with other bloggers (it’s clear where the intersection comes from). You can ask her directly who she would recommend for advertising more. So we will find out better who is in her blogging social circle and whether there are those among them who cheat.

Therefore, I would take Yana and look for 4-5 more bloggers. Perhaps even mari_huanna007 and churochkina_dom

Instead of output

I try very hard to write in this section as simple and understandable as possible, not so much about the functions of the service, but more about promotion. If this article was useful to you or if there are additions – write to me on Instagram. Always happy to discuss.

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