Promotion Guide: How To Promote A Business On Facebook

Is Facebook a place to grow your business? How to run Facebook ads? How should I design posts for Facebook? You will find answers to these and other questions about Facebook in our article today.

We think you have already heard about the methods of promotion on Facebook, however, hardly at least one could be implemented in a short time.

Meanwhile, Facebook is actively gaining popularity, and there is a clear confirmation of this: Facebook Audience Network attracts more than a billion users every month.

Today we will tell you how to effectively promote content on Facebook, and why you can find your target audience there. Happy reading.

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Руководство по продвижению: как продвигать бизнес в Фейсбуке

Pros of Facebook Content Promotion

This social network has a number of advantages that may interest you:

  • Facebook clicks are cheaper than using third-party paid channels to increase your audience.
  • Diverse advertising functionality helping to convey the necessary information to the target audience.
  • Paid ad reach helps increase the visibility of your content.
  • Easy-to-use promotion methods.

Now let’s share with our readers a few tips, following which they can increase the number of clicks with minimal financial costs.

1) Repost your ads on Facebook

A method that does not require any investment. To “warm up” the target audience, you need to show that the publication is worth attention. To do this, leave a link to the article selected for promotion on your Facebook profile.

Then ask your colleagues to rate the post – like it. To do this, share with them a link to the post in private messages.

Why is this necessary? If people like your post, users will consider the proposed content more trustworthy.

The post will be viewed by about 2 percent of users related to your target audience. However, you are already taking the first steps to increase your click-through rate.

After the publication has collected 5-10 likes, you can proceed to the next step.

2) Facebook Ads: Promote Your Post

This is an easy way to promote content. Select a budget, specify the target audience and click on “Promote publication”.

Posts collect more reach if you start promoting in 1 hour. after the original article was published.

First, select a 1-day post promotion and allocate a minimum amount of funds for this: this way you can check the effectiveness of this method, and, if the ad works as it should, repeat the paid campaign, increasing its duration and / or monetary investments.

Facebook Ads Manager will help to check the effectiveness of the promotion. It will show:

  • CPC: Find out how much you paid per click for a paid campaign.
  • Number of clicks: see if your target audience liked your content.
  • Cost per 1000 clicks: the tool will calculate this cost.

If you are satisfied with the results, repeat the paid campaign with more money. If the results are disappointing, work on the quality of the promoted content.

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Руководство по продвижению: как продвигать бизнес в Фейсбуке

3) Choose attractive headlines for your Facebook ads

Eighty percent of users focus on the title of the post. The clickability of the article directly depends on how it will intrigue the reader.

The title does not need to repeat the title of the original article. We will teach you to choose “prominent” headlines on Facebook:

  • Indicate how the article will be useful to the user.
  • Be specific: use numbers and facts to build confidence in the user.
  • It is important that the titles are capacious: 40-70 characters.
  • Include intriguing verbs in the title: find out, do, etc.
  • Next, we will tell you how else you can supplement the publication.

4) Design of publications on Facebook: choose pictures carefully

People pay attention to the images that accompany the posts. It is not recommended to use images from free sources: users have already seen them more than once. Instead, use the services of a designer or advertising companies that specialize in the social network Facebook.

To increase the visibility of images, choose contrasting images. Moving on to the next tip.

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5) Create a creative Facebook ad

Unfortunately, for a publication to keep users’ attention, an attractive image and title will not be enough. Write a description for the article, and it will be easier for people to understand what they are being asked to read about.

We have prepared some tips for creating an announcement:

  • Facts and figures will help to endear the user and assure the reliability of the material provided.
  • Asking your target audience questions will help to retain attention.
  • List your own solutions to current problems.
  • Include verbs in the text that encourage the user to take action: offer to see what you will write about next.
  • Try to get your readers emotional, keep the intrigue.

But how do you know which texts, headlines and pictures will attract your target audience?

Руководство по продвижению: как продвигать бизнес в Фейсбуке

6) Do A / B Testing

A / B testing on Facebook allows you to understand which headlines, images or types of ads will work for you.

You can also test audience types, reviews, link descriptions, and more.

Thanks to A / B tests, you can build content exclusively for the target audience and not waste time on ineffective advertising materials.

For a split test, you can use Facebook Ads Manager or try AdEspresso. However, remember that for objective test results, you need to get 200-500 clicks on publications.

7) Facebook Business: Define Your Target Audience

Advertising needs to be promoted among those to whom it will be useful. The cost per click may also change depending on the type of audience.

Customize your ad campaign to suit your needs: create a long-term ad promotion, or work with a “saved audience”.

Audience can be customized by location, gender, age, education and other parameters.

To begin with, do not involve an audience of more than 20 thousand users in an advertising campaign – this may interfere with tracking the result.

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8) Facebook: Use Custom Audiences

This is the main way to promote on Facebook. It allows you to target advertisements to interested users, such as those who have visited your profile.

To use this feature, install the Facebook pixel, then click on “web traffic” in the “custom audience” section.

Who will this ad target? There are several variations:

  • Users who visited your domain.
  • Users who are active on specific sites.
  • Users who have shown activity on specific sites, but have not done so on others.
  • People who visited your site during a specific time period.

It will be more comfortable to promote your content if you target ads to people who have already read posts on a specific topic on your blog.

Руководство по продвижению: как продвигать бизнес в Фейсбуке

9) Add emoticons

Research has shown that posts with emoticons are more popular than posts without them. A strong argument to start using emoji too.

Facebook Promotion

So, today we found out that promotion on Facebook is useful and does not require effort. At first, many things may seem incomprehensible, but believe me, in practice it will be easier to figure them out. We wish you good luck in your own promotion!

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