Promotion in the social network TikTok for business. Part 2

If you’re reading this article, you probably don’t fully understand what your business needs TikTok for. But you understand what you need. And these thoughts are in the right direction. TikTok hit the global market in September 2017 and became the most downloaded app in 2020, beating Zoom. TikTok is a global phenomenon and a leader among platforms that it will remain for a long time.

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Продвижение бизнеса в социальной сети TikTok. Часть 2

TikTok has long had such global brands as McDonalds, Dior, Balenciaga. It is also open for Russian businesses: Yandex, MTS, Kinopoisk HD, Sberbank and others. New players, large and small businesses, appear on the platform every day.

“TikTok is a playground for songs and dances” – this stereotype has long been outdated. TikTok does not promote children under the age of 12 in recommendations. This is prohibited by site safety rules. The core of the platform is users aged 25-35.

TikTok’s smart feed is driven by artificial intelligence, so it learns quickly. It is worth sitting in the application for a while, and the algorithm adjusts the recommendation feed to suit your interests. Unlike Instagram or Youtube, there is no need to search for anything on TikTok. Thanks to this, we spend an average of 50 minutes a day on the app, which is more than on Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook.

Difference of business promotion on TikTok from other social networks

Продвижение бизнеса в социальной сети TikTok. Часть 2

TikTok works only in the format of an audiovisual work – a video clip. The application requires not only regularity of publications, but also constant activity: likes, comments, watching other people’s videos. TikTok analyzes the amount of time spent on the feed and is more willing to promote more engaged users. Log in, post and exit will not work.

TikTok makes it easy to find your viewer. To do this, speak with the audience in the language dictated by the site. This language is made up of formats that come and go, trends with an expiration date. But, first of all, TikTok assumes a format of live communication, which brings the brand closer to the end consumer.

Correct positioning is the key to the consumer. Positioning helps build a bridge between the audience and the business, builds customer loyalty and trust. Creative and competitive content will drive traffic to your website or other platforms, increase conversion and provoke growth with minimal investment. A bonus to keep in mind is loyalty and official support from TikTok. The platform is interested in the internal growth of the business, therefore it helps brands develop.

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TikTok Business Promotion Tips

Продвижение бизнеса в социальной сети TikTok. Часть 2

The first step on the platform is market analysis. Study competitors and analyze other people’s content. Which videos got the most views and comments, why these, what format and presentation did the authors choose. Adapt someone else’s experience for yourself. TikTok does not prohibit, but it is recommended to copy each other. This is a conceptual feature of the platform that simplifies creative tasks at launch. Little tip: pay attention to the comments under the posts of competitors. What does the user want? Use criticism, questions and requests as guidance.

“Don’t make ADS, make TIKTOK’S!” it translates as “Don’t shoot ads, shoot TikToki.” Obvious advertising in a traditional form will harm the brand. Think about the values ​​and benefits of the video for the viewer. Direct selling devalues ​​it. Play by the rules of the platform – look for topics that interest audiences, and adapt the presentation of a product or service in the context of these topics.

The first month is the most important. It requires self-discipline and regular work. This is a brand launch on the site. Act from strategy, think through the details, amount of content and format. Decide what kind of image you want to create and how to interact with the audience. Don’t go straight to complex formats – TikTok is demanding on the frequency of publications, so high regular performance is a must.

Продвижение бизнеса в социальной сети TikTok. Часть 2

Ways to promote your business on TikTok with content:

  • Brand-Centered content. TikTok content with brand and product focus
  • User-Сentred content. Content with a concept around audience interests, trends and popular videos.

Analyze not only your competitors, but the entire market in order for your videos to be featured in recommendations. Identify trends and adapt them to your brand. Do not forget that there is a personality behind the brand – the faceless commercial account of TikTok is not of interest. Pay attention to the leaders of the site – they are real people. You don’t have to prank or dance. TikTok itself divides itself into two parts: intellectual and entertaining. Shoot useful, value-driven content with trending posts to engage your audience.

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Profile packing is the next step after defining feed and positioning. A TikTok account is not just a brand page, it is a community where a user can get useful information or get emotions. Maintain a consistent visual style in your publications, use close-ups and easy-to-read text. On TikTok, post covers are animated, so choose your moments carefully. Connect with your audience! Respond to comments and broadcast – this is another opportunity for you to promote your account.

TikTok Advertising Potential

Продвижение бизнеса в социальной сети TikTok. Часть 2

Speaking of promotion, I will outline three main ways: targeted advertising, advertising integrations for bloggers, and organic growth. The advertising office has flexible settings and smart optimization mechanisms. Creatives for promotion through the office require compliance with the format. Engage the audience in dialogue with the brand, immerse in the storyline, intrigue. This is called “building communication”.

Продвижение бизнеса в социальной сети TikTok. Часть 2

The average price for a posting with a blogger with 1,000,000 subscribers is 10,000 rubles. You can buy advertising directly or through the exchange. Pay attention to the topic of the blog you will be working with, the average number of views and the stability of the indicators.

Organic growth is about natural subscriptions through strong content and strategy. You need to start with him. TikTok provides an easy entry threshold where users have an equal chance of getting millions of views.

Продвижение бизнеса в социальной сети TikTok. Часть 2

The potential of TikTok for business is inexhaustible. Thousands of ways to communicate your brand’s philosophy to your audience. Hundreds of formats that will bring a new consumer: funny vines, reviews, useful content, challenges. Try, seek, and focus on goals.

TIkTok is rapidly gaining momentum, and more and more new users, brands, companies come to the site every day. Take a niche on time and become the leader of your industry. Everyone in the rivers!

Author: Alina Dumova, TikTok-producer

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