Promotion of an Instagram account without cheating. Top 10 Ways!

Promoting an Instagram account without cheating is a very popular request from those who want to promote their Instagram account. Therefore, in today’s video I will tell you in detail about the ways to promote your Instagram account without cheating. Watch and apply!

Hello everyone! My name is Vladimir Kazakov, Madwins digital agency, and in today’s issue we will talk with you about promoting on Instagram without cheating, without this mass following.

So, I have chosen, wrote 10 ways to promote Instagram without cheat. Naturally, there are many more ways to promote Instagram without cheating, but I chose 10 key ones. So, these are the ways. You can then look at the pause, take a picture of yourself. Let’s go through each.

The first method is targeted advertising

Targeting. Targeted advertising. Naturally, Instagram can be promoted through targeted advertising in two ways. First : either you promote your profile posts using the “promotion” button. Second : either through the Facebook advertising account you set it up for the target audience with a call to subscribe to your instagram account. Both formats are working, both work well, so you need to try.

The second option is giveaway

Naturally, someone says that give is shit, shit, a lot of people unsubscribe there. Someone says that give is ok. But as such a promotion format without cheating, it has a place to be, and it works quite well.

The third option is exchanges and barter

If you have a certain audience, and if there is a certain audience for that blogger, that account owner who also has your target audience, then you can exchange your audiences, moreover, quite well. You post information about him in a post, in a story, in comments, he posts about you, and exchange an audience.

The fourth ad format is offline

If you have an offline store or even offline, that is, a T-shirt with an inscription with a link to your profile, go to conferences if you have a T-shirt with a tag or a link to your Instagram account. Business cards, flyers, various brochures – really works very well too. Especially for offline business.

the fifth option is a channel on youtube

If you don’t have your own YouTube channel, you can start one and record video, by keywords, and in video , and in the comments, everywhere indicate a link to your instagram account. I have not indicated it yet, but in the future I will indicate it too. From there, from YouTube, they also subscribe very well.

The sixth option for promotion is the site

You write, by keywords, for example, some article and indicate there, in the article, link to your instagram account. The article rises in SEO, respectively, the audience that finds this article through the search, sees your instagram account in the description of this article and also subscribes to you. Works very well too. Further.

the seventh option – Vkontakte and Facebook

Do not forget that other social networks are also good at attracting subscribers to Instagram, both VKontakte and Facebook … But in order for the audience to subscribe to your instagram, you need, of course, to invite them. Without a call, no one will sign. And he will not subscribe if you do not tell that you have such a cool account on Instagram.

The eighth option is telegram

A very good opportunity to promote yourself and collect subscribers through telegram, because, firstly, the audience that uses telegram, it is 100% VKontakte. The bottom line is that she hangs out all over the phone, not on VKontakte, but on Instagram. Therefore, you can advertise in telegram channels, start your own telegram channel, conduct it and collect subscribers from there on your instagram. Also a good option.

The ninth option is the forums

If you have a business, then you can comment on the forums, or order a copywriter who will write articles on the forums or comments mentioning your instagram account. It also works well, because the target audience hangs out on the forums.

The tenth way is to comment on bloggers

If you yourself sit through your instagram account long enough, often enough, and there is a place to be, that you read other profiles in which your target audience lives, then commenting on their photos also gives good traffic to your account. Moreover, if you do not just comment like this: “Subscribe, subscribe, subscribe to my instagram,” – this does not work. You need to normally, after reading a post from a blogger, or some public, just express your opinion in the comments really from yourself, honestly, truthfully, unobtrusively. “Like for the post I will also use,” – this is garbage, this is nonsense. You read it, give a detailed answer, show that you are also involved. The audience that sees your opinion, if they are impressed by your opinion, then they will accordingly subscribe to your instagram, because the message of this person is close, pleasant and understandable.

These are 10 main possibilities for promoting Instagram without massfollowing, without cheating, so be sure to use some of them, or better if you use everything.

That’s all for today. Vladimir Kazakov, Madwins agency, was with you. Subscribe to our channel, on my instagram “Vladimir Kazakov” is called and you can watch in the next issues a lot of useful videos on promotion on Instagram. Do not forget to put on the “bell” to receive notifications about new vidos. That’s all for today. Bye!

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