Promotion on Instagram. How to increase requests through Instagram?

Instagram promotion. How to increase requests through Instagram? In today’s video, I will talk about promoting on Instagram, namely, how to increase applications through Instagram. Very often, when promoting their accounts, entrepreneurs do not take into account the convenience for their target audience – they simply post a phone number in text. And then the target audience copies and pastes this number into WhatsApp, which is sooooo inconvenient. In today’s video about promoting on Instagram, I will tell you how to make people immediately write to you in WhatsApp or Telegram from your Instagram profile.

In today’s video I want to tell you on how to increase the number of applications and requests through your instagram account. Accordingly, we will do this using an additional service. Well, how – look further, I’ll tell you about it in detail.

What does “increase requests” mean?

What do I mean by the word “increase the number of requests”? See, for example, I took one of the profiles of a clothing store. I just hit a “clothing store” at random, chose an account. Most accounts write the same phrases in the description: “for ordering”, phone number, “WhatsApp”, “Direct”. But it is logical that it is inconvenient for the user to save the phone number, it is inconvenient to enter it later on in WhatsApp, in Telegram, in Viber. Here, the most convenient way in this case is to write in Direct, because there are minimum actions and maximum results.

How to increase requests through Instagram

But how can you make the number of requests and applications increase through your WhatsApp, through Viber, through Telegram? To do this, I’ll show you another store that uses just the same additional service. You see, here in the profile links there is such an intricate link to a third-party service, yes, to an additional service. Click on this button and, accordingly, such a form opens so that you can contact the seller: WhatsApp, Viber and Telegram. By pressing each button, you are automatically taken to the chat. In this case, I show it all in the desktop, but it works very conveniently also in the mobile version. Because when the mobile version opens, when you click on the WhatsApp button, you are automatically thrown into a dialogue with the seller. Also, you are automatically sent to the dialogue in Viber and Telegram. Here you can also specify additional links to other sources, well, the sources through which it is most convenient for you to communicate and close orders, or to your managers.

which service to use

Now I would like to briefly consider the service, with the help of which we do it all. Click here, the profile opens, respectively. I have already filled out my profile. And here the site is called “Message me”, yes, abbreviated “”. I have already registered. And, accordingly, there is an opportunity to associate each channel with your profile: WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, and there are also messages on Facebook, VKontakte, even Skype. Here you need to enter your phone number, respectively, username. Save, confirm it’s yours. Further in WhatsApp the same system, that is, enter the phone number, save, confirm.

Well, and, accordingly, these buttons that you saved and authorized, they will appear here. Very convenient, very cool and very fast. Also, there is even analytics here, that is, who … Or rather, consumers who click more often: WhatsApp, Viber, or Telegram. And for you, this is a cool statistic so that you can plan your sales somehow in the future. Let’s say that if through Telegram most of all, most people click through Telegram, then it is logical that you need to start a Telegram channel, yes, in which to announce people about new products, new arrivals, discounts, promotions. It’s the same story with the WhatsApp channel.

Here you can, by the way, change the design, make additional backgrounds, choose. You can download your background. Well, and, accordingly, in the profile you put your picture here. After that, you paste this link here, which is automatically copied. Insert it into your profile here. Well, for example, this store, here is a link to a profile, a link in the profile. And after that, your entire system for speeding up the number of … increasing the number of applications, increasing the number of calls starts many times better, more convenient, cool. And all you have to do is cover all potential customers more and more productively and better.

Well, that’s all for today. Be sure to subscribe to my channel. I constantly shoot new videos, reviews on promotion in social networks: VKontakte, Facebook, Instagram, Odnoklassniki and YouTube. That’s all for today. Vladimir Kazakov, MADWINS agency was with you. Bye!

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