Promotion on Pinterest. How to make money on this Pinterest social network?

We will answer the questions about what “Interest” and “Interest boards” are, consider “Interest” as a business site, and teach you how to use it in our today’s article.

Many people mistakenly think that you can only make money on Instragram, VKontakte or Facebook, but this is not so. There are other less popular social networks with which you can develop and promote your business. We invite you to get to know Pinterest and consider it as a marketing tool.

What is Pinterest and how to use it to promote your business

Pinterest is a specialized social media platform for visualizing ideas. Anyone with a Pinterest account can create thematic boards with pins – photo and video content. When you top up your board by attaching a pin, you are “kicking”. So, on the Tatu board you can kick, that is, collect various sketches.

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Pictures of other users can also be attached to your boards, in other words, repinned. In these cases, the original information is saved under the publications – the author of the pin and comments. You can add your own notes to such a pin, place it in the desired section.

Что такое «Пинтерест» и как его использовать для продвижения бизнеса

It turns out that Pinterest is not only a social network, but also a search service. You can follow other users, view and save their Pins, and find inspirational posts using keywords. The system, analyzing your activity, makes a feed of ideas from pictures of different users, which corresponds to your interests and is regularly updated.

Conversely, your Pins can be recommended to other users. In proportion to the activity under your pins (likes, repins, etc.), your popularity will grow. Pinterest itself promotes content, and your task is to make it creative and attractive.

Development on Pinterest does not require financial investments: your pins will be displayed to users by keywords, and the social network will recommend them to people with similar preferences.

About eight months ago, Pinterest had 400 million users, two-thirds of whom used the social network as a search engine for ideas, proven products and services. Most of those registered on Pinterest are solvent people 18-24 years old.

However, Pinterest is not suitable for all companies. We recommend using it for those who are engaged in business in the mass segment throughout the territory of the Russian Federation or on the world market. The reason is that Russified users are “scattered” in different parts of the country.

Pinterest will be useful for content creators that can be beaten from a visual point of view: for example, people with their own line of clothes or pastry chefs who produce wedding cakes. In fact, this social network promotes various products: from news sites to specialized clinics.

How to get traffic and leads from Pinterest

A business in Russia can get traffic and leads through Pinterest, there are many examples of this. Thus, 90 percent of traffic comes to Varvara Lyalagina from Pinterest, and Mel has huge monthly coverage on this social network.

Как получить трафик и лиды через «Пинтерест»

“Pinterest” is also used by international business giants, so the Internet resource is suitable for “promotion”, including those who plan to work in the foreign market.

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We decided to share with you a scheme that will help you develop your business on Pinterest.

Promotion Scheme on Pinterest

1) Create a content plan

To avoid having to think about posting ideas every day, make a plan in which to distribute your content by day. It is advisable that the pins are replenished daily – this will have a positive effect on the statistics. The nature of the publications depends on the focus of your business:

  • the online store owner needs to select attractive product photos;
  • those who want to drive traffic to their blog should also design a visual part, for example, draw up an infographic or prepare illustrations on the topic;
  • if you are a designer, use the platform as a portfolio by uploading the best of your work;

Do not forget to attach a link to the site or product in the description of the publication.

Also, to reduce the time spent on promotion, you can configure the publication of Pins from an RSS feed. An option for those who post fresh content every day.

2) Get started with registration

Pinterest is a web for visual content, so it’s important that your profile looks attractive. To do this, work on the following points:

  • format. If you want to keep track of the statistics of publications, which is important for the development of your account, after registering on Pinterest, transfer your profile from a regular one to a business account. It will take a couple of minutes;
  • name. Use concise language to engage your audience while keeping the gist;
  • avatar. Choose a catchy, eye-catching photo;
  • description. Write about your type of activity, adding a link to the site and keywords by which other users can find you; boards. Sort posts and products by topic using whiteboards. We talked about this at the beginning of the article;
  • post pins.

If you don’t know for sure what will attract the target audience, use the algorithms that Pinterest itself offers:

  • Make sure your Pins have a 2: 3 aspect ratio so posts will not be “clipped” when displayed in the feed.
  • Complete each image with your own logo.
  • Write short captions for publications, not forgetting about links and tags (keywords).

In addition to standard recommendations, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with some more promotion methods:

  • Use a call as a caption for a picture.
  • Post photos without human faces – they are less popular.
  • Don’t leave too much background in your photos.
  • Create posts with multiple predominant colors.

These points are of a recommendatory nature, so it is not a fact that they will suit your audience. Experiment, follow the statistics to find a working method to attract target audience.

Let’s continue exploring the promotion scheme and talk about the following things.

3) Add the “Pin It” button to the site

Pin-it is a feature that allows people using Pinterest to add photos from your site to their boards. It is worth installing Pin-it on your resource if you often upload a large number of media files for products or a blog. It is important that when you add a photo to the board, a link to your portal will immediately be added to them, which can greatly affect the reach and brand awareness.

Before installing Pin-it, you need to confirm that you have the necessary rights to your site, for which you need to submit an application. After the approval of the application, you will receive an instruction in which with a detailed description of how to add a button to the site.

4) Make repins

Various actions on the social network make your profile more visible to other users. React to other people’s posts with likes, comments and repins (in the case of repins, make sure that there is no link under the post, otherwise it will negatively affect your traffic).

If you want to create a board that will not be visible to other users, make it private using the settings.

4) Observe statistics by analyzing them

Statistics will be generated after 2-3 weeks of active publications and other actions on the social network. Until the above amount of time has passed, do not make loud conclusions.

Pinterest offers its own promotion analytics, so you don’t have to use third-party services. What is displayed in the “Analytics” tab:

  • number of impressions of publications, number of audience (including engaged);
  • the best boards with statistics in terms of the number of activities (saves, zooms, etc.);
  • popular posts with source / type of traffic, number of impressions.

The obtained statistics can be sorted according to various criteria: type of publication, source, etc.

«Пинтерест» для бизнеса

Pinterest for Business

Try to work for the result: relying on statistics, choose the Pins that your audience liked the most, and design publications according to their example. Update your content on Pinterest regularly and the statistics will get better and better over time.

So, today we came to the conclusion that Pinterest is a productive platform for business promotion. Now you have algorithms that you can put into practice and achieve the results you want. All that’s left is to start.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our service “Integrated Marketing” so that professionals will start promoting your business on the Internet.

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