Real Instagram followers, 10 tips to get more

Real Instagram followers, 10 tips to get more

Everyone wants more followers. But be careful not to fall into the trap of bots, which make you get more followers, but which are actually fake, that is, people who are not real.

What really matters is to increase real followers, who can interact and grow your Instagram profile, thanks to comments and shares.

Did you know that around 48 million Instagram users are fake ? This means no matter how many Instagram followers you have, if they’re fake, they’re not going to your landing page, referring others to your site, or making a single purchase.

That’s why it’s vital to focus on building a real, organic audience on social media. And we’re here to show you 10 tricks on how to get more Instagram followers recommended by Sproutsocial.

1. Optimize your Instagram account: take care of the BIO and use the link to a landing page

2. Keep the publication rate constant

3. Schedule Instagram Posts in Advance

4. Get other accounts to post your content

5. Know the difference between fake and real Instagram followers

6. Show your Instagram

7. Post the content your followers like most

8. Start the conversation with your followers

9. Get user participation

10. Find the hashtags that convert

Let’s see them in detail ..

1. Optimize your Instagram account: take care of the BIO and use the link to a landing page

When you’re trying to get more followers on Instagram, one of the most important steps is to fully optimize your account, to do this think of your brand’s Instagram bio as the “homepage” of your account.

Without a bio, image captions, an appropriate username or profile picture, how will people know that the account belongs to your brand? It might sound silly, but many businesses don’t fill out their bio or use a link to a landing page. This is your only point of driving Instagram traffic to your site, so optimizing your site is vital. your account.

If you’re not sure where to link, try marketing or product pages that refer to specific keywords, hashtags or campaigns on your Instagram account. The link to your homepage is OK, but why not give users a consistent experience when moving from your bio to a site?

Also, keep your username as search friendly as possible. If your business name is too long, pair it with something your audience can easily recognize. Do not add numbers or special characters to your username.

2. Keep the publication rate constant

The worst thing you can do to get more followers on Instagram is to post content irregularly. If you’re lucky enough to get users to follow you in the beginning, the last thing you want to do is make them forget that they followed you in the first place.

In order not to risk this, keep a constant publishing schedule. Generally, brands shouldn’t post more than a couple of times a day, but whatever the cadence, keep it consistent. About 200 million Instagram users log in every day, so to expand your network even further, try posting a few times throughout the day.

Sticking to a schedule will help you create a consistent experience for your followers and keep them up to date on your brand. But if you’re wondering how you’ll remember posting, read the following advice.

3. Schedule Instagram Posts in Advance

While Instagram’s algorithm has been modified to show users the content they like best, posting at the right time can still give your posts more exposure.

There’s a lot that your brand can do, and scheduling Instagram content with programs like Sproutsocial’s is one of them.
By planning content in advance, the whole team can see campaigns and schedules more efficiently. It’s always smart to develop content ahead of time, and with Instagram’s planning tools, you can reach your audience and maintain a steady stream of content at the same time.

4. Get other accounts to post your content

When learning how to get Instagram followers, it’s important to know the value of your audience. The greater the number of followers (organically), the more interested buyers and customers you will have.

The best way to get customers to follow you is to stand in front of them and be there. It is essential to be present on your Instagram as on others. Try sponsoring user-generated content to get your brand in customer feeds. You can also run Instagram contests to get your brand out there to a wider audience.

Make sure you provide something of value. The last thing you want to do is look too commercial. Find marketing partnerships and co-marketing plans with other companies to build your Instagram audience.

5. Know the difference between fake and real Instagram followers

There is a huge difference between an Instagram account with fake followers and one with real followers. It might seem tempting to just buy Instagram followers, but the backlash outweighs the benefits of organic follower growth.

Fake Instagram followers tend to:

  • Fooling New Real Followers : If users come to an inactive Instagram feed with tens of thousands of followers, things will look deceptive. Don’t make people follow you. Build trust and lasting relationships for better engagement.
  • No ROI : It might seem easier to buy followers, but fake followers won’t buy anything. People follow brands on Instagram for a reason: they like what you’re posting or your company in general. These are actual spenders and bring monetary value to your business.
  • Don’t have interaction on your account: if you have 10,000 fake followers, how many will comment, share your content? More than likely, these bot or fake accounts will be purged from Instagram, deleted.
    Real people have the ability to share, like, comment and interact with your Instagram posts. Also, these users appreciate when there is someone on the other side answering.

How you can buy real followers

It is possible to get new real followers by turning to professional web agencies, such as SWJ Web Marketing, able to guarantee 100% real followers, zero% bot profiles.

6. Show your Instagram

How are people going to find an account if you don’t promote your Instagram? Make sure your Instagram account is listed with your website and other social networks.

Creating visibility and awareness is one of the best ways to get discovered. If you really want to have more followers on Instagram, let people know where to find you. You can add social media buttons to your website and blog to help promote social shares across all your networks and show people where to find you on Instagram.

Another great idea is to promote the promotion through your social media accounts. The Museum of Modern Art regularly spreads the presence of his Instagram through Twitter . You can easily take advantage of other social networks to direct users to your Instagram.

However, make sure you don’t just ask for a follow up. Instead you should try to promote unique content on your Instagram so that users have a reason to follow you there. Fortunately with Instagram videos, you have a great opportunity to build followers through creative content.

7. Publish the content your followers like most

While it’s easier said than done, it’s smart to know what content your followers want to see. You will quickly find on Instagram that some content performs better than others. This is why testing is so important.

Whether it’s filters, captions, content types or post times, the smallest detail can make all the difference. Keep your ear to the ground with new Instagram trends so you know you’re posting popular content.

To take your analysis further, your brand should invest in Instagram analytics tools (You can learn more by reading the article on Insight Instagram) . This will make it easier to track, compare and analyze Instagram content across accounts.
Be confident in your content strategy by analyzing different filters, captions, and more to see what works best with your audience. If you’re not sure where to start, try analyzing your competitors.

You shouldn’t copy your competitors directly, but it’s smart to take notes on what they’re doing or post that promotes engagement. A little competitive research can go a long way.

8. Start the conversation with your followers

One of the best ways to make users aware of your Instagram is through conversation. According to the 2016 Q2 Sprout Social Index, nearly 35% of customers have chosen social media for customer support.
This percentage exceeds live chat, email, support telephone and in-store assistance. People continue to use social media as a reference for brands. And for your business, you need to be supportive and communicative on Instagram.

Try to answer as many questions or comments as possible , because it could mean the difference between getting a new customer, follower or improving your relationship with your audience. In fact, our Q1 2017 index found that 71% of users are more likely to make a purchase after a positive social interaction.

The more conversations grow around your feed, the more likely you are to get followers. Appreciate your followers and don’t be afraid to reply.

9. Get user participation

If you really want to get more followers on Instagram, you need to provide something of value. Whether it’s quality visual content, insights into new offers, you need to be valuable to your followers in some way.

And one-way brands are convincing users to participate through user-generated content . For example, Hilton Hotels does a great job of promoting user-generated content on its Instagram account.

This type of user promotion can stimulate more people to submit content, use the branded hashtag and share it across multiple accounts . This type of exposure is exactly what leads to your brand gaining more Instagram followers.

The trust and fun experience you create will help garner future relationships and perhaps train some brand advocates along the way.

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10. Find the hashtags that convert

One of the most proven ways to get followers on Instagram is through hashtags. For years, hashtags have allowed us to broaden our social reach. As a marketer, you want to build your community by gaining followers, and hashtags provide just that.

To begin with, find hashtags that aren’t too popular. Social Media Examiner underscores this theory by explaining how the #love hashtag has more than 184 million photos linked to it. Trying to highlight your Instagram content in a sea of ​​millions of photos and videos is not an easy thing to do.

You need to find hashtags that people in your target audience are more likely to control. If a relevant connection is established, these users will be more likely to follow your account.

For example, M & Ms does a great job of locating hashtags at an event they attend. By using hashtags like #mmspotlight, the brand is targeting the audience more directly where the spotlight concert event occurs and build awareness.


Last but not least, when you make your Instagram followers happy, you see the payoff in audience growth. Following the above tips will help you make your Instagram followers happy. So the last thing you want to do is look needy, sales-driven, or robotic.

Try running your Instagram with good intentions and deliver content to your followers as if they were your friends on your personal feed . Instagram is growing, so taking advantage of these tips to get followers will help you increase your reach.

Build a large audience and get more insight into your content because social media can be a powerful marketing engine.

Do you have any tips on how to get followers on Instagram? Let us know if the comments!

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