Recommendations for working with Instagram: why go there and what it gives

Earlier we wrote about trends on Instagram. Every SMM specialist has a familiar set of promotion tools in his work, which everyone uses, one way or another.

Tools and Algorithms

The only difference is that each topic or niche has its own priority. For example, a commodity business needs more displays of a specific position to specific people, and here targeted advertising shows itself well. And for a personal blog, it makes no sense to launch commercial advertising, since there is no obvious sales funnel, but a working alternative here can be various stimulation of shares and activities.

A couple of dozen more tools are used out of situational necessity, or ignored altogether.

Рекомендации для работы с Instagram: зачем туда стремиться и что это даёт

Today we want to talk about the Instagram profile popularity indicator, which is difficult to classify as a tool, but over time it can become a point in promotion that has a force.

The social network algorithm analyzes the reactions of users to the publication and – to create healthy competition for Instagram profiles – “helps” to promote it. The more positive reactions, over a certain period of time, the higher the likelihood that Instagram “decides” to show the publication to those who have not yet followed you. Of course, there is a gradation according to many metrics and categories: a post from a profile with a conditional 1.000 subscribers competes with similar ones. The same giants of the social network compete with thousands of profiles. Each category has its own popularity ratings: the number of likes, shares, comments, post viewing depth, and the like.

Why should you aim there?

Every idle user of a social network, sooner or later, gets tired of looking at the news of those to whom he is subscribed. To refresh the impressions, and knowing that the “smart” Instagram will clearly offer something already deliberately interesting to me, a person invariably visits the main page of the application, where he is expected to publish “top”. You can find this page by tapping on the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the application screen. There is already pre-selected content that is similar to the one that previously aroused the user’s interest.

The purpose of this section is to show the content that is most interesting to the user, but has not yet been noticed. That is, this is the attention of completely new people who can become subscribers and potential buyers if there is some kind of monetization option. With all this, the content creator is required to have more creativity that will generate interest. The social network “pays” for this creative with additional reach.

The algorithm for issuing publications in the recommendations section is a funnel of three points. The first step is collecting the accounts with which you interacted. The second point is the selection of the 500 most popular posts for demonstration in the selection. And the third, final stage is the sequence of showing of these 500 – the first 25 posts, according to the algorithm, are the most interesting for you and you will definitely like it.

Рекомендации для работы с Instagram: зачем туда стремиться и что это даёт

You need to understand that these 25 first posts are also shown to thousands of new people, which means that coverage is growing with cosmic progression. It is not uncommon for an account of several thousand subscribers to receive millions of coverage for publication – due to being included in the coveted list.

This process cannot be predicted and a big bet on it, since this is, in most cases, an unexpected effect. But observations show that those accounts that have already been in the top results a few times, get there and further, with some regularity.

Shadow ban – “non-existent” reality

There is another side of this phenomenon – the shadow ban. This is not a very well-lit concept and there was no official comment from Instagram on this. But in the process of working with accounts, a tendency was revealed when posts stopped getting to the top, and no amount of tricks and creativity of content makers helped to achieve this. Profile statistics drop very much during this period. Finding out what was happening, in all cases there was one and the same preceding factor – Instagram, shortly before that warned of a violation of the rules of the social network. And it was after this that the isolation set in, which is called the “shadow ban” in the SMM environment. That is, the account lives a normal life, but only profile subscribers who scroll through the news feed see it.

The conclusion suggests itself. TOP is hard to gain and easy to lose. By the way, the term of the shadow ban can be from 3 weeks to 6 months. With relapses – forever.

To get this option for free organic promotion through such a section, you need to understand which profile content gets the most enthusiastic reactions. Cultivate it and supply it with provocations for action. Sooner or later, when you open the post statistics, you will see a new metric “Interesting” and the number of impressions opposite it. This is the cherished goal, the presence of which says that you are moving in the right direction of progress.

How do you personally assess the prospects for promotion on Instagram?

Рекомендации для работы с Instagram: зачем туда стремиться и что это даёт

How do you assess the prospects and opportunities for promotion on Instagram? What opportunities can this tool give? Are you promoting your business on social media?

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