Redesign of the main page of the profile on Instagram

Redesign of the main page of the profile on Instagram

Promised profile update

Even before the new year, the Instagram team announced the update of the main profile page on this social network. At the moment, Instagram is testing elements that should make the profile more convenient and functional. The news said that the changes will affect the top of the profile, including icons, buttons, and ways to navigate between tabs. As planned by the developers, this will make using Instagram even easier. Here are examples of possible changes. As you can see on the screenshot, changes may affect:

  • Avatar. It will now be located on the right side of the screen, not on the left
  • The total number of publications will disappear
  • The button for sending a message will become even larger and more visible
  • 2 new tabs will appear – IGTV and tags
  • A section will appear where you can view mutual subscriptions
  • Up to 6 buttons and up to 5 tabs can be created in a business profile.

The only thing that has not been changed is the grid of photos and videos in the profile. The news reported that these and other changes are in the testing phase and will be released in stages. The launch of updates will also depend on user feedback. In this article I will tell you about what has changed and how the home page interface will now look.

What happened?

On June 27, Instagram massively changed the appearance of the main page of user accounts on Instagram. As I wrote above, the new Instagram design is only being tested. Therefore, different options for displaying a profile are possible for two different accounts. Even if you manage your accounts from one device. At the same time, adjustments are possible. For example, many users complain that the number of posts is not shown, but they would like to see them. These and other elements may be corrected based on user complaints.

In the last, updated profile, a new arrangement of elements is observed. Let’s take a look at what has changed point by point.

1. Profile photo

There are 2 options for the location of the profile photo: left and right. In my several accounts, the photo is on the left. But I saw screenshots in which the photo was located on the right.

2. Profile Description

Located on the left, below the page name and above the number of subscriptions and subscribers. It used to be below the profile photo, name and followers.

3. Subscribers

Previously, the number of subscriptions and subscribers was at the very top. It is now displayed below the description. The long text “Subscribed to the updates of this person …” is also shortened to the laconic “Subscribers”.

The counter of publications, subscriptions and subscribers remained in place, even became somewhat larger. However, due to the bold type, the signatures to the numbers were reduced, and it became not entirely clear which figure refers to the number of subscribers. And what – to the number of subscriptions. But it depends on what language you have in the settings. If you have everything in English, then there are no such problems. The buttons “Write” and “Similar users” have been removed from the header.

4. Buttons

The design of the buttons has changed. They are now styled as buttons with rounded edges. Found under the profile description. Buttons “Subscribe” and “Write”, as well as buttons with contacts and similar users are now all located together.

The “Write” button sends the user directly to Direct. Similar users “hide” behind a button in the form of an inverted triangle on the right. The button “Subscribe” is also located here. She is also responsible for unsubscribing, adding a user to the Best Friends list, and setting up notifications. In business profiles, if there are several ways to contact the user, after the redesign they are all collected under one button – Contacts.

The button “Edit profile” on behalf of the owner has also undergone a change. She moved down. A button for a quick launch of advertising – “Promotions” has now been added to it in the neighborhood.

The button “Archive” from the main page has moved to the menu. Now, to view the archive of stories, you need to enter the menu by clicking the “clock” in the upper right corner.

At the moment, with the update of the profile design, there is an “out of sync” in Instagram. As I wrote above, the new Instagram design is only being tested. Therefore, someone has updated it, while someone still sees the old version. Many users complain that the number of posts is not shown, but they would like to see them. Instagram is making adjustments, receiving complaints from users, and possibly listening to readers and returning some elements.

In any case, nothing depends on us (except complaints). Therefore, whatever the profile redesign, after a while everyone will get used to it and will use it as if nothing had happened. What do you think about the new design?

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