Review of Tiktok Free – gaining millions of views on TikTok

Review of Tiktok Free – gaining millions of views on TikTok
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Update 2021: service does not pay partners, and the efficiency of promotion is near zero. Service is a scam, don’t get fooled.

TikTok is a social network that quickly gained popularity all over the world. Anyone can create content – just shoot and upload a video. But it will be possible to gain fame only if the videos find a response from other users. Not all content gets deserved coverage, but there is a way out – I used the service for boosting likes and subscribers in TikTokFree and am ready to share my experience.

What are the promotion services for

More than 800 million people use TikTok every day, and this number is growing rapidly. There are many situations where cheating becomes a really necessary step towards success:

  • when videos do not appear in the Recommendations section;
  • in the shortest possible time, you can be active on your account, thanks to which the algorithms will be adjusted;
  • in the first hours after the release of the content, especially if the profile is unpopular;
  • to promote your own accounts on other social networks;
  • it is easier for a brand to increase awareness and sales;
  • accept advertising orders from third-party companies;
  • attractiveness for users – the more number already subscribed to you, the more willingly it will grow;
  • It is easier for freelance specialists (SMMs, photographers, designers) to promote themselves.

Most of TikTok’s audience is the younger generation. Even popular celebrities associated with blogging or the music industry have established accounts on this social network to stay on the wave of popularity.

аудитории ТикТока Some users want to get the most out of others, but the material side shouldn’t be left out. An impressive audience allows you to earn money by watching any video.

Why cheating is better than other promotion methods

There are many ways to promote yourself: using popular hashtags, mutual mass following, collaborating with other content creators, participating in contests and promotions. However, they take a long time to really gain acceptance. In addition, there is no guarantee that the videos will really “shoot” and get into the recommendations, as was the case in my case.

Накрутка лайков и подписчиков в ТикТокCreating likes and subscribers will quickly speed up the process, most of the videos released will be shown to other users and arouse interest. In addition, the service does not use bots and fakes – I received “live” likes and subscriptions.

What features does TikTokFree offer

TikTokFree is a great option to take the first step in gaining popularity. There are many similar services, but for me there are a number of significant differences on this site:

  • you can upload a list of videos you want to promote, and a user-friendly interface makes it easy to select those for which you want to start cheating;
  • suitable traffic: 80% from Russia, 15% – neighboring CIS countries, the remaining 5% – a mix of the rest;
  • this is not a resale of Chinese or Indian services;
  • unlike other resources, cheating likes and subscribers is free, you can do it mutually;
  • everyone can start making money with us and withdraw money to Webmoney;
  • availability of an affiliate program, according to which you can earn up to 25% from each refill of the invited participant.

For me, a separate advantage was the refund for unscrupulous performers who unsubscribe or remove likes. However, you won’t be able to add comments here.

Step by step instructions

To receive a full range of services related to cheating, you must register an account. To do this, I suggest following a simple instruction.

  1. On the start page, on the top right hand side, there is a quick registration window, where you are asked to enter your email address and come up with a password. You can also use one of the popular social networks: VK, Instagram, Google or Facebook.
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  2. After registration, you need to add an account in TikTok. To do this, use your username without @ or copy the link to your account from your mobile device.
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  3. After attaching a profile, there are two ways to carry out further cheating: first by earning coins on completing tasks, or replenish the balance.
  4. In the “Earn” section, select the tasks you want and get coins for them.

быстрая накрутка ТикТокI would advise you to create tasks yourself if you want to quickly increase coverage.

Although cheating is considered to be a “gray” method of promotion, it does not carry negative consequences either for the account owner or for others. That is why TikTok promotion remains a popular service, the TiktopFree service has brought it to a new level. Proof of this is my review, plus an impressive number of active orders. Don’t waste time – promotion helped me and other users achieve what I wanted.

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