Scraping Instagram: how to set up audience collection?

Scraping Instagram: how to set up audience collection?

Finding a warm target audience on social networks often causes a lot of difficulties for an unprepared person. Instaplus can become a guide in the world of online advertising, helping to save a lot of time and effort for the user. With the help of a special service, you can set up Instagram parsing in a couple of clicks and attract potential subscribers as soon as possible.

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What is Instagram scraping

The word “parsing” itself is translated from English as parsing something into its component parts. Initially, the concept was used in coding, where it denoted the processing of data with their subsequent thorough analysis. Subsequently, the term went beyond programming and is now used to denote the processes of automated collection of information with the indication of preliminary search parameters.

Today, there are several ways to carry out parsing on Instagram:

  • Self-written script – parser. It is written based on the programming language: it is often Java, but another can be used. Creation requires at least basic knowledge of coding. In the absence of them, it will not be difficult for you to find a competent specialist at the service exchange.
  • Parsers for online services or special programs. They work in automatic mode and only require you to enter the initial search parameters. In most cases, such services not only collect information about users, but also allow certain useful actions, such as subscribing to a profile or putting likes.

When parsing is applied

In modern realities, audience scraping is used to attract active (warm) users to a variety of social networks. Most often, owners of Instagram accounts use such services, since it is one of the largest markets for any type of product: from stickers with superheroes to large household appliances. The success of the promotion depends on the following factors:

  • Audience. Targeted selection of target audience allows you to make publications of high quality, because they will be shown to really interested parties;
  • Correct ranking in the Instagram feed. Publications of really high quality and interesting to users are ranked higher in news feeds. The positions themselves are determined based on the interests of the subscribers;
  • Ease of search. The ability to find the desired post among thousands of others is one of the most attractive factors that greatly increases the convenience and comfort of users. To do this, it is important to correctly place hashtags, taking into account the topic and direction of the publication.

The most effective helper in this case is parsing. Advertisers are happy to come to the site, and the Instaplus functionality allows you to quickly achieve their location. The service workflow includes collecting information about potential subscribers or customers, namely:

  • check-in location;
  • login;
  • number of posts, subscribers, subscriptions;
  • account type information private or not;
  • last post date;
  • BIO;
  • link to account.

This information allows specialists to properly set up an Instagram account so that posts are effective and attract subscribers or customers.

Parser function

The possibilities of parsing services are almost endless today. With their help, you can attract the audience that is most interested in the goods or services of the account owner. At the same time, the following stand out among the most effective methods of attracting users:

  • Massfollowing is a method of mass subscription to people according to certain criteria. A person is being subscribed -> he receives a notification -> he goes to your page and subscribes if the profile seemed interesting.
  • Massliking is a method of attracting an audience by putting likes on posts or comments of a potential client. A like is given to one of the publications -> the owner receives a notification -> he goes to look at the profile and subscribes if the subject of the account is close or interesting to him.
  • Bulk mailing – sending messages to Direct in order to improve interaction with your own subscribers. This is done to advertise products and services aimed at attracting customers’ attention to their own brand.

At the same time, working with the parser is simple, convenient and effective, and the scheme itself includes 5 main stages and looks like this:

  1. Provides input for audience selection.
  2. Selects a source for finding leads or subscribers.
  3. Based on the specified parameters, a user base is formed with an indication of their id or login.
  4. The base is cleaned of bots, as well as unused and commercial profiles for a long time.
  5. The results are exported to a CSV file, which is further used in all methods of promoting an account.

A significant advantage of such a system is its complete automation. During processing, there is no need for intermediate human interventions. And for a better understanding of the process, it is proposed to understand a little deeper into the principles of the circuit.

Target audience gathering

The Instaplus parsing tool allows you to build an Instagram database according to three main parameters:

  • Check-in location;
  • Actions (users who followed, liked, or wrote comments on a specific account);
  • Subscriptions made by a specific user.

Check-in location

Collecting data at the place of check-in of users significantly increases the effectiveness of targeted advertising. It also allows you to determine the interests of potential subscribers based on the places and places visited.

This method of attraction is of little use for bloggers and is focused more on owners of commercial profiles. Especially those who sell products via the Internet and at the same time have a “live” retail space.


This scraper tool allows you to search for potential customers among profiles with similar topics. This is one of the simplest and at the same time effective ways to attract an active target audience. In fact, the work is carried out with people selected and filtered by the competitor.

The principle of the scheme is to load data from profiles that are similar in subject to yours. This information is used as a basis for mass following, mailing and other schemes for developing a social network account.


This tool, similar to the previous one, makes it possible to filter out only those accounts that your competitor has subscribed to in order to make it easier for you to find your target audience.

Base filter

In order for the database of Instagram accounts to be of high quality, you need to correctly configure the filter. The following options are available:

  • Account gender.
  • Number of subscriptions / subscribers.
  • Number of publications.
  • Ability to remove commercial type pages.
  • Excluding private profiles with a private directory from the collection.
  • Profile language.
  • Date of last post.

This function is considered one of the most useful in the parser. It allows you to quickly remove unnecessary user pages and save money if the purpose of collecting the database is advertising.

Export base

The database is uploaded to a computer in the CSV file format. The function becomes available immediately after filtering the results and requires only pressing the corresponding button to complete the entire process. You will receive data such as login, number of posts, subscribers, subscriptions, account type (private or not), date of the last post, information from Bio, link.

How to parse Instagram followers

One of the main advantages of the Instaplus service is an easy-to-learn interface that allows you to quickly build a target audience base. Further, it is proposed to consider the process of collecting data using a parser in stages:

1. To get started, press the “Create task” button.

2. Next, you need to select your Instagram profile, which will be used to collect information.

3. In the action selection list, select “Collect Data”.

Сбор данных Instaplus

4. Choose one of the sources:

Источники сбора данных Instaplus

  • Geolocation – search by marked geotags.
  • Hashtag – selection of people by the presence of specified tags in their posts.
  • User audience – collection of information about subscribers / subscriptions / comments / likes of other users in the specified profile.
  • User list – a pre-prepared list of accounts. Usually used to attract an active audience of competitors.
  • My Account – this option allows you to upload data from your own account.

5. Write down the source itself: login, list of users, hashtag, GEO-link.

6. Next, you need to specify the number of accounts required to collect the database.

7. You can also exclude private pages from the search list.

8. Next comes the filter settings. If it is not required, select “No filter”.

9. Turning on the Timer function is optional, but it allows you to create recurring jobs at specific intervals.

10. After entering the settings, you need to press the “Run the task” button and just wait. the process is automatic.

11. Upon completion of the process, detailed statistics will appear in the window. You can also download either all the collected information, or just the data after filtering.


Disadvantages of parsing

Scraping Instagram followers is a simple and highly effective way to attract an active audience to promote your blog or business page. However, there are a number of difficulties that a customer of this kind of service may encounter when working with a parser. The most common ones are:

  • Ability to block an account. The user runs the risk of being banned due to suspicious activity. The fact is that the protective algorithm of the social network is aimed at combating automated methods of promoting a profile. The solution to this problem is quite simple – use a page specially created for parsing.
  • Invalid GEO location data from users. The problem is widespread due to the fact that many do not indicate the real check-in location in their profile. Now, of course, online services are able to read geolocation from published posts, but quite often users simply ignore this function.
  • Commercial bots and profiles. When collecting the base of the target audience, all specified criteria are taken into account, but often this description includes the accounts of competitors and inactive or frozen pages. Tools and services to clean up the profile from unwanted subscribers help to fix the situation. In addition, there are parsers with additional filtering of results.

As it has already become clear, parsing is the most important tool for promoting your Instagram page. Today, the cost of such services can vary depending on the set of functions, so it is recommended to test the system first. This will allow you not to overpay for congestion with services that you do not plan to use. In addition, a free Instagram scraper is available on Instaplus as part of the trial period for better familiarization with the service.

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