Secrets of Clubhouse accounts: how to create, delete, subscribe and describe BIO

Secrets of Clubhouse accounts: how to create, delete, subscribe and describe BIO
Секреты аккаунтов Clubhouse

Clubhouse is an unexpectedly “shot” startup, a social network where you can communicate only by voice. No chats or video calling. I recently realized that I cannot do without a Clubhouse account and I hasten to tell you about all the intricacies that I had to face.

Clubhouse is different from all social networks. There is practically no “offline content” here. Everything happens here and now. You can listen to interviews with famous personalities, attend concerts of famous stand-up artists and at the same time chat with the artist. There are many uses for this network. But the main difficulty was registration. Several problems arise here.

First of all, it is the closeness of the social network itself. Yes, now there are many people sitting in it, and their number is growing. But this does not change the fact that you need an invitation to register. The system with invites has become one of the reasons for its popularity. The excitement was so great that the most enterprising users started selling invites. In this connection, there were also those wishing to buy an account in the clubhouse. Unfortunately, not everyone can do this. But to get into the community, you can’t do without an invitation. Just completing the registration will not work, and you will still have to wait in line, even if there are already friends who have managed to create clubhouse accounts.


Как войти в клабхаус You need an iPhone to enter the clubhouse. This is the case with the official app. Craftsmen have already released a couple of adaptations on Android. But keep in mind – you have to use them at your own peril and risk, and I recommend thinking about the official application. As a last resort, try emulators like iPadian 2 if you don’t have iOS devices. This will save your personal data.

What is an invite

Что такое инвайт в КлабхаусInvite is an invitation that allows you to complete your account registration. Issued in limited quantities for each user. You can invite up to 9-10 people a week maximum, while an ordinary person receives only 2-3 invitations, and the surplus is accrued by the system depending on the activity shown in the social network.

Because of this policy, there was a real shortage of invites, because there were much more people willing than those who could invite them.

How to get an invitation

Как получить приглашение в Клабхаус So, to get an invite, we can:

  • wait for an invitation from a friend;
  • book a place on the waiting list;
  • buy an invite.

Each method has its own nuances. The friend must have a free invitation and your contact number.

Here it should be noted the mechanics of the invites. In fact, you do not need to follow the link in the SMS, you are simply added to the “white list” of users who are allowed to enter. If before that you were on the “waiting list”, then you can instantly get into the social network. Please note that invitations can be revoked through technical support, so try to create your profile as soon as possible.

Now the most popular option is channels for the exchange of invites. There you can get it for free, but with one condition – you will need to leave an invitation for another person. It turns out a chain built on mutual assistance. You can meet such communities on Telegram. Use these links:

Please note that by using the invitation, you must send your own invites to the community along the chain, otherwise you can get blocked on the social network due to complaints.

Should you buy?

Продажа инвайтов в клабхаус For the first time on ad sites like Avito or Yul there were messages about the sale of invites to the clubhouse. Soon they were banned, and the ads themselves were removed.

Now buying a Clubhouse account through Ebay is the easiest option. Prices start at $ 5. You get an invite right away, it is simply unprofitable for sellers to cheat. They did not leave alternatives to CIS users, as popular sites blocked the sale.

You can negotiate with users and try to buy an account in the clubhouse through an invite. Prices for “private individuals” are lower, and an invitation can actually be purchased for 50-200 rubles.

Telegram channels selling invites can also provide additional services: cheating subscribers, assistance in administering and promoting rooms. If you plan to start as a speaker, then such a “start” will allow you to gain a real audience much faster and start raising money.

I recommend paying attention to the free options. You will have to wait a day or two, but then you will not have to risk money or overpay. If you don’t have friends, please use the channels I have indicated.

Is it possible to register without an invite?

Купить аккаунт Clubhouse Of course. Do you have many friends? They can have an account. The system is designed in such a way that periodically users can let in familiar people from the waiting list with just one button.

The mechanics are like this. Let’s say you have 50 registered friends. If you join the “waiting list” and reserve a nickname, then 3-5 hours later, 5-10% of your friends will receive a special notification with a proposal to let you into the social network. The wait can last 2-3 times less, depending on luck and the activity of friends. If they constantly participate in the life of the community, create rooms and are active speakers, then they will regularly receive such proposals. This is done to simplify the recruitment of the initial audience.

Step-by-step instructions for creating an account

The other day I thought, if you need a clubhouse account, then how to create it quickly and without delay? First, I downloaded the application itself. You can do it here. When the installation is complete and the icon appears on the screen, tap on it. Now we start creating a profile in the clubhouse:

Как создать аккаунт клабхаус

  1. In the first menu, immediately press the button “Have an invite text? Sign in “.
    Как создавать в клабхаус профиль
  2. Enter the phone number in the international format to which the invitation came.
    Как создавать в клабхаус профиль
  3. Click on “Next”.
    Как создавать в клабхаус профиль
  4. Enter the confirmation code.
    Как войти в клабхаус0
  5. Write first and last name.
    Как войти в клабхаус1
  6. Choose a nickname.
    Как войти в клабхаус2
  7. Add a profile photo. Or click on “Skip” to skip this step.
    Как войти в клабхаус3
  8. Allow access to contacts by clicking on “Allow”. You can opt out if you do not want to receive unnecessary recommendations on the tastes of your friends.
    Как войти в клабхаус4
  9. A list of users in the phone book will be displayed. You can immediately subscribe to them by ticking the box. Move on by clicking on “Looks Good”.
    Как войти в клабхаус5
  10. Marking interests in the list. Please note that interests in the clubhouse are the categories of rooms that the system will recommend to you. There are many options, but do not choose too many, otherwise the tape will be constantly littered.
    Как войти в клабхаус6
  11. Choosing interesting people. Friends, friends of friends and various media persons will be displayed on this screen. You can subscribe to everyone at once, or skip this step.

Registration completed. The main screen should now open in front of you, where we can select rooms and customize the application.

Getting Started

Как войти в клабхаус7 Application interface has been simplified so as not to delay communication. On the main screen you will see the recommended rooms, and at the bottom of the window there is a button “Start a room”. By clicking on it, you will be taken to the room settings. You can set its type (public or private), as well as some other parameters.

Please note that in the rooms themselves, users are divided into:

  1. Moderators. Their task is reduced to monitoring compliance with the rules. Marked with an asterisk in their profile picture.
  2. Speakers. These are people with the right to vote.
  3. Listeners. Ordinary visitors to the room. May “raise their hand” to get a speaker role from a moderator.

First of all, I recommend that you pay attention to the rooms from The Dacha. But you can look for other interesting options.

Subsequently, you should subscribe to one of the clubs. These are communities that constantly organize rooms on a specific topic. Do not forget to use the calendar (its icon next to the avatar). There you can view the scheduled broadcasts of the clubs, as well as create your own schedule.

Bio creation

Как войти в клабхаус8 In the clubhouse, the bio profile is your short “About me”. To switch to profile editing mode, click on your avatar. If you tap it again, you can change it and make an avatar on the clubhouse network.

To change the bio, click on the empty space under the photo. You can tell us briefly about yourself or provide contact links. Please note there is a character limit.

How to change nickname

Как войти в клабхаус9 In the Clubhouse network, you can change your nickname only once. Going to your profile, click on the line starting with @. Since you can only change the name in the clubhouse once, be careful, you won’t be given a second chance.

Disable notifications

If you start to actively use the application, you will quickly get a notification. How do I turn off notifications on the Clubhouse network? You will need:

  1. Exit to the main application screen.
    Что такое инвайт в Клабхаус0
  2. Go to profile.
    Что такое инвайт в Клабхаус1
  3. Click on the gear sign.
    Что такое инвайт в Клабхаус2
  4. Go to the “Frequency” section. Now you need to choose the option of how to remove notifications in the Clubhouse. The options are: “Very Frequent” – very often, “Frequent” – often “Normal” – usually, “Infrequent” – rarely, “Very Infrequent” – very rare, or turn off notifications altogether.

Please note that if you turn off notifications in the clubhouse completely, then you will not receive reminders of important events. And the deferred broadcast calendar plays an important role here, do you want to keep your finger on the pulse of the community?

Change language

In the clubhouse, it is currently impossible to change the language – only the English-language interface is available. You can use Google translator if you need to translate any phrase.

How subscriptions work

In a clubhouse, newbies don’t know how to follow a person. The original way:

  1. Enter the room.
    Что такое инвайт в Клабхаус3
  2. Choosing the right person.
    Что такое инвайт в Клабхаус4
  3. Tap on his avatar and click on “Follow”.

You are now subscribed. Please note that you can automatically subscribe to all users from the contact book. But since you can only subscribe to a clubhouse in this way for someone you know, you may need a search bar. It allows you to search for people in addition to rooms and clubs. Just enter the person’s @username into it, and it will display all the results for you.

Be careful with your contact list – algorithms recommend rooms for you based not only on your preferences and selected categories from the list, but also based on your friends’ views. If you have 200-300 contacts, your feed will turn into a mismatched selection of rooms and clubs, the content will need to be filtered. Because of this, try not to follow regular people too often.

Is it possible to delete an account

Что такое инвайт в Клабхаус5 There is currently no official way to delete an account in the clubhouse. The developers have not built this functionality into the application settings. But you can use a workaround.

Since deleting an account in the Clubhouse network is possible only with the help of moderators, you will need to write an email to the developer’s email ([email protected]). Make a request to delete your account, attach your phone number and your nickname. Please note that the letter must be in English (use a translator if your level is insufficient).

Complete deletion is possible only for a good reason. You can think of it if necessary. The letter must be sent from an email linked to the account and passed the confirmation procedure. If everything is in order, then you already know how to delete your clubhouse account. Small details remain.

Deleting an account does not permanently exclude you from the system. Your nickname and phone number will be unavailable for re-registration for 30 days. During this time, other users can take your nickname. The profile will also stop being displayed, and after a week or two it will be deactivated altogether. After that, all information about the user, including the saved personal data, will disappear. Here’s how to delete a clubhouse profile as correctly as possible, without breaking the rules.

To re-create a clubhouse account, you will need to re-receive an invite and go through the registration procedure. There will be no difference, your account will be new. The old one cannot be restored.


Что такое инвайт в Клабхаус6 For myself, I made an unambiguous conclusion. Using the Clubhouse network is quite simple, the main thing is not to get lost among a huge society and deliberately choose those with whom you definitely want to communicate. I think you will also appreciate the new features provided by the developers.

Last but not least. I have several invitations to the clubhouse and these invitations I will give to those who write a comment on this article. Topic: “I want to join the ClubHouse, because….”. The most interesting answers will receive an invite. If not enough, I will ask my friends to add. I’m waiting!

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