SEO optimization of Facebook pages. Functions and tips

SEO optimization of Facebook pages. Functions and tips

For modern entrepreneurs it is very important to develop their products and services on the Net. This fundamentally increases the amount of leads, creates a convenient channel where you can stay connected with your customers, and advertise your products in both text and multimedia form.


  • Optimization-SEO of pages
  • Emphasize the name of the page
  • Number of share links
  • Post targeted content regularly
  • Choose the right information transfer format
  • Optimization of videos and images
  • Increase page popularity

Optimisation SEO de pages Facebook. Fonctions et conseils

Optimization-SEO of pages

Here we are going to talk about facebook seo optimization. One variation of seo facebook development of businesses on websites is to use the Facebook platform, bringing together several hundred million internet users from around the world. The optimal variant is to create a page associated with your organization, directly on the social network. Regular, interesting posts are very useful in attracting the attention of many people, some of whom may be likely to become customers of your company’s services.

A Facebook business page helps build a positive reputation for a company and gain new customers. In order to develop its page, it is possible to use social media marketing (SMM) technology. This increases the number of subscribers and creates your own target audience.

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However, the interaction of a Facebook page with the most important search engines is still poorly understood. There are, however, a few principles that you need to understand in order to increase a search engine’s interest in a facebook page. We will cover some of them below. By using all the seo-development features of a facebook page, it is possible to get new customers who will find you through the search engine.

Emphasize the name of the page

When choosing a title for your business page, it is necessary to be very careful. The point is, search engines often present similar names in the form of top-level (H1) headers. It is well known that this is one of the most important parameters in the ranking. This is the reason why the title should contain the brand name or a set of keywords. It is thanks to the page title that people will be able to find your page in the search engine.

It is also advisable to create a short URL, containing a few keywords. This can be used as an address for Internet users and will be useful in promoting the page through search engines. It is possible to define a URL on a facebook page as long as it contains at least 25 subscribers.

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Number of sharing links

Another key parameter in the ranking is the mass sharing of the project to be promoted. This setting is important for all social media communities. The more links you post on your page or in community posts, the higher the chances of getting a good position in the search engine results. Links aren’t the only ones that are important. It is also necessary to advertise your page within the social network itself. The key here is not to have as many sharing links as possible, but to have authority over the search engines.

Publish targeted content regularly

It is recommended to regularly publish on its page interesting thematic information for subscribers. This not only increases user interest in your page, it also helps develop positively.

Search engines judge a project based on the frequency of posts posted to it. All published messages are indexed by search engines. This is the reason why it is important to create optimized content. Use keywords effectively to develop your page.

Optimisation SEO de pages Facebook. Fonctions et conseils

Besides posts, search engines also index tabs that appear on your page. In addition, these are more important than the usual publications. This is why it is fundamental to use tabs when choosing optimal titles and subtitles, as well as using bold fonts for essential information and keywords.

It is also important to pay attention to the page settings. There are functionalities that allow you to manage the rights to view content. The administrator of a page can prohibit or allow a particular user to have access to the posts. If you decide to block access to your content for certain users, the search engine will not be able to access it as well. In addition, the full indexing of the page will not be performed.

Choose the right information transfer format

While posting to a targeted community, many page administrators use images containing the main text. However, this method is not effective in growing your account, because the search engine ranking algorithm does not count what is in an image.

This is the reason why even if you post a message in the form of an image, it is better to duplicate the information in the form of text. Thanks to this message, the information will be efficiently indexed by the search engine.

However, when creating content, don’t value optimization over quality. It is necessary to remember that your page is created to interact with users. Therefore, information should be presented in a way that maximizes perception.

Optimization of videos and images

A modern page on the Net contains not only textual information, but also thematic content in the form of images and videos. There is also a need to optimize videos and images in order to improve the effectiveness of its promotion.

In order to optimize the images, you have to choose the name of the file including keywords. For videos, it is advisable to think of an interesting title in which will also appear keywords.

Increase the popularity of pages

In order to effectively promote pages, it is important to have an engaging audience. If your users are active, leaving likes, comments, or shares, that means the page is of good quality and of interest to the public. This is a positive point in promoting and increasing a page’s positio in search engine results.

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