Set up an A / B test for your Facebook Ads campaigns

Set up an A / B test for your Facebook Ads campaigns

When setting up advertising campaigns with Facebook Ads, it is very easy to feel lost in relation to all the targeting and content choice options at our disposal: how know if we are targeting the right audience or delivering the most effective advertising content on the screens of our targets?

It is therefore necessary to carry out many experiments to learn the lessons that we can use for our next sponsored campaigns.

Facebook, through the A / B testing functionality , will then allow us to know more about what works and what does not, and that on multiple advertising aspects.

Important : this option is only available when you go through the “Ads manager”, ie it is not possible to access it through the simple boost of publications.

How to run an A / B test via Facebook Ads?

After clicking on the green “Create” button in the “Ads manager”, you will need to select an advertising objective for your campaign.

Note: A / B testing is available for all marketing purposes.

Once you have made your choice, click on “Continue” to go to the next step.

You will be taken to the screen offering to give your campaign a specific name, then to an insert giving the option to create an A / B test for it.

The explanation for this feature is as follows: “ Test different campaigns, different sets of ads, and different ads to understand which strategies work best for you. Your potential coverage will be divided between your variants for more precise results. ”

Click on “Start” to activate the test options which will appear at the end of the configuration of your campaign, as soon as you are about to launch it.

Once the start of the A / B test, you will get the message below:

The next step will be to define the parameters of your campaign, as you are certainly used to doing, that is to say define the audience, the calendar, the budget, the placements as well as the first ad content to sponsor.

What may seem a little confusing is that we will only access the A / B testing functionalities when we have clicked on the “Publish” button, right at the end of our campaign setup.

Here’s what you’ll see next:

You will be offered to choose the variable to compare with the one initially entered , version B therefore because you have already determined version A during the configuration of your campaign between:

  • the image
  • the video
  • the text of the advertisement
  • age and gender
  • a registered audience

If you select “Custom”, you will be able to create a new campaign incorporating all the parameters of your initial campaign, in order to modify the criteria of your choice.

Let’s assume that we want to have more visibility regarding the appreciation of target people of two separate teasers.

It will therefore be necessary to choose from the list “Text of the advertisement”, which will bring us to the screen below:

The next step is to define the test parameters, namely:

  • the name of the test
  • the budget of the test
  • the duration of the test
  • the method of determining the winner (cost per result, cost per click…)

Once your test has been examined and launched, you will then obtain in real time the performance of your two variables at the “Ads manager” level.

You will easily recognize an A / B testing campaign by the presence of a small vial to the left of its name.

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