Shadow ban on Instagram: cheating followers and other reasons for a shadow ban on Instagram

It is worth starting with the fact that the phenomenon called “shadow ban” certainly exists. Whether such a name is applicable to him is a rhetorical question. But, like many SMM terms, it has a professional etymology and is immediately understandable among only those who are engaged in maintaining social network profiles.

What is a shadow ban on Instagram and how to check your profile

It should be noted right away that due to the lack of an official statement from Instagram representatives on this matter, the concept of “shadow ban” should be understood as a set of measures that limit the profile’s capabilities for any period of time, for any violation of the rules of use. There is uncertainty here: how long, what are the rules? This uncertainty is not groundless – a sharp change in profile statistics for the worse makes SMM managers speculate and make assumptions, because there are often no official warnings from the Instagram app.

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You can feel that you have been “driven into the shadows” when your usual and expected number of activities is sharply reduced. In percentage terms, this is about 50-70% of the numbers you are used to. This is an obvious sign, after which it is worthwhile to carefully study the profile statistics. Let us remind you that in order to see the statistics, the page must be converted in advance to the “Business” or “Author Account” format. In this case, you can track statistics, both for the profile in general and for each post in particular. Regular Instagram pages do not have such data.

Теневой бан в Instagram и как его избежать

After you have recorded a sharp drop in all the main metrics (reach, activity on posts, visits to a profile, subscriptions), you should pay attention to the fact that you have lost statistics on hashtags, geolocation, and the worst thing – in the section “Interesting”. If now we are describing everything that is happening to you or part of it, then you should know that your profile has come under restrictions.

It happens that an application receives a notification about a violation of any rules and a warning that some functions will be limited. Everything is clear here, except for how long the sanctions will last. Sly Instagram prefers to keep silent about this, encouraging the owner of the profile to “polish” the content in anticipation of rehabilitation. In our experience, this lasts from 2-3 weeks to six months, depending on the severity of the “crime”.

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I must say that the prohibition of issuance by geolocation and hashtags, you can still survive and suffer, but the prohibition of issuance in “Interesting” is a real failure and punishment for some users of the social network. “Interesting” is a section that can give a 1000-fold increase in the coverage of a publication, and with it, the entire profile. Posts in this section have significantly “fatter” statistics in relation to most posts in the profile. “Interesting” is one of the goals of every blogger, the fulfillment of which is always desirable and profitable.

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Reasons for shadow ban on Instagram


If such a promotion path is used, and is used illiterately, then the Instagram algorithm quickly calculates fraudulent actions and “politely” hints to the profile owner that this should not be done.

Bulk Activity

Conventionally, if too much and too often the same action is performed from a profile, then the algorithm considers these actions as fraudulent and intrusive (this violates Instagram’s eco-policy of usability) – like, subscribing, unsubscribing, and the like.

Profile Complaints

If your content is often complained about through a special button, then the aggregate of such complaints can also be punished. It is worth remembering that competitors may complain about your harmless and legal content.

Hashtag repeats

Do you put the same set of hashtags under each post? For the algorithm, this is spam. Period.

Forbidden hashtags

Anything that violates legal and moral and ethical standards cannot be promoted, and if you put the hash “….. well, for example, # ….” (insert the desired word), then you are hinting at mass viewing for this behavioral pattern. So you are propagandizing. This is prohibited, so punitive measures are also expected here.

Теневой бан в Instagram и как его избежать

How to get out of the shadow ban on Instagram

There is no point in writing in support of Instagram, at least for the Russian-speaking part of the social network.

But there are a number of actions that are effective in the prevention format:

  • Leave the profile alone for three days. Do not take any action on it.
  • Remove hashtags from the last 15 posts.
  • If the profile is connected to any third-party services, then disable them.
  • Update the text in the profile bio.
  • Change the link in your profile header.
  • If there are authorizations from additional mobile devices, then disable them all.
  • Change your password.
  • After three days, start posting and wait for the restoration of functions, watching the statistics.

The wisdom that came with experience: “It’s easier to avoid a shadow ban than to get out of it!”

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Теневой бан в Instagram и как его избежать

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