SMM: 6 goals for promoting a business on social media

SMM: 6 goals for promoting a business on social media

Does your business use all the power of social networks: communication with brand advocates, building a reputation, increasing awareness or HR promotion? We have described 6 goals that SMM will help you achieve.

Why does business need social media?

Today, almost any Internet user knows what the three letters “SMM” mean. However, many business representatives still associate social networks with “cats”, humor for students and recipes for housewives. Therefore, the attitude to promotion in social networks for some companies is very formal and reasoned with the concepts of “fashionable” or “have competitors.” It’s time to figure out why businesses need social networks.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a full-fledged marketing tool that allows you to use social networks as a channel for promoting a brand, person, products or services of a company. SMM includes a set of activities aimed at achieving a number of business goals.

But what goals your business can achieve using SMM, we will discuss in this article.

Increasing brand or company awareness

Today, the audience of the most popular social network in Russia, VKontakte, is over 38 million users, so the company’s presence in social media is a great opportunity to make yourself known.

But building a profile and catching up on followers is not enough to build brand awareness. Business does not need “dead souls”, but needs users who “leave reactions”, thereby further spreading information about your brand. Therefore, one should stand out from the rest, be interesting, useful and attractive to the user, become an expert in his field for him.

Of course, just posting content, even very high quality and attractive, is not enough here. You need to look for your audience and tell them about yourself. This task is successfully solved by targeted advertising . Transitions to a group or website, new subscribers and requests to a company are the main metrics for targeting effectiveness. However, an important indicator is the reach of the audience – the number of people who saw your ad, which means they learned about your company or brand.

Targeted advertising has a wonderful image component – the chance to become familiar to users of social networks is comparable to TV advertising, but the cost of contact with the audience is several times lower.

Social media reputation management

Social networks were created to communicate with users of interest. People discuss, complain, boast, talk about personal and more. Social networks have become a place where dissatisfied clients “let off steam”, interested ones ask questions, satisfied ones recommend.

Regular monitoring of mentions of the company in social networks will allow you to always keep your finger on the pulse: track and neutralize negativity, thank for positive reviews, promptly respond to comments and questions.

Constant communication with the audience increases the loyalty of potential and existing customers and shows that the company takes an open position and is ready for dialogue – and this is an absolute trend this year

Social media is also a natural habitat for brand advocates. Any active user of VKontakte or Instagram at least once shared with his friends an enthusiastic review of a new coffee maker, a delicious dinner at a restaurant or a manager who solved all his problems in just half an hour.

Such users are also called ambassadors, brand ambassadors. These people, as a rule, are clients of your company and protect its interests in any unpleasant situation that arises in the vastness of social networks. They prove to others that their BMW is faster than Mercedes, Adidas is cooler than NewBalance, and Nokia is more alive than all living things.

The company’s mission is to find and work with its brand advocates through relationship building and dialogue.

In the practice of SMM, there have been cases when even dissatisfied clients became brand advocates, thanks to the timely and competent working out of the negative. Of course, the “transformed” lawyer is different from what we described above. Quite rarely, denial posts are released, but in a situation of attacks on the company, he easily stands up for it: “I also had such a nuisance, but the company representative quickly reacted, apologized to me, explained that there were technical problems, but now everything has been fixed , and I was invited again, but at a discount. ” After such comments, the overall intensity of negativity in the discussion thread decreases, and the degree of loyalty increases.

Управление репутацией в соцсетях

PR Tool

For companies and brands, the social network is a unique opportunity to effectively and scaled up PR activities.

PR objects can be company representatives, events and activities, brands and companies themselves, etc., which can be promoted both through personal accounts and through the creation of separate thematic communities.

With the help of social networks, any object can convey to the audience the mission and principles of running your business, as well as enhance other marketing activities, including offline ones.

Search for new customers, sales, lead generation in social networks

Поиск новых клиентов, продажи, лидогенерация в социальных сетях

The main question that worries business owners: is it possible to sell through social networks?

For a long time it was believed that these sites were created exclusively for entertainment and communication. However, the enduring sales success of handmade products has forced both users and social media developers to look at the issue from a different angle. The functionality of an online store appeared on platforms, people ceased to be afraid to buy in groups, the average check grew, new needs of the audience began to arise, which gave impetus to lead generation – an activity aimed at converting traffic into leads (requests with contact details of a potential client). This opened up enormous opportunities for companies for which direct and quick sales through social networks, including the sale of “complex” goods, are impossible

VKontakte has long been allowing you to arrange a showcase and even receive payment. The Shopping Tags function appeared on Instagram in March 2019, thanks to which users will be able to make purchases without leaving the application.

In the left corner of the photo, an icon and the text “Tap to view products” are displayed.

The basis of competent lead generation is a clear construction of a sales funnel – the path that the target user must go from the moment they first meet the brand to leave a lead.

We are not in vain did they emphasize the word “target”. Accurate definition of the portrait of a potential buyer (demographic, psycho-emotional and behavioral factors) and understanding what your customers want is the key to the success of the entire SMM campaign.

Based on this data, further content strategy will be built, designed to involve users in the sales funnel with subsequent conversion into company customers.

Moreover, the collection of leads itself does not have to take place within the framework of social networks. Social media is an effective channel for attracting high-quality traffic to the site, the main thing is to be able to use their capabilities correctly.

Monitoring Competitors

Social networks provide much more information about competitors than, for example, their corporate sites. Provided, of course, that the competitor is actively involved in social media.

Often, companies tell in their profiles the information that for some reason is not posted on the sites. In addition, you can track the way a competitor communicates with a subscriber, his customer focus, promotions, loyalty programs and events in the company.

Even low activity of a competitor or its absence in social networks plays in your favor, opening the way for SMM of your business.

And, of course, we cannot but share an insidious life hack: in social networks you can quietly and with impunity entice customers competitors to their side ☺

Using social networks to find and hunt employees

HR professionals have long been using social networks to find and attract candidates, since most potential candidates have profiles on social networks. Your company can create and develop HR-accounts on social networks, with content aimed at attracting new employees, posting vacancies and initially advising candidates on a vacancy:

  • Frequently asked questions and answers for applicants;
  • working conditions, photos of production, equipment and offices;
  • contacts and resume sending form;
  • posts with professional information, new vacancies, humor.

To actively attract candidates for a vacancy, you can provide targeted advertising by setting it up to the desired target audience: gender, age, city, education, profession and educational institution, interests.

Drawing the right conclusions

So, after analyzing the goals and objectives, the answer to the question “Why does business need social networks?” it becomes obvious: SMM is a necessary online marketing tool for those companies and brands that want to establish long-term communication with their customers.

A thoughtful approach to content creation, understanding the needs and values ​​of your audience, prompt response to mentions, reviews and appeals will allow the business to successfully present on social networks, find and attract new customers.

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