smm for the lazy: automatic promotion of accounts in social. networks in 2021

smm for the lazy: automatic promotion of accounts in social. networks in 2021
Масслукинг или массовый просмотр историй в Инстаграм

Good afternoon, friends! 🙋🏻 Today I have an unusual post for you. The year is 2021, which means that the time for cheating with all sorts of bots, fakes and other nonsense has long passed, which, by the way, I am very happy about. Personally, I just do not accept such methods of promotion! In the entire history of my work, I have never resorted to black methods and absolutely do not regret it.

Yes, the numbers, perhaps, were not like those of Marina – a nail extension specialist – from Novgorod, who has tens of thousands of followers in her subscribers … Well, who can you fool with the number today? Users have become more “scientists” and they will no longer be fooled by fake numbers. It’s not a secret for anyone that at the moment it is content quality and level of activity in social. networks . Note that when I’m talking about being active, I don’t mean dozens of posts a day. I’m talking specifically about active interaction with users, for example, post likes, following, comments, etc.

You ask: And how to achieve high activity on social networks, when there is already not enough time for anything? How to attract the attention of the audience, without spending several hours a day on like publications of the target audience or , at least, your own subscribers? These are, I am sure, the most exciting questions for any account owner or account manager. This is especially true if, in addition to maintaining social. networks, you also need to be engaged in business – like me, by the way 😉

Do you know what I recently realized? And I realized how much time I had killed for my mega-honest, manual promotion. Many smart people have long been using programs that perform the most tedious, but important work on the machine, and I sat and didn’t blow my mustache 😌 Well, okay, that was, that was! The most important thing is to fix it in time!

It is known that the beginning is always the hardest. Most of the time is spent on the development and promotion of the account, and not on its maintenance. I know this from practice. The first thousand subscribers are incredibly difficult. Ten thousand subscribers is also a hard bar, but then everything starts to work slowly by itself.

I have Instagram accounts that I developed “manually” by liking photos of the target audience for 5-6 hours a day. I confess that in the first hour, the lesson seems quite enjoyable. What about? You sit on the couch, look at the pictures, and like them. After two hours, you already begin to quietly hate even the most interesting topics. Further we go, worse it becomes! And I already want to throw my phone against the wall, or at least throw it away and go do something more human, useful and interesting. Who wants to turn into a robot and do such a seemingly necessary, but painfully tedious job ?! Who has ever been involved in such massive likes and mass following, I’m sure they will understand what a terrible occupation it is 😁 But what to do? People need to somehow be attracted, to support the activity of those who have already subscribed, but at first it is not at all easy. Massliking and mass following, in fact, are quite effective methods of attracting the audience’s attention to the account. If you like the right photos, the right audience, you can easily get 1000 interested users a week with minimal effort (otherwise and more!).

Well, we already understood about the effectiveness of likes. Go ahead! But where to find the time when there is so much to do during the day? Who wants to do this routine anyway?

This is what I want to talk to you about. In this article I will tell you about the capabilities of several well-established Russian-language services: Instaplus , Tvigi and Tooligram .

There are, of course, a bunch of similar services on the Internet, but the ones I will talk about here are really worthwhile . I personally tested / used them and I can only say good things about them!

ATTENTION , since April 13, 2015, all autoliking / mass following services have switched to a new mode of operation – through your login and password to your Instagram profile, and API keys no longer work. This, of course, is less secure, but there is nothing to do! Almost all modern services now work through proxies , which protect your profile from unnecessary suspicions on the part of Instagram that “it is not clear who” is using your account and reduce the risk of blocking. To buy personal proxies, you can use, for example, proximania or .

Article Sections:

The best services for automatic promotion on Instagram 2021


UPDATE (May 2021) : after a pause of almost one year, Instaplus reopened registration for new customers. Before that, only those who registered before May 2017 could use the service. Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! Why am I so happy? – you ask. Because it is one of my favorite services. It’s incredibly easy to use, intuitive, reliable, and affordable.

Сервис is an excellent service for automating work on Instagram, which I personally have been using for more than one year. This is one of my favorite services and I recommend to all my clients and readers who come to me for advice. It has everything you need to promote on Instagram, and the price is quite nice 🙂

Instaplus has a super simple and intuitive interface (at least in my opinion), which is a big plus. If you have never used automation services before, then with you will figure it out in just five minutes. Moreover, the price of the service is very reasonable – 399 rubles / month. for one connected account. If you decide to pay a little in advance, you can save money, which, as always, is very pleasant, since you need to use the automation for a long time and persistently, and one month, of course, will not be enough.

I repeat that at the moment I use Instaplus and Hammer, which I wrote about above, and I am very pleased with them. They are constantly improving and improving something. I like it when the company does not stand still and is constantly improving!

When it comes to features, Instaplus’ arsenal is quite large! service capabilities

  • Instagram Stories Masslooking . You can read more about this function in the article here.
  • Sending messages to Direct . With Instaplus, you can send messages to all your subscribers directly. If you use this feature wisely and not spam, you can get great results and increase sales by one or two.
  • Auto-Direct : you can automatically send messages to Direct to all new subscribers. Your new follower will receive a message in Direct within 6-12 minutes after subscribing. You can use this feature to welcome new subscribers or send personalized suggestions. Think strategically about your messages, don’t spam, and this feature will bring you amazing results!
  • Developers have also added to the service the ability to auto-posting regular photos, as well as carousel posts, which so far none of the similar automation services have.
  • Ease of use! The interface is just very human and straightforward;
  • Liking by geolocation, by hashtag, by users (you can like both subscriptions and subscribers), as well as likes by the uploaded list of users;
  • Subscriptions and unsubscriptions by geolocation, by hashtag, users, unsubscription from mutual and non-reciprocal subscriptions. There’s also a very cool “unsubscribe from oldest first” option. I love to use it and I recommend it to you!
  • Autocomments ;
  • Follow + Like . Moreover, you yourself can choose how many likes you want to put before subscribing;
  • Filters by gender and language in order to avoid prompting and following “unsuccessful” accounts;
  • Detailed statistics of subscriber growth : where they came from, how many likes, subscriptions, comments, conversions, etc.
  • Timer for repeating tasks, which will save you a lot of time;
  • Job history! Guys who use auto-promotion services know exactly the price of this function. You do not need to keep the history of tasks in a separate file, since instaplus does all this for you and, moreover, makes it possible to repeat tasks in a couple of clicks. The savings in time and unnecessary smut are incredible! 🙂
  • Security. This is a fairly secure service and I haven’t heard of any bans yet due to its use. Optionally, you can add your own proxies, which you can buy from proximania or
  • Affordable cost. There is, by the way, a 5-day trial version for one account.

I now have three accounts on Instaplus, two of which started autoliking after a few hours after registering a profile, and everything is fine with them! Only guys, you need to work carefully and not hope for super fast results. I work according to the principle slowly but surely, and have never seen a ban in any of the services mentioned in this article. Be careful and just respect the limits, which are written about at the very end of this article!


Tooligram differs slightly from the services mentioned above in that it has not only a cloud version, but also a computer program. Please note that these are two separate services, so you will have to choose which one is more convenient for you.

As for me, the cloud version is more interesting in that the program works autonomously and you don’t need to monitor anything. If you need deeper, more advanced settings, and there is no problem keeping your computer on, then the desktop version of Tooligram is for you!

Now let’s see, what Tuligram can do :

  • as mentioned above, service has cloud and computer versions (PC and MAC). The second is more suitable for pros who need advanced settings , for example, audience analysis by hashtags and geo-points, audience analysis with its division into female / male accounts, collection of users from VK publics.
  • Mass Liking and Mass Following by competitors, by subscriptions or subscribers of competitors, by hashtags or geotags.
  • automatic unsubscribing from those who have not subscribed to you, as well as unsubscribing after a certain amount of time (the latter function is available only in the computer version).
  • auto comments .
  • filtering accounts by specified parameters or activity.


Tvigi is the last promotion automation service that I would like to share with you. This service will be especially convenient for those who are engaged in multichannel promotion in social media. networks, as well as messengers. Its big difference from other services is that Tvigi has a wide . All this can be done from one panel using the same program.

IMPORTANT! Twidge is not a cloud service, but a computer program !

Big plus: the ability to create an unlimited number of accounts and add a separate proxy to each account.

What can Tvigi do?

In general, very, very much! I will not talk about the possibilities of the service in Skype and in the mailing list by e-mail, but I will concentrate on Instagram, VK and Telegram.


  • Autoliking, subscriptions / unsubscriptions, autocomments and auto-reminders.
  • Deferred posting.
  • Sending automatic messages to Direct Instagram.
  • Automatic creation of direct chats and instant notification of new messages.
  • The ability to collect a target audience on Instagram directly from the card, which is built into the service.
  • Gathering audience by hashtags and competitors.
  • Gathering an active and intersecting audience.


  • Mass invitations to events in VK.
  • Autoliking, sending messages, car comments, auto-posting in groups and among users, automatically tagging friends in a photo.
  • Search for birthday people and automatic birthday greetings.
  • Collection and collection of active and engaged audience according to the specified criteria, by keywords, by groups, by ID.
  • Collect user contacts.
  • Deferred posting.


  • Multichannel Telegram with the ability to use an unlimited number of accounts
  • Built-in verification of numbers for a Telegram account
  • Unlimited distribution of text messages, images, video and audio files.
  • Collecting contacts and adding to the contact list.

As you can see for yourself, Tvigi is a fairly advanced service for automating promotion. As for the payment, you can pay only for the channels you need separately, or you can immediately buy a package that includes promotion on all channels at once. Very convenient!

Service Capabilities Summary

Service / Functions Instaplus Tooligram
Soc. networks Insta Instagram
Masslooking is is
Autoliking is is
Subscribe / unsubscribe is is
Auto-comments is is
Mailing to Direct is is
News Feed / Subscribers Liker no * no *
Deferred posting is no
Collecting the database is is
Trial period 5 days 7 days

* idea! like subscribers via @yourprofilename

Important things to do before starting automation

  1. Make sure you have access to the email used to register your account. If you have to confirm that you are not a bot, without access to mail, you risk losing your profile. The e-mail that you specified when registering your profile must be confirmed in advance via the link sent to you.
  2. Link your insta account to your personal Facebook profile . This will reduce the risk of losing your account, subject to the limits, of course.
  3. Upload an avatar and fill in your account profile at least to a minimum so as not to look like a bot.
  4. If your account is brand new, add at least 9 photos or videos . It is advisable to do this manually from a phone or tablet!
  5. Do not post content prohibited by Instagram, which includes pornography, complete nudity, close-ups of priests, photos of naked children may also be removed for their own safety. Moreover, Instagram prohibits the promotion of : sexual services, the purchase or sale of firearms, prohibited or prescription medications. For promotion in social. online gambling networks, online commercial real money games or online lotteries must obtain written permission from Instagram.

Restrictions and limits on Instagram

Friends, if you use services to automate work on Instagram, then remember about the unwritten restrictions that Insta has! In order not to get banned, do not go off scale for the following values ​​ (calculated for 24 hours, i.e. one day):

  • about 1000 likes on the photo (max. 90 likes per hour), but it is better not to exceed 900;
  • 200 auto-comments and auto-messages each in Direct;
  • about 300 subscriptions and unsubscriptions per day or 6,000 per month.

Yes, and one more thing – never use several automatic promotion services at once ! This is a direct and fast road to a lifetime ban without the possibility of account recovery.

These are approximate values, as the exact numbers were not disclosed. Larger and older accounts may have higher numbers, but nevertheless, be guided by these indicators.


That’s all for me. I hope this information will be useful to you! I wish you successful and easy progress! 😊

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This article was originally published in March 2015, but has since been revised several times and almost completely rewritten. For this reason, the publication date has been changed to a more recent one.

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