SMM promotion – first steps or where to start

SMM promotion – first steps or where to start
SMM продвижение – первые шаги или с чего начать Have you decided to start SMM promotion using social networks, but don’t know where to start? First of all, start by asking yourself the right questions and finding the answer to them, but what kind of questions we will tell you here.

This article will be useful to those who decided to start promoting a website using social networks, but do not know where to start. Earlier we talked about what SMM is and its purpose in online advertising. Here we will tell you how to choose a site, how to evaluate your results, and, of course, how to set goals correctly. Let’s start with the latter.

Setting goals in SMM

Определение целей в SMM

Any advancement must begin with planning. You must understand in advance what you want from social media and how it will help your business. Without a clear understanding of this, you will simply waste your time and money. As an example, we will give the main goals that our clients set for themselves:

  • Introduce yourself using a social network;
  • Presentation of new products and services;
  • Receiving feedback from existing clients and stakeholders;
  • Search for new employees;
  • And, of course, building an audience in order to get further traffic from it to your site or sell your goods and services directly with the help of your group.

Before you start doing anything, sit down and think about what you actually want to get.

How to choose a site for promotion

Как выбрать площадку для продвижения

To understand where to go for the development of the community, you need to decide on the following. Define your target audience, how can you interest it, and where is it actually located? Sometimes the choice of a less popular social network can bear much more fruit than empty attempts to conquer such giants as VK and Facebook.

Monitoring of competitors can also help determine where to promote better. Look at what your competitors are choosing, how are they promoting, what is their content and how successful are they? In doing so, you can find out the interests of your target audience and either try to repeat the success, or find out what to avoid. Learning from the mistakes of others is always more profitable.

It may also happen that you are already known on social networks and they are discussing you, even though you do not know about it. In this case, choose the place where the concentration of stakeholders is the most and start working with people, smoothing out possible dissatisfaction and reinforcing the positive aspects.

How to submit information to subscribers

Как подавать информацию подписчикам

There is no definite recipe for how to submit information to your subscribers, and there cannot be, but there is an important point that must be taken into account. Regardless of your community theme, all of your content should be of interest to those who follow you. An attempt to promote a group on memes, if its theme of plastic windows seems at least strange, in the worst case, there will be no trace of your reputation. But if you inform users about new products, tell fascinating installation stories or share useful information about caring for plastic and glass units, they will read and save you.

How to evaluate the result of SMM promotion

Whatever you do, if you want to be successful, you need to analyze the results of your work. In SMM, this is not so difficult to do, the standard tools of the site you have chosen will help with this. But if you are not confident in yourself and are not ready to do this, it is better to entrust the website promotion with the help of SMM to professionals. Objects that are worth analyzing can be divided into auxiliary and main ones.

The main objects include:

  • Subscriber growth is one of the most important metrics that often determine the success of your promotion. But it is important to remember that cheating inactive users or bots, although it will add weight to your group, will not be beneficial at the same time;
  • The number of unique visitors. Unique visitors are people who have never been in your group before;
  • Audience reach. Analysis of this factor will allow you to determine the number of people who saw your posts in the news feed or directly in your group.

Auxiliary analytic objects:

  • Transitions to the site. This item helps to keep track of how many people moved from your community to the site, while it is also advisable to look at how much time a person spent on it. All this determines how, in principle, your SMM promotion is successful.
  • Offline efficiency. Promotion is not only an attempt to lure people to your site, but also generally sell them goods or services. Ordering goods can bring people to your office directly or work through calls to a company number. This is offline efficiency.

Any activity is impossible without planning. And speaking of website promotion on social networks, where we are faced with a live audience who has come to relax and have fun – planning becomes a task of paramount importance. Assess your capabilities, calculate your target audience and its needs, and only after that, you can start practice and count on success.

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