SMM promotion of a women’s clothing store on Instagram

SMM promotion of a women’s clothing store on Instagram is a rather relevant topic. Many people ask me “How to promote a women’s clothing store on Instagram? Where to begin? How to maintain an account correctly? What to post? what quality? ” And similar questions … And in today’s issue I answer Ivan’s question. the question is: “Tell me how to correctly promote a women’s clothing store on Instagram?” In today’s video you will find out a detailed answer to Ivan’s question. We watch, and, of course, we share with friends! 🙂

A question from a subscriber

Today I answer Ivan Filipenko’s question: “Hello, please tell me how to correctly promote your clothing store on Instagram , clothing is aimed at women? “.

Answer to a subscriber’s question

Look, the most important thing for promoting on Instagram, as I have already answered several times in previous issues, is the first one – qualitative clothes. That is, high-quality clothing, high-quality product, high-quality product photography, high-quality product description. Not that in every post you just stupidly sell, sell, sell and brag that you are the coolest, cooler than your competitors.

Where to start promoting

In this case, you you need, first, I repeat once again, to correctly and efficiently arrange your profile. That is, the photos should be of high quality, not only the photos performed, that is, your product on the model, but also the production of your product. How do you make, what you do, how is it all sewn, what is used, what materials, where are they from, materials, what employees do it all, sew, or you do it yourself. Even down to what kind of knitting needles you use and what sewing machines. All this can be played very cool and very cool to present to your target audience – what you sew with high quality, cool, take care of some small details. This all further justifies your price for your product and it’s really very cool.

How to promote a women’s clothing store on Instagram

How to promote on Instagram? On Instagram, you need to, first, be sure to benefit your female audience. That is, benefit, a person should log into your Instagram account and understand why he should stay here, for which he should subscribe to your profile. If he subscribes in order to see ads in the feed in a row or in order to periodically read you, watch, be in trend of these, in the trend of new products on the market, yes, in the trend of new products of some new collections and more often to watch your new collections (which is also important). That is, if you sent off a party, you have a party and you are constantly promoting it in order to sell it, it is not interesting. Girls, women, they want more catalog updates, here.

How do you promote? It will work very cool for you, in your case collaboration with bloggers will work very cool. That is, you send the blogger some of your product, there is a dress, or some kind of blouse. In response, he either sits in it and says that “this, by the way, I bought here.” That is, you make an unobtrusive direct advertisement, but such a fairly loyal, native one, yes. Plus bartering with related niches works very well. Also, crops work very well for bloggers. But it is important, be sure to see how strong the blogger’s involvement in the comments is, that is, how immersed he is in communicating with his audience. The deeper this immersion is, the more comments, the more responses this blogger has, that is, the more he responds to comments, the more trust in this blogger and the more engagement. Therefore, it is very important and should be monitored even before you made the decision to buy ads on this Instagram account.

number of followers on the account

In terms of the number of subscribers in the “Instagram” account, I recommend choosing somewhere from 15, probably to 35 subscribers to be in the “Instagram” account of the blogger in order to try to advertise. Why exactly this amount? There are top bloggers, yes, there are 100,000 and plus who, they always have a lot of advertisers and, unfortunately, they do not have time to respond to all comments. That is, their communication with the audience is not as close and close as that of bloggers, who have 15 and 35 thousand subscribers. They more often answer, more often comment, more often they turn to people in stories, they make broadcasts more often and in broadcasts they try to answer everyone, everyone. That is, they have a high level of trust.

recommendations for advertising from bloggers

In your case, I recommend choosing 10 bloggers, select, filter, look. Directly compile a table, there will be a list of bloggers, and on top there will be indicators: the average number of likes for the last three posts, average … The average number of likes for the last 10 posts is better to choose – a more or less adequate picture will be. Further, the average number of comments, the number of responses, the number of stories that the blogger removes, well, the number of publications per week. This is also very important, and how he writes, how he sells goods, be sure to look.

That is, if he has some kind of selling post in the previous one, you can write to this employer … Not to the employer, but to this store and write: “Have you advertised with this blogger?” They will say there: “Yes, advertised.” And you ask them: “Tell me, please, what was the quality of their advertising: good or bad, and what to look for.” If it went badly … Someone will answer, someone will not answer, this is understandable. That is, your task is to ask and find out how well this blogger’s advertising is going, here.
I hope I answered your question. If you are watching this video and you also have questions about promoting your business on social networks, then in the description for this video I will leave a link to the discussion. Ask your questions and I will shoot the answer to your question in video format in the near future. Vladimir Kazakov, MADWINS digital agency, was with you. Bye!

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