SMM promotion on Instagram in 11 steps – the most complete guide

SMM promotion on Instagram in 11 steps – the most complete guide

Social networks have become so tightly embedded in our lives that they have long ceased to be just a place to chat with friends. Today, with their help, you can promote almost any business and make good money. True, you can only become successful on Instagram by doing a lot of work on your profile. Capturing the market will allow competent SMM promotion and a well-thought-out strategy. We suggest that you get to know more about marketing in social networks and step by step disassemble all the stages of promotion.

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What is SMM promotion

SMM is an abbreviation for Social Media Marketing , which literally translates as “social media marketing”. In fact, this is a set of marketing activities and tools aimed at using social networks to promote companies or brands, as well as to solve various business problems.

In modern realities, Social Management should be an integral part of the marketing and communication strategy of any brand, because SMM solves a whole range of promotion tasks:

  • increases audience loyalty to the brand;
  • increases customer traffic;
  • increases brand awareness.

SMM promotion is possible on any social network, but the undoubted leader among all is Instagram.

Firstly, there are over 500 million daily active users on the platform, and the more popular a resource is among people, the higher the profitability of funds spent on promoting it. Secondly, over 60% of all Instagram users are the solvent audience that is favorite among marketers between the ages of 18 and 34. And if earlier Instagram was mainly interested in women, today the platform is interesting for men as well. True, the share of their participation is still not dominant (41%).


Today SMM is the most relevant marketing tool, because social networks occupy an important place in the life of every person and have gradually replaced television and radio broadcasting. The key benefits of SMM include:

  • low financial costs;
  • huge audience;
  • the ability to carefully select users for the target;
  • shaping the brand image and its recognition.

It is believed that Instagram SMM is effective only for brands that can provide colorful visual content. But in fact, there are no topics that are not suitable for SMM. It’s just that for some it is direct sales, while for others it is branding, image and audience of new customers.

Stages of SMM promotion on Instagram

SMM Instagram involves step-by-step work in a wide range of areas. Many brands are running on Instagram for cheap leads, naively hoping that they are already expected there. In fact, after creating an account, there is still a tremendous amount of work to be done. It will be easy to make mistakes, go astray, and even get frustrated with social media.

An SMM strategy will ease this difficult path, help you compete with other brands and achieve your goals in the most convenient and fastest way. Let’s take a step-by-step look at what needs to be done to bring your Instagram account to success.

Competitor Research

Competitor analysis is an important element in promoting your Instagram account. The information obtained during the analysis will help to understand in which direction to move and not create a “clone” of a popular account in a niche.

For an indicative assessment, it is necessary to analyze the qualitative and quantitative indicators of the competitor. Quantitative analysis involves the assessment of the following indicators:

  • number of subscribers:
  • regularity of content updates;
  • average number of likes and comments per post;
  • engagement rate.

The data obtained will allow you to understand what result can be achieved and assess the strength of competition in a niche.

When conducting a qualitative analysis, you need to pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • creative brand concept;
  • the types of content used and their ratio;
  • post design;
  • audience engagement mechanics used.

To be successful on Instagram, you need to have a personality and be able to surprise. If your page looks like a competitor like two peas in a pod, it will become just another, but not the top one in the niche. The information obtained as a result of qualitative analysis will allow you to find ways to distance yourself from competitors and create something truly new for users.

Target audience definition

You need to know exactly what your account is for and who will be interested in it. The whole promotion strategy is based on this understanding. Therefore, defining the target audience is a key step. To determine the target audience, you need to create an avatar of an ideal client – a person who is loyal to the brand, is interested in its subject matter and is ready to become a buyer.

How to do it? You need to think about who your potential clients are, what they are interested in, what is important to them in life. Next, you need to draw up a detailed psychological portrait of the client, which will include:

  • gender;
  • age;
  • interests;
  • social status;
  • level of financial condition;
  • presence of children, car, pets;
  • lifestyle and so on.

Having detailed psychological portraits of your clients, you will be able to develop relevant content for them and form your unique effective promotion strategy. This will help you more clearly target your audience and even adjust to their interests.

Content plan creation

SMM Instagram promotion should be systematic. There is a lot of work you can do on your profile, but if you take long breaks often, all the effort will be wasted. Having drawn up a content plan, you will get rid of the lack of content and time to think it over, and you will definitely not forget about what ideas and in what formats you wanted to implement.

All content on the account can be divided into planned and situational. In the first case, these are clearly planned posts about products / services, company news, aimed at increasing engagement and brand awareness. In the second case, these are posts that appeared as a result of the need for an immediate response. For example, informing about promotions, discounts, events, congratulatory posts, user-generated content.

The ratio of these two types of content should be roughly 70/30. It’s important to spend more time preparing your posts in advance. As you know, the best improvisation is a pre-made workpiece. By neglecting the content plan, you run the risk of regularly disrupting the publication schedule, plant chaos and devastation in your feed.

You can draw up a content plan in an Excel spreadsheet or, if several people are working on a project, in Google Sheets for co-editing. You can also use special applications.

The content plan should consist of the following points:

  • content type;
  • publication time;
  • post subject;
  • post content.

The optimal number of posts for everyone is individual. Most often, 1-2 pieces are enough. daily, and then observe your audience, experiment. Content should be varied. You need to learn how to properly alternate all types of content, be able to entertain subscribers in time and offer to make a purchase on time, take part in a promotion.

Working with content

Instagram is primarily a visual social network, so quality content is everything here. To be successful, you need to work with the same skill with both text and media content. On Instagram, you can post content in three sections – main feed, Stories, IGTV. You need to use all sections.

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Content can be conditionally divided into several categories:

  • Informational – Tells subscribers information about your product.
  • Entertaining – posts that cheer up, enthrall, stimulate comments and like.
  • Selling – encourages users to make a purchase and talks about its benefits.
  • Image – Gives users an idea of ​​the brand. For example, posts about the mission, philosophy, goals of the company.

We recently wrote a detailed guide about all types of content with examples.

Posts should be varied. You shouldn’t bore subscribers with purchase offers or post only entertaining content if you came to Instagram to sell.

The ideal formula for the ratio of posts is different for everyone. On average, the following proportions can be designated:

  • 40% of informational posts;
  • 30% of those selling;
  • 20% entertainment;
  • 10% fashion.

There will be more selling posts – approx. The main thing is that they “enter” your audience.

Engaging subscribers

The next step is to drive user traffic to your page. Time-tested and experience-tested tools will help in this – Mass Liking, Mass Following and Maslooking from Instaplus.

How it works:

  • Massliking – automatic placing of likes under the publications of the target audience. By leaving a like, you intrigue the user, encouraging him to go to your profile. He gets to know him and, if the subject of the account is close to him, subscribes.
  • Massfollowing – automatic subscription to the target audience. Mass following works according to the same principles: when you subscribe, you pay attention to your profile, and then it’s up to quality content and page design.
  • MassLooking – mass viewing of User Stories to drive traffic.

The target audience can be selected by hashtags, geolocation, gender, age, competitors’ subscriber lists, and so on.

All of these tools work best in combination. Simultaneous affixing of likes and subscribing to target accounts, selected according to predefined filters, increase conversion by 30-40%.

You can try all these tools on Instaplus for free.

Targeted advertising

You can also attract user traffic to your account using targeted advertising. To order official advertising from Instagram, you need to convert your profile to a business format and set up an advertising campaign.

Instagram offers a wide variety of ad formats:

  • advertising with photos;
  • video ads;
  • calcium gallery ads;
  • Advertising in Stories.

The cost of advertising on Instagram is determined by the auction principle. The more brands claim the attention of a particular audience, the more expensive it is to display ads for that audience.

You can target users by several characteristics:

  • geographical;
  • demographic;
  • social status;
  • interests.

Official advertising from Instagram has proven itself well in sales, when recruiting people for webinars, for newsletters. The only place where it is ineffective is the set of subscribers, but there are exceptions here.

Advertising with bloggers

SMM Instagram cannot be imagined without advertising from opinion leaders. Cooperation with bloggers allows you to get a “warm” audience of subscribers who are already loyal to the brand.

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The statistics are striking:

  • 67% of marketers believe influencer marketing is effective for increasing audience reach;
  • 70% of users listen to opinion leaders.

However, choosing a good blogger is not so easy. Even top opinion leaders are sinning with bots and amorphous followers. Difficulty can arise with the selection of a blogger by target audience. Advertising with an influencer will be successful only if the majority of the blogger’s audience is your target audience.

Increase audience engagement

Instagram has long switched to a new “smart” feed generation algorithm. He is smart because he knows better than the users themselves which posts will be of interest to them and which ones will not. And he defines it in no other way than using the engagement rate (ER).

ER – the ratio of the number of subscribers to the number of manifestations of their activity on the account (likes, comments, saves). The higher this indicator, the higher your posts are ranked in the feed, and the more audience they reach.

There are several ways to increase your engagement rate:

  • quality content;
  • conducting surveys, contests, marathons, flash mobs;
  • engaging subscribers in communication;
  • frequent publication of videos and stories;
  • cleaning from bots.

Try to attract only active users to your ranks, ask their opinions, provoke them to communicate.

Geolocation and hashtags

Hashtags and geotags play an important role for SMM on Instagram. Do not neglect them, because they can attract additional user traffic to your account.

A maximum of 30 hashtags can be placed under one post. You can, of course, more if you add tags to the first comment. But it is recommended to place 7-10 relevant tags. In order not to forget about hashtags, we advise you to immediately make a list of suitable ones for your topic, alternate them and gradually replenish with new ones that are relevant.

With geotags, everything is a little easier. Just, if possible, mark under the posts of geolocation where your potential customers may be.

Working on your image

In Instragram, you need to constantly work on your image. When a person visits an unfamiliar profile, the likelihood of subscribing depends on how beautifully and informatively the profile is filled out. According to statistics, accounts designed in the same style seem to be more professional and interesting and attract more attention of users. However, this is not all.

Image is not only an external component. You need to convince readers day after day that you are an expert and professional in your field.

Publish expert content, share experiences, and talk about your brand philosophy and goals.

Regular analysis of all used instruments

Analytics is an important part of SMM marketing. By conducting a detailed analysis, you can adjust the promotion methods, determine which of them are already working, and which still need to be worked on, correct mistakes and direct the work in the right direction.

First of all, you need to pay attention to the following metrics:

  • growth of subscribers;
  • audience reach and engagement;
  • transitions to the site;
  • real increase in sales.

Unfortunately, the analytics tools in Instagram itself are still far from ideal, while on third-party services you can get just invaluable information.

How laborious is it to promote a page yourself?

SMM on Instagram requires an integrated approach. Outwardly, it may seem: to maintain a profile, it is enough to post something 2-3 times a day. But in fact, this is a colossal work. You need to devote a lot of time to analytics, strategy development and content plan. It also takes a lot of time to create content. In addition, you need to be always ready for the fact that the post needs to be posted according to the timing of the content plan.

If SMM is not the only thing you plan to do, then you cannot do without assistants in this matter.

Instaplus, an automated service for promoting on Instagram, will help you save several hours of time every day and attract new subscribers. Do more useful things while he likes, comments, unsubscribes, subscribes and watches stories for you. Try the service now for free and see its value.

How much does promotion service cost?

The cost of SMM services varies depending on the type of account, its goals and what complex of methods you choose. For example, you can order only marketing research and account administration, or you can create a strategy from scratch and entrust its implementation to professionals. On average, the cost of a full SMM complex starts at $ 150 per month for 1 account.

SMM on Instagram requires complex, well-coordinated actions. In this matter, there are no unimportant little things and you need to think through everything to the details, constantly work on the profile and improve it. This is a colossal work, but the fruits of it will not be long in coming. Without exaggeration, SMM is the marketing of the future.

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