SMM specialist: training and finding clients

SMM (social media marketing) is a popular profession of the 21st century, the century of technology and the era of Aquarius, when knowledge and information come to the fore.

As the famous German businessman N. Rothschild said: “Who owns the information, he owns the world.” This saying is still apt to describe our day.

If you translate the abbreviation SMM literally from English, then this is social media marketing.

If we adapt the abbreviation to make it easier to understand, then SMM is a set of activities for using social media as channels for promoting a company or brand, as well as solving other business problems.

Accordingly, an SMM specialist is a person who has not only the necessary skills to promote in social networks, but also useful contacts, as well as exemplary communication skills.

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This employee is responsible for building a brand in the network, from creating a page, brand card, product or service and attracting a customer to post-sales customer management and drawing up reports.

SMM-специалист: обучение и поиск клиентов

Social Media Sales Cycle: Social Media SMM

  • showcase – grab attention, that is, draw to the page;
  • content – to keep the client’s attention and interest so that he stays on your page;
  • traffic – to constantly improve and attract new customers, while keeping old ones, for this you need to publish useful content;
  • order processing – communication with the client should be prompt and clear, aimed at selling;
  • customer return – to sell a product to a customer so that he wants to return more than once, for this it is important to resolve issues that arise after the sale of a product or service.

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Thus, the above cycle is repeated. And it is necessary that all the links work harmoniously and clearly, like a clockwork. And all this is the responsibility of an SMM specialist.

Of course, the artist himself should not be a copywriter, a photographer, and a model at the same time, although he can at will. For an exemplary result, the specified employees are involved, who are given a technical task and then checked. That is, they will ask for the work of these persons from an SMM specialist, since he is the connecting link that collects the entire chain.

SMM-специалист: обучение и поиск клиентов

Considering the above, we understand that such an employee must himself understand the intricacies of writing texts, creating visuals, editing, etc., in order to attract exemplary performers for cooperation. It is necessary to keep up to date with new applications for creating photo and video content.

The work of an SMMer is connected not only with communicating with the customer and clients, but also with communicating with bloggers and other media personalities – to increase traffic.

He must own both free methods of promotion (mass following, commenting, mass-liking, geotagging, and so on) and paid (marathons, contests, giveaway, targeted advertising, advertising from bloggers).

In addition, it would be useful for an SMM specialist to know the work of a targetologist, that is, an advertiser, or at least stock up on contacts.

Where can an SMM specialist learn

Of course, there are corresponding training programs in universities (in various areas of marketing).

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SMM-специалист: обучение и поиск клиентов

In my opinion, it is necessary to learn from those who know not only the theory. Courses of popular bloggers fit into this category.

Fortunately, there are no problems with this. Some bloggers even create courses with university contributions.

You can study yourself, because there is a lot of accessible and useful information on the Internet. But it will take a lot of time and effort. And by the time you learn, this information may be useless.

After all, the main feature of this profession is to keep up with the times and constantly be aware of changes, because trends are constantly changing.

How to find clients for an SMM specialist

  • offer your services to friends and relatives. But I would not recommend this option, since these persons will be asked to do the work for free or for a small fee, out of friendship. And the devaluation of labor leads to burnout;
  • search for clients on social networks, that is, write commercial offers by themselves, offering services;
  • if you do not want to “go into the eyes” and “impose” your services, then you need to think about whether you made a mistake with your choice of profession? If the answer is no, then you can wait for clients to find you themselves. But for this you need not be afraid to show yourself and talk about your skills, as well as blog, constantly showing that you can. And then clients will be able to visually assess your skills.

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But, before looking for clients, you need to start with yourself. And apply the knowledge gained in practice, formalizing yourself as an expert in social networks.

If you have any questions or would like to share your thoughts, leave your comments below and they will definitely answer you!

Read, learn, communicate and don’t be afraid to try new things!

Author: Tatiana Pleshakova, SMM-specialist

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