SMM specialist: who is he and what he does

SMM specialist: who is he and what he does
Как стать SMM-специалистом: с чего начать? The names of modern professions, represented by various abbreviations and English-language words, always sound good, but are not always understood by the audience. A beautiful name often hides great prospects, complex tasks and difficult decisions. In this article we will talk about the fairly young profession of an SMM specialist, discuss who it is and what he does, as well as what you need to know in order to become one.

SMM specialist: who is he

The profession of an SMM manager is becoming more and more popular every day, and many companies and agencies need high-quality services of these specialists. Unlike SEO specialists who are engaged in quality marketing, they are working on improving the resource and know firsthand what promotion is, the tasks of SMM specialists are much broader and more voluminous.

SMM специалист: кто это такой

They consist not only in attracting potential buyers through social networks, or by setting up contextual advertising in Yandex Direct, which is also a difficult process, but also in working on the correct perception of the product being sold, on creating a reputation, image and unique image.

How to become an SMM specialist

How to become a sought-after SMM specialist in order not only to know your profession to the smallest detail, but also to have regular customers and decent monetary satisfaction from your work. Most people are so eager to learn how to promote a company through social media. network or setting up contextual advertising that they are ready to pay any money for nothing more than going through a webinar, in the hope that only a certificate is required for a prestigious job in a large company.

In fact, everything is much more complicated. Yes, experienced and professional SMMs have a decent salary, and, as a rule, they work for themselves, preferring to work remotely, or create a group in VKontakte as a business account.

Как стать SMM специалистом

But in order to achieve this, it will take more than one month, or even a year, for a deep and detailed study of all directions and structures of setting up advertisements. It is important to understand that in the same online courses, as well as in training for an SEO specialist, only the basics of work and basic tools are taught, using primitive examples.

If you do not develop in knowledge and do not improve your skills, then, firstly, the work of such an SMM-specialist will be evaluated at minimal prices, and secondly, all this will be quickly forgotten. Therefore, in order to truly become a worthy professional, it is necessary, on the basis of experience and constant experiments, to develop your theories and methods of the highest quality tuning. Let’s say right away that the main skill of ad customizers for the audience is logic. If you do not know how to reason and think logically, do some kind of calculations – nothing will come of it.

Let’s say you have a client who ordered the promotion of an online store of intimate goods by displaying advertisements configured through Yandex.Direct or targeting in VK, which is no less effective.

Naturally, the purpose of such ads is to navigate to the site, and ideally, applications for the purchase of goods. But, it is immediately clear that there are many such stores, there is great competition, the market is oversaturated with such products, which means that supply exceeds demand. Therefore, dearly, in all senses, those specialists will be appreciated who, with the help of displaying advertising, “bring” as many visitors to the customer’s site as possible.


Therefore, you do not need to think that the status of an SMM-manager is immediately high fees for orders, a constant customer base and a stable income. Especially for beginners who have not yet had the opportunity to prove themselves or provide a portfolio with the work done.

What is an SMM specialist in simple words

Continuing to explain in simple words what an SMM specialist is, it is important to tell a little more information on this matter. The abbreviation SMM itself stands for Social Media Marketing and involves research work with making difficult decisions and performing difficult tasks.

SMM services include a large amount of serious work and multitasking based on writing texts of different sizes, in other words, copywriting, which complicates their work, as well as maintaining accounts and groups, effective advertising, developing interesting and popular projects, as well as using situational marketing.

When choosing the profession of an SMM-specialist, many consider this position only from the position of stable and high earnings, success and career advancement. With this approach, everything will happen exactly the opposite. First of all, you need to love what you decide to do, and this is not always easy.

Что такое SMM-специалист простыми словами

We’ll have to face a lot of difficulties: round-the-clock work in social networks. networks, with the need to expand horizons and gain knowledge about what the e-commerce market is, with additional orders that will not always be interesting and solving several problems at the same time, and not everyone is ready for this.

How to start a beginner SMM specialist

Approaching the question of where to start a newbie SMM specialist who will be satisfied with orders, clients and his earnings, I would like to say what skills such a manager should be endowed with. First of all, an SMM specialist must have such personal qualities as competence, the ability to communicate with people and properly build a dialogue.

Inexperienced SMM managers, giving preference to this profession, at the initial stage make a number of mistakes that can negatively affect their future work in this service sector. Let’s talk in detail about how to become an SMM specialist and where you should start.

Possessing psychological skills that involve feeling personality traits is also included in this spectrum to understand sign language and, if necessary, use collaboration for effective work aimed at success and unsurpassed results.

С чего начинать SMM-специалисту новичку

An equally important requirement is the ability to write sales texts. Writing presupposes literacy in oral and written speech, knowledge of how to rewrite the text, and of course the correct and unusual presentation of information. There are various ways of presenting material in SMM-promotion.

Not so long ago, another fashionable term was added to the youth vocabulary – hype. Not everyone understands that hype slang, which carries a significant semantic load and is one of the most effective, and sometimes necessary methods in the modern presentation of information.

In order to become a successful SMM-manager, there are two effective ways to consider. The first one involves getting an education in marketing, advertising, journalism, or completed courses in SMM. The second is designed for self-discipline, self-study and free swimming in the sea of ​​freelancing. The second option is more difficult, because being a freelancer only at first glance implies an inexhaustible supply of patience, perseverance and dedication, and as a result – a small income, which will gradually grow only with increasing experience.


Unlimited marketing knowledge and experience will increase the level of professionalism and expand the list of opportunities for an SMM specialist.

The ability to create the best content designed for warmed up public interest, the correct use of marketing tools, the development of oneself as a targetologist on VKontakte, Instagram and other social networks are all necessary components for a high-quality and successful work of an SMM manager.

What an SMM Specialist Does

Throughout the article, we kept talking about what an SMM specialist does, but if we start from the specifics of his work, then the necessary range of tasks, according to generally accepted standards, is present. So, an SMM specialist differs from most other professions in multifunctionality and solves the following tasks:

  • Brings the rating of a product or service to popular.
  • Communicates with potential clients in order to clarify requests and satisfy needs.
  • Forms the structure of the image and builds effective work aimed at creating a positive reputation for the company, product or service.
  • Deals with objections and elimination of negative comments and black PR.

For a deeper study of SMM, it is worth considering all the options for replenishing knowledge, and this includes referring to effective video tutorials and literature, which is becoming more and more every day, and which will tell you about how to carry out various marketing techniques.

Promotion on Instagram and other social media networks, as well as about the main aspects of marketing, targeting, contextual advertising, which is very important and copywriting, will provide models of basic templates for writing sales texts and teach you to analyze and understand more deeply the psychology of the audience for which the built algorithms of the SMM manager work.

Что делает SMM-специалист

But in order to become a successful SMM specialist, it is not enough to watch video lessons and read professional literature, you need to constantly increase theoretical and practical knowledge equally, attend various events, for example, forums, which makes the profession even more interesting where you can not only make interesting acquaintances, but also find customers.

Before putting ideas into practice, it is better to draw up a plan in advance, which will spell out goals, objectives, costs and the expected result. This is necessary to structure your ideas, gradual and confident actions, which, thanks to thoughtful trifles, will help solve any problem and objectively assess your capabilities.

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