SMMplanner service review: auto-posting, team management, UTM tags and much more

SMMplanner service review: auto-posting, team management, UTM tags and much more

SMMplanner has done everything to become a faithful assistant to any SMM manager and even a digital agency. Developing and adding more and more new functions every year, it has become a universal service for promoting business in social networks.

But first things first, let’s take a look at the main features.

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Autoposting in SMMplanner

SMMplanner is auto-posting service to social networks , it works with Instagram, Facebook, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Twitter, Telegram and Viber. With one click of a button, you can publish posts immediately to all sites or set up individual times for each social network. You can easily attach a link or a geotag to a post, and set up automatic notification of post exit and its deletion.

Планирование нового поста в SMMplanner

Scheduling a new post in SMMplanner

Moreover, you can use the Schedule tool. You won’t even have to click on the button – the posts will be published on their own according to your plan.

Функция расписания в SMMplanner

Schedule function in SMMplanner

Free plan SMMplanner offers 10 posts to try, then they can be purchased in packages. In addition, you can receive up to 100 posts per month in SMMplanner for free for subscribing to this deferred posting service on social media. If you want to publish without restrictions, then the paid version is for you.

Платные пакеты постов в SMMplanner

Paid post packages in SMMplanner

Features auto-posting service for various social networks

SMMplanner provides special features for different social networks. Let’s take a look at the main ones.

1. Autoposting on Instagram

SMMplanner can publish posts on Instagram for you, as well as carry out auto-posting stories . But the developers did not stop there and presented a separate visual constructor for stories. In it you can upload a photo or video, as well as place various stickers and tags.

Сервис автопостинга Инстаграм-историй

Auto-posting service for Instagram stories

Also among the chips of work postponed posting service with Instagram :

  • IGTV Posting;
  • Adding a comment after posting;
  • Disable post comments;
  • Counting the number of hashtags;
  • Counts the remaining characters in a post.

2. Auto-posting on Facebook

If you attach a geotag for a post, you can designate a location from places on Facebook. So the link will lead to a geo-point within the social network.

Геометка для поста в Фейсбуке

Facebook post geotag

3. Autoposting on Vkontakte

Auto-posting service in VK there are several additional features. Among them:

  • Attaching music from VK;
  • Add branded surveys;
  • Ability to mark a post as an advertisement.

Планирование автопостинга в ВК

Scheduling auto-posting in VK

4. Autoposting on Odnoklassniki

For Odnoklassniki, SMMplanner has provided a separate setting for the visibility of poll results, as well as voting parameters.

Настройка опросов для голосования в Одноклассниках 

Setting up polls for voting in Odnoklassniki

Another feature available is posting a post as a note.

Планирование заметки в SMMplanner

Scheduling a note in SMMplanner

5. Auto-posting on Twitter

For Twitter, the system will carefully calculate how many characters you have left and allow you to attach an image.

Планирование публикации в Твиттере

Scheduling a Twitter post

6. Autoposting in Telegram

For publications in Telegram, the system also calculates the number of allowed characters and allows you to attach a poll.

Планирование автопостинга в Телеграме

Scheduling auto-posting in Telegram

Video Editor

SMMplanner has a simple but very handy built-in video editor. Right in the new post window, you can crop the image, apply filters and stickers, add text and do color correction. More details about the work of the editor can be found in this SMMplanner video :

SMMplanner Video Editor

Also in the Create Post section, you can also use Canva’s templates. The service is integrated into the system, and your final version is automatically sent to the window of the upcoming publication.

Функция расписания в SMMplanner0

Canva’s SMMplanner Features

UTM tags

This social posting service can also automatically generate and substitute UTM tags so that you can more easily evaluate the effectiveness of your decisions. To do this, simply enter the parameters of interest, and the label will be added to links in publications.

Функция расписания в SMMplanner1

UTM generator in SMMplanner


Create your own watermarks for images, the system will be able to independently apply your logo or any inscription.

Функция расписания в SMMplanner2

Watermark constructor in SMMplanner

Team management

Because often several people work on social networks; SMMplanner has included a tool for managing team access among the paid functions. A separate working group can be created for each project.

Функция расписания в SMMplanner3

SMMplanner Command Management System

There are different contributor roles:

  • Observer – can only watch the work, not publish it.
  • Manager – can make changes to projects and posts.
  • Editor – can edit posts, but cannot change project settings.

Функция расписания в SMMplanner4

Setting up team roles

SMMplanner rates

Automatic posting service provides 6 types of tariffs. By default, each user receives a Trial plan, and can also test the PRO version for 7 days for free.

Функция расписания в SMMplanner5

SMMplanner Rates

What do users say about SMMplanner?

You can think about the possibilities for a long time posting and the potential of the service, but what do real users say about it? Service Trustland has collected basic data on what customers like and dislike:

Функция расписания в SMMplanner6

SMMplanner advantages and disadvantages

And here reviews about SMMplanner specific users from different sources:

Функция расписания в SMMplanner7Функция расписания в SMMplanner8Функция расписания в SMMplanner9

Платные пакеты постов в SMMplanner0

Reviews about SMMplanner 2020

As you can see, working in social networks is easier and faster with SMMplanner. Follow the link and enjoy a free trial period. InstaPlus users only 14 days trial plan .

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