Social analytics service LiveDune as a synonym for detailed statistics

Social analytics service LiveDune as a synonym for detailed statistics
Сервис аналитики соцсетей LiveDune

LiveDune is a service for complex work with social networks. It works with all social networks through the official API, so its use is safe (no need to enter login and password for accounts, there is no risk of imposing sanctions from social networks).

What social networks does the service work with: Instagram, VKontakte, Facebook, YouTube, Odnoklassniki and Twitter.

What tools does LiveDune use to meet SMM needs:

  • Detailed statistics on your own and other people’s accounts.
  • A separate section for comparison with competitors by various metrics.
  • Monitoring and handling comments / mentions. Uploading comments (up to 5 million).
  • Multi-page reports for your account (PDF, Excel and Google Slides).
  • Auto-posting (including the official postponed post on Instagram).
  • Install and monitor KPIs.
  • Check Instagram accounts (bloggers or competitors) for cheating likes and followers.

Сервис аналитики соцсетей LiveDune Today LiveDune is one of the most popular platforms providing social media statistics, comment monitoring and auto-posting in the CIS for bloggers, SMM specialists and advertising agencies (according to SimilarWeb).

LiveDune Statistics

The LiveDune SMM analytics service helps you analyze the effectiveness of promotion in social networks, look for growth points and constantly monitor the activities of competitors in order to keep your finger on the pulse. The service is rich in various metrics and responsive graphics, which cannot be found in internal social media statistics. For example, in LiveDune you can see:

  • Growth and churn of subscribers in your account.
  • Engagement level analysis (ER, ERR, RR).

Статистика в LiveDune

  • Reach your posts and stories.
  • Compare your account over different periods or compare with competitors.
  • View TOPs of posts by format (video, IGTV, carousel, image) and metrics (likes, comments, organic or ad reach, engagement, views, etc.).

Cервис SMM-аналитики LiveDune

  • Rate posts by the speed of getting likes relative to other posts (helps to evaluate what the audience likes best and which post can be promoted).
  • Rate the sentiment of comments and the speed of response to them.

Сбор статистики в LiveDune Statistics are collected hourly. Retrospective statistics are available up to 5 years.

All statistics indicators can be generated into a report (PDF, Excel or Google Slides) in just a couple of minutes. Reports in PDF and Google Slides can be further customized for yourself. For example, hide unnecessary slides, add comments, the corporate color to the header and / or the logo of the company for which the report is generated.

>> View an example of a PDF report

Working with comments

In LiveDune, it is convenient to handle comments in different social networks in one window. For convenience and speed of work, you can create response templates if the same type of questions often arrive, for example, how much does it cost, what delivery conditions, working hours, etc.

Комментарии в LiveDune You can analyze the sentiment of comments . The service automatically detects the emotional color of comments under the posts of your accounts and categorizes them into positive, neutral and negative. This is an additional opportunity to track the mood of the audience and react in time.

Also comments can be uploaded (up to 5 million), which is especially important when holding contests in your account.


Since the service works through the official API of social networks, there is no need to worry about losing / blocking your account or publications. Autoposting tool in LiveDune helps to schedule and publish posts on Instagram, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook and Twitter with the possibility of cross-posting and with subsequent analysis of statistics and monitoring comments.

Автопостинг в LiveDuneFor convenience, auto-posting has a built-in photo editor , with which you can crop, rotate photos, apply built-in filters and do color correction.

KPI Tracking

LiveDune has a KPI module that allows you to set and track progress by month, quarter, and year.

Available metrics to track by:

  • posts,
  • stories,
  • reach,
  • engagement (ER, ERR),
  • likes
  • subscribers and new subscribers,
  • comments,
  • save,
  • reposts and retweets.

LiveDune модуль KPI is a handy tool for tracking account progress and employee performance . Also in LiveDune, you can share access to clients (select certain modules and accounts for viewing). Thus, a client who wants to independently control the work on projects will be able to do this without your participation, saving time both for himself and for you as a performer.

Those KPIs that are on schedule for the current date will be marked in green. For example, if you need coverage for the month 2000, and today is May 4th, then today there should be coverage 2000/31 * 4 = 258. As a result, if the coverage is more than 258, then the circle will turn green, if less, then in red.

LiveDune модуль KPIChecking for cheating likes and followers on Instagram

This feature is useful for both advertisers who buy ads from bloggers and bloggers who often use mutual advertising. There is only one goal – to identify unscrupulous market participants and not to drain the advertising budget , because if the account is full of “dead souls”, then there will be no sense in posting in it.

How the cheat-like likes checker works

LiveDune checks for cheating by monitoring the dynamics of a set of likes. The gray line in the graph shows the ideal conditions for a set of likes, which are based on the dynamics of thousands of posts published at the same time. And the blue line is the actual publication rates. If the line is not smooth, for example, in steps, then this is most likely the result of cheating, and each “step” is a new influx of bot actions.

Проверка на накрутки LiveDuneHow to Get Started with LiveDune

To start analyzing your accounts, you must register on and enter the promo code “prosmm” (no quotes). After registration, you need to add accounts to the Dashboard – an information board and the main workspace of the service.

Linking your Instagram account is done through Facebook, because the service works in white – through the API. Therefore, make sure your account is linked to Facebook. You can add someone else’s account via the link.

After registration, you will have 7 days of free access. Further, tariff plans start at 500 rubles per month. If during registration you use the promo code prosmm , then you will have 14 days of free access and a 30% discount on the purchase of the first tariff.

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