Social media strategy: forget about these activities in 2019

Social media is changing very dynamically. It all depends, of course, on the way users use them. As a result, some strategies and tactics are no longer effective. What social media activities should you not take in 2019?

Stories are currently the most engaging communication format on social media. In the US, teenagers leave Facebook and move their presence to Instagram and Snapchat, i.e. websites that have placed great emphasis on this form of communication. This is just one of the many changes that we have seen in social media in recent months. Despite the fact that “stories are new newsfeed”, I do not advise you to give up the latter eagerly. Other strategies and tactics are different …

Follow for follow

This tactic known from Instagram should be forgotten, even though many “trainers” recommend it as extremely effective. Not only marketers, but also average gray users are sensitive to profiles that have the same number of followers and followers.

Even unfollow of accounts that we started following earlier does not help. Marketers are well aware of this mechanism and know that it does not bring results in the form of commitment. Ba! They are even becoming more aware of all kinds of bots that make false comments and other kinds of engagement.

Base your website traffic on social media traffic

In March In 2018, Facebook made the biggest change to its algorithm. The organic traffic decreased by several dozen percent for the media and brands practically overnight. Pages and media that relied solely on this source of traffic faced the abyss. There are no signs that the situation will be reversed.

You can of course intensify your activities on other social networking sites, but there is no chance to fill the gap created by Facebook. The ability to link texts via Instagram Stories looks promising, but only verified profiles or profiles with at least 10,000 followers can do it.

Demographic targeting

Social media gives you the option reaching users with very specific interests. Not all men aged 30-45 need to be interested in motorization and have a car buying intention. Additionally, when targeting such a group, we cut off the possibility of reaching women interested in this category.

Demographic targeting only makes sense for small and medium-sized businesses that operate locally. Thanks to it, it can encourage people nearby to visit a store or service point.

Social media as a stand alone

If you want your business to develop, you need to plan your internet presence carefully. What media and content will you use at each level of the sales funnel? Will you focus more on building brand awareness or on acquiring leads and customers?

Regardless of the answer, one thing is certain: just being in social media will be extremely difficult for you to achieve assumed KPI (provided that they are quite ambitious). It has long been known that the more touchpoints the shopping path has, the greater the chance of acquiring a customer. The variety of contact points is also of great importance. Therefore, if you want to get the maximum results from your activities in relation to your budget, apart from social media, you must remember about native formats on websites, mailings or advertising in search engines.

What activities will you give up in 2019? What activities will you want to try? Feel free to comment and discuss.

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