Social media templates: how are they useful and who needs them

Social media templates: how are they useful and who needs them

Free services or independent work is very good. But you cannot understand everything and be a professional everywhere. And if paid services or promotion services are already taken for granted, then they often save on design. But is it profitable? After all, you don’t have to hire a professional designer for a start-up project, but get by with paid templates for $ 10-20 or even find free layouts. Let’s see if these templates are worth the money and how they can be useful.

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Investing wisely in business and saving time

Regardless of the subject of your business – be it manicure services or retail goods – it is important to have a decent profile design. It’s almost 2020 and you’re on the Internet: let’s take the need for high-quality visuals as a fact. The principle of “meeting on clothes” remains relevant to this day, so a thoughtful design will definitely bring you additional profit.

If you invest very small amounts in buying templates, you can save a lot of time, nerves and efforts, and you will only benefit in quality.

Cheaper than designer services

Let’s say you are a beginner SMM specialist, copywriter or entrepreneur with a new online store. You have certain skills, but there is a problem: you do not know how to make the desired visual for your product or service. You may have good taste, but still lack experience in combining fonts and shades, and also lack the technical skills of working with graphic editors.

What to do in such a situation?

You can contact a professional. But the average prices of experienced designers for a package of pictures will start from $ 30-40. Aspiring designers may be cheaper, but the quality of the result may not be as impressive.

A more economical solution is to pay $ 10-30 for a paid template pack that will include many design options and self-editing options.

Versatility and editable

These templates are very easy to customize according to trends and your personal needs. In addition, you do not need to look for a designer and wait for the work to be completed, which once again simplifies the task and saves time.

You just need to master the basic features of Photoshop to edit ready-made PSD templates. Even if you’ve never opened Photoshop, learning the basics will take less than an hour. And the acquired skills will be useful for a very long time. You can easily change titles, texts, pictures and colors, collecting the desired template for the current task. This is the beauty of ready-made templates: you get your own design and no one will suspect that you are only strong in copywriting or sales, and have problems with the design.

Cheaper than paying an SMM specialist for this task

Even if you have a hired SMM specialist, most likely it will not be the best solution to hang the design on him. The work of such a specialist consists of a number of duties and each of them, as a rule, is paid separately. Adding design tasks will hit the price tag and will definitely exceed the cost of templates. Plus, you will need to spend time communicating with the manager, sacrifice some of his other tasks, think over the concept for a long time, approve, then wait for him to complete the work, and again approve. Long and sometimes problematic. With templates, everything is easier – I downloaded, corrected something, and uploaded it to the page.

SMM specialists can do the same for clients – they offer ready-made visual options. And he has less trouble, and the customer is comfortable.

Simple templates are available for free

If you need an extra poster or something not very global, resources like Freepik can provide templates for free. Open, type in a search query and mark the Free filter – all the templates presented will be absolutely free.

Which templates are relevant?

In 2020, prints with plants and animals, pastel shades along with bright and saturated ones will remain popular.

Abstraction will not do without, which is especially important if you do not want to publish personal photos.

The combination of a photo and a drawing of individual details that flow from one picture to another is again in vogue.

How to use templates?

To edit PSD templates you need Adobe Photoshop. The most common graphics editor is available on Windows, Mac and even mobile OS: Android and iOS. If you haven’t come across it before, look at YouTube videos on working with layers, editing color and text. You will have enough basic skills, which will not be difficult to master.

After editing the template, save the images in JPG or PNG format. Add one of them directly to your Instagram page or make several posts in advance. The Plansy me service gives this opportunity.

That’s all. Make smart investments in your business, learn Photoshop and complete simple applied tasks without the involvement of specialists. Successful sales!

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