Social writing: how to improve your posts

Social writing: how to improve your posts
Тексты для социальных сетей: как улучшить посты
Thinking about promoting your website or brand on social media, but not sure how to make the text of your posts interesting or catchy? The tips in this article will help you avoid mistakes and tell you about the main points that can interest users and attract new ones.

Social networks involve more and more people every day, and their attendance is constantly growing, and where there is a large crowd of people, there is a place for business. Now it is quite difficult to find a large brand company that does not have an official page in at least one of the social networks. For many of them, the name speaks, and it also attracts tens and hundreds of thousands of people to groups, but how to achieve this for those who have just started? To work on yourself and your content, let’s take a look at some basic tips that can improve the writing of your posts.

Describe not the product, but its benefits. This is the first thing to learn if you decide to advertise your product. A popular mistake that almost all newbies encounter is that they try to show their product as the best, shout about its quality and necessity. It’s just that people don’t like chants of praise, but if you can describe how the product is useful for them, they will think.

Опишите не продукт, а его пользу

For example, let’s say you are advertising a vacuum cleaner. In the first case, you begin to pour in terminology about its suction power, switching in powers, say that no one else has such a vacuum cleaner, and never will. Would you buy from such a company? Now let’s talk about the result. You are not trying to praise him and do not pour out the terms “good” and “best” and a description of the capacities. You honestly list, our vacuum cleaner can clean a room in 5 minutes, one movement is enough to rid the carpet of dust, your wife will not get tired during the cleaning process and will be grateful for your purchase. You yourself can vacuum the house without spending a lot of time. Explain to the client what he will get by purchasing your product, and he will feel the need for it.

Engage the user in the content. Social networks like Instagram working on tags allow you to involve users in advertising your products, so when thinking about promoting your business using Instagram, you should not ignore these opportunities. As an example, here are Nikon and Canon accounts that regularly post photos of users using their products.

Process objections before they are received. First of all, we need to find out what objections people have when they are offered your product, your sales department can help with this. If you sell only via the Internet, and do not have a staff of employees, then the experience and the rake on which you will go. Also, the Internet can help find reviews of people about similar products. Having identified objections, add them to your posts, not often and one per text, but explain to your user that their doubts are unfounded.

Обрабатывайте возражения до их поступления

Engage the community in conversations. Social networks initially carried the functions of messengers with additional features, users went to communicate in them, and this remained unchanged. Your texts should have a response and answers to it, if you do not have time to communicate with the audience, use the services of an SMM specialist or appoint an administrator you trust. The ability to evoke a reaction from the reader, thereby engaging him in a conversation is akin to talent, but once you cope with it, you will move to a qualitatively new level, and traffic will begin to arrive at an exponential progression.

Don’t pour water into the text. Writing a post on a social network is not a book or even an article for a post to be successful, it does not have to be over a thousand characters. Having chosen an idea for him, write as much as it takes to fully disclose this idea, but concisely. You need to understand that a user of a social network, having seen a huge text in the news feed, will simply scroll through it. An exception is teaching material.

Train users. This is the case when large and detailed texts are required, preferably reminiscent of articles. Writing them in the format of a regular post, for example, in VK is inconvenient and they will look bad, it is better to use a Wiki page. Our site already has a detailed guide on how to create a Wiki page in VK, so let’s say what it can give you. In essence, you can put a full-fledged article in it, designed according to all the rules and not limited to the formats of ordinary posts.

Обучайте пользователей

Combine text and images. Social media posts should be user-friendly and visually well-designed. A person willingly shares a picture with friends, but much less often repost empty text. Plus the placement of an image in front of the text, this is a chance to attract attention in the news feed, if the inscription on the picture interests the user, most likely he will try to read it, then it is written under it.

You’re kidding. Regardless of how serious you are, and your products are not needed for jokes, as we already wrote in the article what SMM is, people come to social networks to relax and have fun. Wishing to promote business in them, this truth must be comprehended, product advertising or sales attempts should not exceed 30% of all content, and ideally remain in the 10-15% region. Humor is a weapon that inspires confidence, the desire to return to the group again and, of course, reposts. Make the user laugh and he will want to share the joke with his friends. Even on serious topics of construction or materials, you can write a post full of humor or stories from the lives of your workers.

Motivate and inspire. The topic of inspiration and motivation is more complex than humor, but the fact is that self-improvement and self-development have gained immense popularity. We have entered the era of paid trainings, courses and webinars, people value content that is useful, but many do not have enough strength to take care of themselves and overcome laziness. Therefore, groups and communities create motivating content that gets reposts by the thousands. Find a response in the user’s soul, and he will want to pass it on to others.

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