SocialKit for Instagram: the best of 2021

SocialKit for Instagram: the best of 2021
SocialKit для Instagram

SocialKit for Instagram is designed primarily for professionals who actively promote various pages on the social network. And they do it for the purpose of making money, for example, to promote an account and then start pouring traffic from it to various affiliate programs. And today it is practically impossible to create accounts manually, to promote and display them in a plus on an “industrial scale”. But even a beginner can do it using SocialKit for Instagram.

How it works

If you do not have time for the standard necessary actions, which include adding likes to another account, writing comments. And the best option would be to use a special program for instagram. Since it is Socialkit that will do these boring actions automatically and practically without your participation.

The program is able to independently assemble an audience according to the specified parameters, up to geolocation. And in this way, an accurate user base can be collected. In other words, potential buyers of your products or services. And having created a template, you will not participate in this, the program uses automatic scripts that do all the work for you. And don’t let newbies be intimidated by the interface. In fact, it is quite simple and it will not be difficult to figure it out. SocialKit is completely in Russian, and also use the tabulation system. That is, all windows are divided into convenient tabs. In fact, you just need to add several Instagram accounts, then collect the required audience and launch it.

SocialKit для Instagram

What SocialKit Can Do for Instagram

So you’ve got the Pro version as it removes any app restrictions and is now ready to go.

Sending subscription requests. Probably one of the most popular options for promoting an Instagram account is to send an application for a subscription. But now the service will do it automatically after you specify the audience.
Automatic unsubscribe. Here the program will automatically delete those users who did not follow you in response. And of course everything happens fully automated.
Posting likes. Here, the principle is the same, you specify the parameters, for example, put likes on hashtags or on the total number of likes on your Instagram account. After that, the service will automatically add likes.
Posting comments. It works on absolutely the same principle as adding likes. Set the parameters, the program will automatically send comments.

Audience gathering

Probably the most important step for any advertiser will be audience gathering. Finding a potential buyer and consumer is a guarantee of a successful business. Here the program offers the widest possible possibilities. For example, you can collect a subscriber base from direct competitors. In addition, it is possible to filter the required accounts by the number of subscribers or publications. Then just collect all the subscribers from the required accounts. In addition, you can remove overlapping subscribers from different accounts, the so-called duplicate filtering. Then all these lists can be saved to a convenient file.

Сбор ЦА в SocialKit

And if you do not have, for example, specific competitors, you can collect an audience by hashtags. To do this, specify one or more hashtags, after which you can remove duplicates, as well as view information on the accounts received, for example, the number of subscribers, how many subscriptions and publications. And of course the assembled audience can be saved to the file
An equally interesting option is gathering an active audience by geolocation. An extremely handy tool when you need to sell a service in a specific place. For example, it will be a large shopping center. Here, collect target audience at the coordinates you specified.
And the gathering of an active audience looks very interesting for professionals. You can select and collect those users who are active, like photos and videos. This means that this is an active audience who will be happy to watch ads or subscribe to your Instagram account.

General benefits of the program

As a result, SocialKit gives us a tool that allows us to work with a large number of profiles. You can also quickly create new pages. It is possible to collect various databases of the target audience, and you can also subscribe by hashtags.

Плюсы программы
Of course, classic advantages are also available, such as auto-commenting, auto-likes and auto-unsubscribing. Deferred posting is an equally popular option; this is one of the most important and convenient advantages of the program. In addition, you can import any target audience base into a file to use anywhere.

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