Specifics of using Telegram for your business

Specifics of using Telegram for your business

It is very important for modern business to work on its image and to advertise. It’s more and more difficult to maintain a constant following year after year. This is the reason why market specialists are asking what instruments to use in order to grow and get an unlimited number of group participants .

Telegram is one such tool. Let’s try together to find a way on how to get subscribers on your Telegram channel as well as views on Telegram posts to grow your business.


  1. The particularities of messaging
  2. Benefits
  3. Publications
  4. Data format
  5. Bots
  6. Group chats
  7. Channels
  8. Usable instruments
  9. Formatting a post
  10. Vote
  11. Messages
  12. Stickers
  13. Promotion
  14. Tips
  15. Efficiency analysis
  16. Conclusion

Particularités de l’utilisation de Telegram pour son entreprise

The particularities of messaging

This app is not a place for explicit advertising and you will surely not find brilliant advertising slogans there. The subscribers to his Telegram channel are interested people who like to follow current trends.

Telegram channels do not have any advertising medium although it is possible to grab the attention of subscribers. Telegram is a platform where you can read and access quality content. Getting views on Telegram posts is a chance to attract new readers.


Among the main benefits of using Telegram for your business, it is important to note the following:

  1. A low level of competition. Despite the hype surrounding this messaging, many companies are still wary of Telegram. This allows beginners to advance faster.
  2. A rapprochement with the consumer. Telegram is a messaging service through which you can establish a relationship of trust with the customer.
  3. Coverage in Central Asia. Central Asian users can receive and read your messages. In other social networks, your posts will be less viewed because people will subscribe to many different communities.


It is important to think about the content when setting up a business account on Telegram. This one must be interesting, of quality and compact. No one wants to read long, boring texts. The audience on Telegram consists of serious internet users, which is why it is important to work not only on visual content but also on its texts.

Choose a specific style for your post. Create eye-catching content. Select a format style that only you use. You can therefore emphasize your personal style. Do not try to solve many questions all at once. It is best to divide the information into several parts.

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Data format

There are a few different ways on Telegram to distribute information: chats, channels, bots. We will look at each of them individually.


Telegram is used by many businesses to keep in touch with potential customers, place orders and make inquiries. The main advantage is that you don’t have to stay connected all the time. The bots are there for that.

A programmer is needed in order to create a complicated bot. But if you need standard features, there are a few easy instructions you can follow. After creating the bot, you can set up automatic mailing, verification, and more. There are additional features:

  1. the collection of statistical data;
  2. creating questionnaires;
  3. planning;
  4. communication with other Internet users;
  5. setting up internet research;
  6. creating games.

Group chats

It is possible to create a small group in order to distribute an educational resource. Participants will be able to exchange information there. In addition, it is an ideal tool for communication between colleagues.

Particularités de l’utilisation de Telegram pour son entreprise


Channels are a unique phenomenon on Telegram. They pretty much look like a news feed. Strings are used to create posts. Once a user subscribes to it, they will automatically receive messages about sending new posts.

Channels are ideal during the news broadcast. It is necessary if you are creating a channel to think about its content because Internet users do not subscribe to just anything.

You can take inspiration from the following ideas for your publications:

  1. publication on a targeted theme;
  2. news about promotions and bonuses;
  3. facts at work interesting.

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Usable instruments

In order to optimize the work of your corporate account, it is recommended to use specialized tools. Here we’ll look at the easiest ones for the job.

Formatting a post

It is possible to format a publication using the Telegraph instrument. It allows you to format a post with images, videos, and text information. This tool is suitable for those who don’t have their own site but want to create posts. You do not need to register to use it.


On a channel, Internet users cannot leave messages under a post. In order to give users the opportunity to give you their opinion, it is possible to create a vote. To do this, there are bots specializing in creating votes.


Telegram is a messaging system for sending messages very quickly. It is not necessary to send an email message to communicate with the customer. This is because it is much easier to send a message directly to Telegram, which will allow the user to receive a notification directly.


A lot of Telegram users love stickers. It is possible to create entirely your own collection in order to increase the notoriety of your company. The creation of stickers is possible using simple graphic editors.


Promoting a Telegram channel is not the easiest task. To promote your account it is necessary to give a lot of energy. But it is also possible to turn to the help of a team of specialists.

Particularités de l’utilisation de Telegram pour son entreprise

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To promote yourself, follow these tips:

  1. post about your channel on social media;
  2. configure Telegram mailing for regular customers;
  3. select popular channels, or access existing channels from another account;
  4. organize mutual public relations with other companies;
  5. use paid publishing services on other channels.

Efficiency analysis

To do so, it is necessary to count the number of views and subscribers:

  1. The views. Consists of single access to a channel by a user. If it connects through two different devices, then two views appear.
  2. Subscribers. List of participants in a group, not to exceed 200.

The only downside to Telegram is that there are no specialized tools for market specialists to do statistics. To do this, it is necessary to calculate the average values ​​by yourself.


Telegram is a particularly useful service for businesses. The most important thing is to provide quality content in order to attract audiences. It is also possible to seek help from specialist services.

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