Storytelling: what is it, why is it needed and how to use it?

Storytelling: what is it, why is it needed and how to use it?
Сторителлинг: что такое, зачем он нужен и как использовать? Today we will look at the term “storytelling”, what it is in simple terms and where you can encounter it. For hundreds of years, mankind listened to legends and epics with open mouths. In today’s world, a good story is still capable of completely grabbing attention because the human nature has not changed.

Storytelling: what it is

Today we will consider the term storytelling, what it is. Translated from English, “storytelling” means “storytelling, a way of conveying information and finding meaning through storytelling.” This is a very common persuasion technique in the West.

Storytelling is the delivery of instructive information through the narration of myths, fairy tales, parables, epics that evoke emotions and thinking in a person. These stories themselves can be both about fictional (cartoon, fairy-tale, book), and about real (about a colleague, director) characters. They are very similar to a fairy tale, since the moral is hidden in them.

Сторителлинг: что это такое

Storytelling is actively used for writing articles for money, mainly to explain complex scientific terms in an accessible language.

Buildingelling, combining managerial and psychological aspects, effectively conveys various information, and increases the motivation of people to take certain actions to achieve any results.

He found active applications in:

  • Production culture;
  • Transfer of life experience and skills;
  • Training of new employees;
  • In the form of a marketing method and techniques;
  • In business;
  • In psychotherapy.

Storytelling: How to Harness the Power of Stories

Annette Simmons is a professional storyteller who has written an excellent book, Storytelling: Harnessing the Power of Stories. Going deeper into the story, she explains how stories can “work”, how to influence the listener’s emotions, and why persuasion is more motivating and inspiring than decree, logical reasoning, or philosophical reasoning.

Сторителлинг: как использовать силу историй

The book will be useful for those who often speak to large audiences, as well as those who seek to improve the effectiveness of communications. Often, entrepreneurs for running an Internet business, before doing mass following on Instagram, also resorted to reading this book in order to post attractive posts.

Storytelling: how to write

Storytelling is already being used to its fullest in the professions of copywriter, journalist, writer, who use fragments of artistic description. But many of them have the question of how to write a storytelling story so that it is correct and concise. The answer to it is quite simple, it will be enough to follow only a few rules:

  • Choose your content well for writing. After choosing a plot, think about what you can add to make the topic more interesting. For more convenience, we recommend using the pyramid of your information.
  • Explore all the information to the smallest detail. Superficial information differs in many respects from deeper information.
  • Choose colorful and beautiful pictures. This will visually immerse the client in the content, convey the atmosphere, and better reveal the topic.
  • Come up with a descriptive headline that can generate interest.
  • Be sure to exclude monotony in the material.
  • Use one styling technique and padding between blocks for easy reading.

Сторителлинг: как написать

Storytelling is used in a wide variety of fields. Many entrepreneurs order SEO website promotion with its active use. The main thing is that the result of use is beneficial.

What is Instagram storytelling

Quite recently, many users of social networks have a question about what is storytelling on Instagram, since this trend immediately flooded everyone and still does not let go. It is used in posts, stories and videos. This is a great help in interacting with your subscribers and can help you increase your sales.

Что такое сторителлинг в Инстаграм

Let’s take a look at this trend with illustrative examples. For Internet business owners, it has long been no secret how to promote on Instagram using storytelling. Legendary brands that resonate with readers through the art of storytelling are good marketing examples:

  • Nike – talks about people pushing the limits of what is possible;
  • Apple is about those who challenge conventional norms;


The Russian branch of IKEA also uses storytelling on Instagram at times. Moreover, they prefer to amuse subscribers and not use serious posts.

How to create storytelling

To create selling stories, you need to understand how to create storytelling. Its structure should look like a full-length movie: somewhere funny, sometimes dramatic, but always emotional. Storytelling is based on attracting the listener’s attention and keeping it until the end of the story. Let’s take a step-by-step plan for creating storytelling:

  • Determination of the target audience. It is important to understand who you are going to tell the story to and what kind of reaction you want to get from the audience;
  • Creation of an idea. What should be conveyed to the audience;
  • Choice of heroes. They should remind the listener of himself, be something like him;
  • Script development and choice of story style;

  • Adding details and emotions that are needed in order for a person to be able to draw a story, a hero and a situation in his head;
  • Short output after the whole story. The idea that we conveyed throughout the entire process should be highlighted and conveyed at the end.

Как создать сторителлинг

If you follow these rules, then it will be very easy to tell and write texts using storytelling, and there will no longer be any questions about what text rewriting is and how to create correct storytelling.

How to sell storytelling

Storytelling is a tool for selling on emotions. People love good stories and are willing to “pay” for them. Then the question arises, how to sell storytelling? The well-known brands that we talked about earlier have long known the answer to it and have adopted it.

The whole point is that a person, according to research, makes decisions unconsciously and emotionally with one part of his brain, and then “justifies” them logically with another part. Therefore, it is not enough to influence the buyer using only facts and arguments.

Как продать сторителлинг

You can influence the buyer with emotions. The quickest and best way to do this is with stories and stories to help you:

  • Grab the customer’s attention;
  • Build a trusting relationship with him;
  • Motivate them to take action;
  • Create context around data and numbers to make them; interesting and relevant;
  • Change opinions and influence beliefs;
  • Explain the features of the product;
  • Work with objections;
  • Answer questions;

Сторителлинг как

People buy from someone they trust, who they like, and who they have a connection with. People come together through stories. By sharing your personal story, you can build trust and understanding with your customers. It’s no wonder that many businessmen have a strong need to know how to copy-write texts using storytelling in order to increase sales.

So we looked at what storytelling is. It has found active use in sales, business, marketing and everyday life. And we, in no case, need to be afraid to go beyond and switch to more non-standard, live communication.

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