Switch to a pro instagram account and optimize your profile in 5 min

Switch to a pro instagram account and optimize your profile in 5 min

Why switch your Instagram to a pro account? How to switch to a pro instagram account easily? How to have a quality pro instagram account.

Being successful on Instagram is a dream of many people and yet it isn’t given to everyone. If you are one of those people who want to be successful on the platform. At some point you will need to switch your Instagram account to a business profile to be taken seriously. In this article, we explain why and how to switch your Instagram to a pro account and give you all the tips you have, or will need.

Why turn your Instagram account into a professional?

You are probably wondering why to turn your Instagram account into a professional? Well here is the answer, it will allow you to get new features of the application which will greatly help you in the development of your account . This is not like automating your account and won’t bring the same results in follower growth, but you can still use it to improve your performance on Instagram , and it doesn’t matter if you are an influencer or a business.

Switching to a pro instagram account will allow you to:

1- Have access to Instagram statistics

Indispensable for getting to know your community better and the posts that appeal the most. To learn more about Insta stats, see the article on: 4 Ways to Use Instagram Stats.

statistiques instagram

2- Add a call to action button

A professional instagram account will also allow you to add a call to action button under your Insta profile. This will encourage your community to contact you or get directions to your establishment, for example.

3- Your account will be categorized

Once in professional Instagram profile , you will have to indicate the category of your Instagram account to let your community know immediately in which sector you are active and what they will find on your account. Are you an influencer, an entrepreneur, a clothing brand…? Tell your community what you are doing.

4- Make Instagram promotions

Indeed, a pro instagram account will allow you access to Instagram quick promotions , this type of promotion will allow you to highlight your publications to new people potentially interested in your account .

Here is a comparison between Instagram Ads and Instagram automation.

instaboss promo

How to convert your instagram into a professional profile?

You are now convinced, but you don’t know how to switch to a pro account on instagram? No worries, it’s very easy.

Here is a step by step tutorial to switch to professional instagram profile:

  • Create an Instagram account
  • If you haven’t already, create your Instagram account. To do this, visit this article dedicated to creating a new Instagram account.

  • Once you have made an appointment in your settings, then account and finally click on “switch to professional profile”.
  • You will then only have to follow the guided navigation of Instagram to validate your professional account.

However, having a professional Instagram account is not just about having done that. A good number of parameters of your profile must be taken care of.

Having a professional instagram profile is also:

You are now officially on a professional Instagram, but you also need to take care of your profile if you want it to really appear as such.

So how do you get a pro instagram account? Well here’s a list of things you need to make sure your profile looks pro. You can modify all these elements directly from your Instagram profile as a client on “modify profile”

1- A pro username

Your username should be chosen carefully to ensure that your Instagram profile reflects a professional image. Make sure that it contains at least your first name or your brand name or is representative of your personality or your industry.

nom utilisateur instagram jimmycharlon

2- A good profile picture

The choice of your Instagram profile picture is essential, because it will represent you and will be one of the first photos that your community will see of you. Select it carefully. By promoting the appearance of your face if you are a person and bright colors. For brands, your logo is sufficient.

photo profil instagram jimmycharlon

3- A powerful description

Your Instagram description should represent you and encourage visitors to follow you – work it for best results. Here is an article to help you create the perfect Instagram description.

description instagram jimmycharlon

4- A web link

Your profile link is the only one you can share on the live platform. So make sure this one is relevant to your community and well chosen. For example, you can share your brand’s website, your latest product or your other social networks.

instaboss promo

5- Your professional contact details

As seen previously, by switching to Instagram professional profile, you now have the possibility to create contact buttons under your profile. To do this, click on “modify your profile” then go to “communication options”, you can then add a new button and personalize it according to your wishes.

profil instagram jimmycharlon

6- A good Instagram feed

Finally, for your Insta account to look really professional, you will need to have a good Instagram feed . Whether your account looks visually appealing to your visitors will make a big difference in how you grow on Instagram. If you don’t know how, find out how to have a good Instagram feed here.

feed instagram gregsway

If you want to know more about how to develop your Instagram account in a professional way to appear more credible on the platform, do not hesitate to train you in the use of Instagram.

On the other hand, if your goal is to develop your Instagram community quickly , then Instagram automation may be your solution. Go here to learn more about Instagram automation.

To complete this article, here is a video dedicated to creating a professional profile on Instagram:

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