Tanya Ivanova: We are just beginning to form an institution of reputation in the blogosphere

Tanya Ivanova: We are just beginning to form an institution of reputation in the blogosphere

What is the institution of reputation among bloggers and what it affects, we discuss with Tanya Ivanova, CEO of the Hello blogger digital agency. We also talk a lot about Twitch streamers.

You’ve already seen a lot of interviews. Dud’s popularity made many people think about this format. But it’s really convenient, so we decided to do a series of interviews with people who are professional influencer marketers.

Таня Иванова

Questions from us will be bold, and Tanya’s answer will be right behind him.

The main topic of our conversation is the institution of reputation in influencer marketing. But since Hello blogger is actively involved in Twitch, we also asked about streamers. Well, about the work of the agency and personal achievements. Let’s start.

Reputation Institute for Bloggers

Let’s start with what the reputation of a blogger and influencer is. What does it affect.

I think that here it is worth starting with the fact that, in principle, the institution of reputation in the blogosphere is just beginning to form in our country. Therefore, we can say that now is the intermediate period when the reputation of the celeb blogger has a significant influence on the decision-making of the brand.

But the emergence of chat bots, spontaneous chats in which blacklists are recorded, is already the beginning of a large movement, as a result of which bloggers will monitor both their media reputation and the quality of the service provided.

A little clarification – do you share the concept of a blogger and an influencer? And right after that – who are streamers? For example, you have Stas Davydov in your agency presentation. I know him exclusively from “This is good.” Is he a streamer, blogger or influencer?

It seems to me that too many terminology only confuses. I believe that an influencer is synonymous with a blogger, and an opinion leader is an expert blogger in a highly specialized niche.

But these are just my distinctions.

If someone sees a significant difference between a blogger and an influencer and can argue for this difference, then great.

A streamer is the same blogger, only with a different basic content format. If we are talking about Stas, then he is both a blogger and a streamer, because he launches live broadcasts, and an instagrammer, because he has an active account on this social network, and even a tiktoker. Now bloggers are doing great and are trying to develop their assets on all platforms.

Name 5 top streamers, please.

My personal top is Buster, Bratishkin, Vudush, Olyasha, Dina Blin.


Screenshot from agency presentation

How can you measure a blogger’s reputation? Does this have any effect on the pay-per-ad model?

I repeat, we are only at the beginning of the path of building the institution of reputation, so this has almost no effect on the financial side of the issue.

But if a blogger gets into a reputational scandal, then most likely he will announce a more attractive price to return advertisers. But, in most cases, such scandals are heard by brands only if celebrities are involved.

As I understand it, the institution of reputation is not only about influencers. Transparency should be on both sides – the blogger is transparent in his statistics and attitude to advertising, and in what the agency should be “transparent”.

Difficult question: I believe that the agency should be transparent in its intentions and communicate with the blogger as openly as possible.

For example, one streamer we worked with was terribly afraid that the agencies put 100% commission on him. We cannot be responsible for everyone, but he was shown our pricing. For someone else, the pool of brands with which we work is important, so that they are not “hackneyed”. The concept of transparency is different for everyone.

How is the process of selecting a blogger for a project going on? In outline. I think readers will be interested in learning a little about the specifics of the work of agencies. At least for me 🙂

It all starts with a short brief that you can fill out on our website or with a request.

Then we contact the client and the voice, in most cases, go through the extended brief, ask a lot of questions to understand why the client needs to cooperate with the blogger, what tasks he wants to close, does he have any references, does he need creative solutions from us or you need to adapt the client solution for the selected sites.

This is where an important branching usually occurs: and we either go to collect a selection, or prepare a creative solution.

We love Twitch, but we are well versed in other social networks, so we collect selections on YouTube, Instagram. For the most part, we operate our own databases, collected over 8 years of work, but in difficult cases we use special services. In general, I think there should be more numbers and technology in influencer marketing.

Платформы для стриминга

What would a streamer do very badly? So that the advertiser simply refused to work with him?

Now this is a resonant statement or a disruption of an advertising campaign.

And if we generally talk about the analysis and verification of the blogger, what are the top-3 numbers? I understand that there are a lot of indicators in general and we look at everything in our work, but what are the first ones you want to see?

Most of all we always want to know about the audience, who, where, when, what.

Then, of course, the quality of the audience.

Finally, all the internal statistics figures, so as not to run after every blogger and his screenshot.

Many are now talking about Cancel culture. Basically, we mean by this a situation when a celebrity is bullied, and her work or work is boycotted. For example, there was the case of Regina Todorenko and domestic violence. Is this Cancel culture?

Cancellation culture is a tricky thing, and we now see a lot of controversial examples of this.

Regina said a strange thing – yes. Brands that promote family values ​​have broken contracts with her – okay. But the persecution that Regina has undergone is completely wrong, it should not be so.

Can you give an example of when a blogger’s reputation was important and when it was not? Do streamers have any examples at all?

I think that now is the time when everyone should be more attentive to their reputation – both bloggers, streamers, and tiktokers. As Alisher Morgenstern said on one of the ships, the Internet remembers everything 🙂

By the way, what do you think about Alisher?

I’m good. He is a great showman, he does hype things, he was not noticed in scandals that really discredit his reputation. All his hype is on the verge, but the line does not cross. Well, only if in the heads of boomers 🙂

Which blogger shouldn’t work with? A streamer? Or is it more correct to say “to whom”?

I believe that you cannot work with irresponsible people, no matter what site they produce content on.

If we talk about brands, then you cannot work for those who do not understand what tasks they are completing and what they want to get as a result of this campaign. It will turn out “ Go there – I don’t know where , bring that – I don’t know what.”

Do you give tips to bloggers and streamers how to behave and what not to do? Is there a typical form of “reputation institution” in the contract or something like that? If we are talking about streamers, are there any game restrictions for customers? Like if minecraft is streaming, then it doesn’t suit us?

We give prompts, but very unobtrusively. We are lucky that all our girls are “heady” and we have no reason to worry.

There are, of course, restrictions on games. And minecrafters get the most, but we love them and find clients who also love and say: “Give us more minecrafters.”

About Tana Ivanova

Please describe the essence of your work, as if you were describing it to my grandmother. And what would you say if you described Adidas for the CMO at a conference?

To all my relatives aged, I say that the director of an agency that deals with advertising. Sometimes for advanced people I clarify – with advertising from bloggers. But three years ago it was completely pointless.

Adidas is probably easier: I am an expert in influencer marketing with almost eight years of experience and I know which social network you will install next.

What was your coolest job achievement?

The coolest achievement in our work is the STREAM FAMILY charity project, where, together with bloggers and streamers, we help animals and cyborg children.

And in your “non-working” life?

Probably the fact that despite a very busy schedule, I do sports 4 times a week and do not even die in amateur running and swimming competitions until the finish line. Only after the finish line and already with a medal around his neck.

What is the specialty of your agency? And how did you come to this – was it the original concept or was it born in the process?

Our trick is that we really know how to feel the people and formats that will shoot. Therefore, for example, now he is actively working with streaming and not only on Twitch. Of course, this realization comes only with experience.

Quick Questions

1. Android or iPhone?

I don’t see the difference, but now the iPhone.

2. In what social. is the network the easiest to promote?

Now on Tik Tok.

3. Which network is easier to make content for?

If you don’t have a blinkered brain, then also on Tik Tok.

4. Who is better than micro or macroinfluencers?

It’s best to work with those who will do your best job.

5. If a blogger is cursing, is it possible to work with him?

You can, if you are a brand without rigid guidelines and can afford it. And if mate is not a way of self-expression for a blogger, but part of the emotions that occasionally slip through.

Tips from an expert

Some action that greatly simplified life. Starting from yoga to using the service. For example, I was once helped by google inbox for mail. There, any letter was considered as a task – and the task can be rejected, postponed or done. I still work this way with letters. Something like that comes to mind?

My life was greatly simplified by task managers, I started with Wunderlist, then Trello, now Asana. I believe that there should be few tools in the work, they should be understandable and accessible at any time in life.


I know you are using trendHERO in your work. Why did you choose our service? That is to say, personally interesting to know;)

We have reviewed a large number of services, they often come to us with presentations and demo offers. But managers are always uncomfortable or missing something.

At one point, we deliberately began testing several services and yours won. Now, when we need quick help, we use your resource.

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